Everything You Need To Know About Android 12 From Developers Preview

Everything You Need To Know About Android 12 From Developers Preview

Google has finally released Android 12 Developer preview which can be accessed by developers . User can even install it on compatible devices . In this blog , we have tired to include all features of Android 12 developer preview .

Google is technology advance company doing innovation in their technology every now and then . Anything that gives enhanced UI and medial handling is always is always promoted by Google . Let’s get into detailed understanding of Android 12 developers preview features . Thanks for reaching out to Winklix Blog ! Cheers !!

Confirmed Features Of Android 12 

1. AVIF Image Support 

Android 12 now supports AVIF image . With AVIF you will experience enhance quality of image over JPEG even if it is large files . AVIF uses open source video code AV1 .

2. Lock Screen 

Android 12 has transparent background layer with opacity . Moreover , animations of pattern unlock also seems to be little lively .

3. Wifi Sharing Made Simple 

Nearby button has been introduced just below the QR code scan to transfer data with the availability of Wi-Fi to anyone . Hence by that way you can also ignore barcode scanning in Android 12 . 
In addition to it , you can also share your connection details with many people at single time without requiring your phone to scan for everybody . 

4. Setting For Easy Accessibility 

Accessibility setting menu has revamped design in Android 12 . Majorly used icons are available on main page and other less used icons are presented under Display and Text .

5. Plentiful Content Insertion 

In order to make content insertion a way simpler , Google has introduced unified API that facilitates to accepts content from anywhere , for instance say drag and drop , keyboard or clipboard .
As soon as you insert content thought the system , you will instantly attach new interface , OnReceive ContainerList in UI element and receive callback .

6. Haptic – Paired Audio Effects 

In android 12 , Google has facilitated developers with couple haptic feedback pattern along with audio . Hence it enables duration and strength of vibrations to be borrowed from audio cues thereby adding extra engaging layer to alert or media playback .

7 . Improved Cookies Management 

Android 12 is expecting to add SameSite cookie behaviour to webView . SameSite features facilitates developers to make an announcement in case any cookies are restricted to particular site . 

8. Notification 

Android 12 notification system has been completely redesigned in order to facilitate user with flexible usability , aesthetics and functionality .  Google has changed the overall controls as well as animations and transitions . Apart from it , it has also targeted responsiveness . It will facilitate developers to get rid of middle-man broadcast services , or receivers .

9 . Android Updates Through Google Pay 

You can expect Google to interfere more in Google play systems in order to offer secured and stable environment across gadgets . 

In Android 12 , it has also added ART ( Android Runtime ) which will enable push updates to basic runtime and libraries as present on gadgets that run Android 12 . 

10 . More Ways To Catch Screenshots

With Android 12 , while taking the screenshot you can also add emojis and stickers in the same tools as you are using now in Android . We know this is not anything great to write up here , but we thought we might facilitate some user to not to use any third party apps to do that .

11. Hidden Selfie Camera On Pixel 5

It has been discovered that Google is offering option to hide selfie camera in Android 12 . If you turns on the setting , the black punch hole will be hidden and notification related to same will be shown .

12. Foreground Services Optimisation 

Foreground services are best in case you are handling user facing jobs , but it is to be noted that in case you are using it widely , it may impact the functionality as well as cause app kills . In order to enhance user experience , Google will now block foreground services right from beginning for applications that are aiming towards new platform .
In simple words , Google will be launching JobScheduler to expedite task that will aid in improved task access and can even run irrespective of power restrictions . In addition to it , Google has also created expedited tasks in their recent launch of Jetpack WorkManager Library

How To Get Android 12 First On Your Google Pixel Device 

We as software development company  would not recommend at this time to download Android 12 as of now , but in case you want , you can try it in Pixel 5 , Pixel 4a , Pixel 4a 5G , Pixel 4 and so on . Just try Android 12 to give it a try . 

How Bitcoin helps your business to evolve?

How Bitcoin helps your business to evolve?

Bitcoin is a unique type of decentralized digital currency to have come up on our planet. It is a currency with no central bank or administrative system for governance. So, every transaction concluded with Bitcoin does not get overseen or verified by any entities. It was created in 2009 by a person called Satoshi Nakamoto. This individual devised an electronic currency that would be insulated from centralized authorities and institutions. In fact, all the transactions are shared on a spectrum of computers. The computers function on the same software and adhere to a similar set of norms. A technology called blockchain acts like a public document of each transaction happening through Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin has come up as a common currency that several businesses and individuals utilize, works have been going on for developing software in order to make its access and usage convenient. Hence, several organizations and individuals have started getting software built so as to extract the benefits on offer.

Facilitating Transactions

One manner in which Bitcoin aids a business to evolve is by facilitating transactions. Through Bitcoin, businesses acquire the capacity to conclude deals and utilize currency with zilch or minor hassle. Transactions finish quickly and can be implemented swiftly with Bitcoin. The four manners in which Bitcoin facilitates transactions with convenience is via the internet of money, crossing barriers, dissecting it from the competition, and enhancing the space of payment processing.

Money via internet

Similar to the internet in the early 90’s, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have come up as monetary tools to transform the manner in which people implement business deals. Through Bitcoin, all payments and financial deals can be easily made through the Internet. Resultantly, businesses can offer customers an effective payment method for products and services. By leveraging an internet-oriented financial system, businesses currently provide increased comfort for customers eyeing the products and services they desire.

Overcoming barrier

Bitcoin aids businesses in using algorithms permitting financial deals to happen instantly. Bitcoin now also permits businesses to bypass the complication of old-fashioned financial transactions on the internet and allows world-wide access to cash dealings. Businesses are, hence, well-prepared to deal with payments from customers across the world. Resultantly, they have multiplied their revenue and increased their presence in international territories.

Different from Competition

In the past most of the financial deals had to be struck through a credit card or similar payment method. As for a credit card, it must be processed and a financial institution evaluates and approves the transaction. Bitcoin differs from banking transactions by offering a market gateway instead of a transactional token. Having a decentralized system, Bitcoin permits businesses to finish transactions and handle their funds devoid of the hassles involved in traditional payments. All transactions would not go through any credit clearances either.

Improved Payment Processing

As for growing a business, Bitcoin can be more than handy as it significantly betters the capacity to process payments. There are several financial services companies processing payments with fees, but Bitcoin permits customers and businesses from bypassing high fees. Bitcoin, currently, permits a business to get payments for products sold and services provided in seconds and permits customers to receive what they pay for instantly. This enables businesses to collect the revenues they require to finance operations and expand.

App Regarding BITCOIN Wallet

Similar to things linked to technology, Bitcoin entails an app for the benefit of people and businesses. Of late, a wallet app was being built. This application permits businesses to comfortably keep the funds that they get. There are three major benefits of utilizing a Bitcoin wallet app. These are secure and convenient storage, easy backup and no mistakes while finishing transactions.

Convenient to Make Backup

With Bitcoin transactions being internet-oriented, it would be pertinent to have a way to back up the data so as to not worry about losing data. The wallet app permits a business to conveniently make a backup. Resonantly, this cut down the scary prospect of letting go off critical transactional data and their funds.

Less Chances of Errors

With a Bitcoin wallet app you can even cut down mistakes and make it convenient for businesses to handle funds devoid of miscalculations or losing crucial data regarding a payment. This can be really beneficial while trying to tackle payments and funds from overseas customers.

Make Independent Cryptocurrency

Businesses can evolve considerably with Blockchain technology by developing their own cryptocurrency. While building a cryptocurrency, a business has to be on the internet, process payments online and get incomes from digital sources. Businesses must be in operation for a minimum of two years. By developing cryptocurrency, businesses will get increased flexibility with regard to handling revenue and allotting financial resources.

When a business develops independent cryptocurrency, it starts growing as a result of the heightened confidence that it offers to its customers. A business using Bitcoin can even offer guarantees to governments that it is a legal entity and utilizing payment processing technology adhering to all laws and regulations. As for growth, businesses can reap benefits of modest operation expenses, effecting quick transactions and offering access to a new customer base.


With businesses currently using Bitcoin technology they can benefit a lot by associating with a Bitcoin development company like Winklix . We are a pioneer in offering Bitcoin related software development. Through services like Bitcoin application development, we can assist businesses by enabling them to depend on the expertise and help that the company offers to them. We also provide numerous other services to help a business establish Bitcoin. These services facilitate businesses to get the most contemporary and effective payment processing and currency management tools available. So, we are a valuable instrument for any business wanting to achieve its long-term goals of both expansion and higher revenues.



If we want reliable cars, we turn to German brands. If we prefer affordable labor, we turn to China. But if we want to learn about business problem solving, we can take a cue from the Japanese. The Japanese Kaizen method is a philosophy that means “continuous improvement.” And in business, this is the main sauce to make your company stay afloat. 

Without perennially making small and major tweaks in your work ethic, operations, skills, and overall process, you’re left stagnant – right where you first started. We’ve rounded up eight useful steps to help newbie and experienced business owners solve business problems. 

1. Determine the problem

You won’t be able to solve a business problem if you’re not going to take proactive measures to really know what it is. So the first step would be to find out what the problem is. Know what’s a hindrance to better business methods. 

That said, ensure that you go to the bottom of the issue. Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself:

  • What is the problem?
  • When did it start?
  • How did you find out?
  • Identify the duration of the issue
  • Who are the people involved?
  • Who are the right people to talk to?

Finally, gather all the evidence, data, resources, documents you can to further prove instead of relying on theories. 

2. Drill down the problem into macro-problems

Once you have the first set of information you need to tackle on the problem, you can now break it down to macro-problems. The upper hand of breaking down one major issue to smaller ones is that you can assess every process involved in trying to solve the issue. 

This will also make you open your eyes to some of the straw that breaks the camel’s back. This means you will see small issues that have a significant impact on the entire business processes. 

3. Set your goals

Once you have all the necessary and complete information, it’s time to set your goals. Why? Because without your goals, you can be sidetracked along the way. Without a guide, you can be lost and might deviate from the main issue at hand.

It’s important to set goals and timelines so you know if you’re close to success or if you need to change methods. You can take these three steps:

  • Identify the goal
  • How does this problem affect the goal
  • What benefits will you get from providing solutions to the problem

4. Dig deeper into the root cause

This step is crucial as it needs to tackle all the macro-problems to know the root cause. The keyword here is “root cause.” When you’re facing the problem head-on, try to see beyond the external issues. Although you can easily set up a spy camera with audio to act as your eyes in the company, you wouldn’t know what the underlying issue is when you’re only looking through the lens. 

You can talk to various departments and know what their predicaments are. What bothers them? What slows down their operations? Is there a flaw in communication? Is the system not streamlined?

It’s essential that you know what lies underneath the major issue so you know what measures to implement. 

5. Develop solutions with the team

During this stage, you need to sit down with a representative from each department to know what works and what doesn’t. Try to gather opinions, suggestions, and feedback. Be receptive to everything. 

Then write all solutions down and filter those that align with your goals and the problem at hand. Then you need to assign a person-in-charge for each solution and set a timeline. This is to ensure that no process lags. 

6. Implement solutions

Now that you have your action plan, it’s time to execute. Stay within the timeline to avoid losing revenue (if the problem impacts that). Deploy stringent measures so everyone works on a double and not slack around. Lastly, always submit daily reports of what actions they’ve taken and verify.

7. Analyze impact

Once you’ve executed the first few measures, analyze and monitor if they’re making the problem better. If not, go back to step three and repeat the next steps. 

8. Employ the Kaizen technique

Once you’ve successfully achieved your goal, always strive to improve. Without continuous improvement, your business will not thrive in a cut-throat industry. You have to make sure you stay on top of the game. 

If you see a minor problem, don’t wait until it turns into a colossal issue. Take the bull by the horns and you’ll see your business forge forward. 


Eliza Brooks loves to write about home improvement, interior designs, and more. She is currently working with EyeSpySupply, which offers a wide range of spy equipment and surveillance gear, including spy camera with audio, voice recorders, gps trackers, and more.