The Very First Evidence That Online Dating Is Changing The Nature Of Society

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Dating sites has really changed the way couples are doing marriages and finding the right partners right away among various option available . Well the stability of marriage depends on individual person nature and both the partners compromising capability , we can’t say whether online marriages has increased or decreased the same .

In late 1990’s people meet partners with their personal reference and not online because there is no such technology available . The very first online matching site went early in 1995 . After that a new wave for online dating site was arrived leading to OkCupid emerging in 2000s and Tinder in 2012 has bring the whole new way  people date  each other .

One type of network by while couple tie their nodes to each other is by their nearest neighbours by personal relationship . Another can be we say at random by luck . But in real world , we don’t maintain social networks like this . We strongly connect with small group of people and loosely with distant people .

Loose ties always plays a important role in helping perfect match to meet each other , be it their family friends , group of friends or friends of friends . People also meet at colleges , schools , bars , church and so on .

Online dating has changed the way people find their matches . In todays world online dating sites are the second most common was for marriages . According to research , the two social links will built up which were previously being in non existence relationship .

Its a human tendency that everyone wants to marry a person of opposite sex , but at the same time person will only marry if there is some connection which exist between them . Without the connection , it won’t be possible to live happily after marriage .

After emerging of online dating websites racial integration has also come down to minimum .As per the research , the marriages with are connected online have more chances of staying longer  .

But this may be just the midway of the new era of meeting , and lot more yet to come in this field . In the world , where joint families are getting minimised day by day and rise of nuclear family is shown , its really getting very hard to find the perfect match by personal contacts .  Thanks to these online dating sites in which both the person can contact with each other , can chat with each other and then can physically contact each other .

The rise of trend of mobile application has also step into online dating sites . Now people usually just tap  the phone screens to search the perfect person from billions .

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Cursive Is Dead , Learn HTML

What it is with cursive ? Are schools forcing their students to learn the skills which are now obsolete , thus trying to play with their bright future , instead of instead of one what might actually help them ?

There was a time that cursive was really useful . When there is no other alternative , and writing with a pen on paper is the only medium , cursive writing was the only option . It was faster , looks good and was more elegant .
Cursive writing is obviously beautiful . Every school has been assigned for the duty of preparing student for functional adulthood . We all know that we all have very limited time and so are the resources . So from our viewpoints  , school should focus on skills that can be the part of their student resume afterwords , instead of wasting time on learning cursive writing . Kinds can learn HTML , Photoshop , or anything else that can add on to their resumes afterwards .
Penmanship is an art , and thus every student will love to enhance their skills using cursive writing . But writing on computer and on a piece of paper is completely different . Combination of brain together with your own skills can develop variety of ways . But no doubt , cursive is not at all a gold coin for educating kids , there was numerous of other things that can be studied by student to enhance their skills and gives them long term benefit .

How To Get User To Test Your Mobile App ?

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So you have developed a new mobile application and tried to shown it to your close group of friends and coworkers , and thinking of getting biased feedback from them , obviously they will not . Now the very next step will be searching the genuine user for the app to get unbiased feedback . But wait , from where you are going to find that !  Don’t worry , this article is all about how to find real user and get response from them in genuine way .

Attracting User Without Paying A Single Rupees

You are a small group of company who has just been startup ? Then obviously you are planning to save every single bucks . But if are not planning to spend a single rupees on app , then how you are going to find a genuine user for your app .
The solution is targeting the free social media platforms and news site to market your app . The key focus should be user satisfaction by giving them what they desire and making them crazy enough to download that app . A site like Quora can be used to find the answer of all our question and at the same time help us out to get free user to download our app . And the main benefit is you can get questions and problems related to your app . Mentioning that app is just the beta version , and any feedback is welcomed will add on appreciation to your app .
Alternatively marketing your application on blogging or other relevant site will also attract some chunks of users , if you are mainly focusing on what is users need . The trend is to present your app on early birds , to get the feedback accordingly and implement the changes .

Paying User To Test Your New App

The above method , specially the cost saving method has few disadvantages . Firstly there is seriously no guarantee whether persons are going to download your app or not , secondly you will either not get feedback or will get a low quality feedback .
So if you are willing to pay for downloads and getting genuine feedback  , you can use sites like , a marketplace owned by Amazon . mTurk is going to guarantee you results , as people are greedy for earning few bucks by completing various odd jobs .
Many other options apart from mTurk , like Fiverr or UserTesting who are step up from mTurk . There you will get professionals who are specialised in app testing and will give you genuine feedback .

Be Ready For The Feedback

Getting feedback for your new app is just the beginning of your journey in app world .You should improve your app according to the feedbacks . Various third parties sites like Usabilla will help you out for feedback workout flow .
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