Cursive Is Dead , Learn HTML

What it is with cursive ? Are schools forcing their students to learn the skills which are now obsolete , thus trying to play with their bright future , instead of instead of one what might actually help them ?

There was a time that cursive was really useful . When there is no other alternative , and writing with a pen on paper is the only medium , cursive writing was the only option . It was faster , looks good and was more elegant .
Cursive writing is obviously beautiful . Every school has been assigned for the duty of preparing student for functional adulthood . We all know that we all have very limited time and so are the resources . So from our viewpoints  , school should focus on skills that can be the part of their student resume afterwords , instead of wasting time on learning cursive writing . Kinds can learn HTML , Photoshop , or anything else that can add on to their resumes afterwards .
Penmanship is an art , and thus every student will love to enhance their skills using cursive writing . But writing on computer and on a piece of paper is completely different . Combination of brain together with your own skills can develop variety of ways . But no doubt , cursive is not at all a gold coin for educating kids , there was numerous of other things that can be studied by student to enhance their skills and gives them long term benefit .

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