Why Does Custom CRM Development Make Sense ?

Existing CRM VS Custom CRM Development

Regardless of where your organisation presently stands – one of the greatest fact is you stand no where without your customers . Without prioritising your customer needs , no enterprise can climb up the stairs of success . The more you get to know about your customer , the more it will help you to serve your customer needs . And that is the reason behind success of CRM softwares . To maintain a strong relationship and history and in order to provide them after sales support , organisation needs to necessarily invest on CRM softwares .

There are although plenty of options when the work CRM reflects in our mind like SalesForce, SAP , Sugar CRM and so on  , but ultimately every organisation have their own custom needs and that is the reason you can prefer to develop your own custom CRM software , or choosing from SaaS CRM vendor .

Depending completely on your taste , you have the freedom to choose . Lets look at some of the key factors .

Customizing Your CRM

When it comes to CRM , solutions must be customised according to your organisation needs . Every business have their own specific requirement together with workflow and data models , and a CRM is more effective when it gets integrated with your own business aspects . The final choice rest in your hand whether they want a custom built CRM ( custom developed according to your organisation needs) or a vendor CRM( Usually developed for the mass market) .

The market leader in CRM which is providing highly customisable and agile solution is SalesForce . However they will definitely not build a CRM for you right from scratch . You will have to adjust yourself and your demands as per mass market demands or you can look out for some custom salesforce development experts .

But if your organisation stand totally out of the crowd , there is no other alternative than building a custom CRM .

Cost Of CRM Development

As we have discussed above , each option comes with customisation features , the real decision comes down with cost of investment each option will be requiring .

Usually CRM vendors usually charge for per-user subscription model which is obviously good for their pockets , but might not be for your wallet . If we say SalesForce  , their per user per month cost ranges between $ 25 – $ 300 . It will be your monthly chained expenses which you will have to necessarily pay to them , and as soon as you stop paying them all your services and data will get barred . Also the CRM developed is for mass vendor , so you might be getting the features that is initially not required by your organisation .

Of course developing a custom CRM is also costly , but you will be able to get the features exactly as required and not additional features that is none of the use for you . All of the employees can have easily access to CRM if you want without any additional fees , but at the same pace it might be requiring more maintenance cost .

Risk Factors

For SaaS CRMs , when any thing goes wrong in your company , the vendor will be responsible for helping you as a backbone for running software smoothly . That is the main advantage of choosing a vendors like SalesForce , who have the entire team who can understand your requirement and can troubleshoot the issue and keep things running , thus minimising the risk factors .

Whereas custom CRM development has high risk factor . Whether you are developing by your own , or outsourcing it to develop by someone else , make sure it is built in a good framework that can run smoothly or choose a recognised  CRM software development company to develop your CRM .

So Who Could Customise Their Own CRM

Well that’s a tricky question . Everyone should customise their own CRM as per their needs no matter whether they have chosen vendors or can gone with the customised solution .

As the most important fact , CRM must be according to your organisation needs , and not like your organisation is molded to CRM vendors .

At Winklix – The leading software development company which highly skilled professional to create web applications has potential to develop your application using python programming with Django framework which can be fully integrated with SalesForce . Our experience of working with many startups and large companies can help you build your own CRM or customise your SalesForce deployment as per your custom needs .

Always mark these words -an investment in your customer database is most important decision and it should be the perfect one for your business . It will pay out in instalment to you later on .

So you can contact us for SalesForce deployment or custom CRM software development .

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