Custom ERP Development And Cost Of Development

What Is ERP Software ?

ERP is acronym used for enterprise resource planning . It helps any enterprise to manage its sales , inventory , Human Resource , CRM , finance , production and more that can be stored in the centralised database . The main benefit of using ERP in any company is to be able to link multiple process with the ease of the software and thereby allowing employees to work efficiently .

Benefits Of ERP System & Challenges It Can Solve

Any software help organisation to automate task from the old traditional method . Lets look at some of the benefits below :

Human Capital Management

A custom ERP system will help your HR department to automate a bunch of task such as attendance , payroll and evaluating employee’s performance . It is also possible to maintain all employees record under one system .

Inventory Management

Custom ERP development makes inventory management system more flexible by integrating it with one erp system for all your organisation rather than using a separate inventory management software .


It plays a important process in most business origination . For evaluation of any thing , reporting has to be done . It can be a time consuming process if it has not been automated by ERP software solutions .

ERP Software Development Process : Where To Start From ?

There are various ready-made business ERP solutions are available in the market like SAP . However they are designed for mass market and you have to customise according to your requirement . They may also have limited functionality and may not meet specific requirements as required by your organisation .
It is the same case , you have rented an apartment in which you can change the furniture or paint on walls just because your contract forbids the same . That is the reason custom ERP development is like building a house right from scratch where you can personalised the things as you want as well as add on things .

1.Get The Vision

There are 2 ways of implementing the ERP software solution in your organisation .The very first being to hire the ERP software development company , and the second one being use the software available for mass market like SAP .
For both of them you have to briefly describe the requirement for the vision of your product . Different organisation may have different kind of requirement but majority of them want to include the following business activities :
  • Sales
  • Financing
  • HR
  • Distribution & Delivery
  • Tight Integration With CMS

2 .Take Informed Decision

ERP software developers connect all enterprise data if various department into single database with hierarchical architecture , so that  they can provide accurate and timely data as required by different departments of the organisation .

3. Decide Where To Host It

There are two method wherein you can host your ERP . The first one being hosting your ERP solution in- house or you can host in on the cloud which can be access through a web browser easily . Mostly cloud hosting is what organisation prefer now a days due to its easily accessibility from anywhere and high level of security .

4.  ERP Implementation Cost

ERP development cost depends on your requirement. .In other words , the more features are required by you , the most will be the development cost for the same . In case you want to go on with mass market vendors they will charge you on monthly basis usually ranging between $ 35 – $ 400 per user per month .
But in case you are looking for some custom solution , the range varies between $ 50 per hour to $ 150 per hour depending on the type and region of the developer .In that way the cost can be somewhere around $ 25000 to $ 1,50,000 – all depending on your requirement . Its really hard to predict the cost until and unless you brief anyone about your requirement in details . You can quickly drop us an mail at to know the development cost for the same .

Why Companies Choose Custom ERP Development Solution

The cost of development may shock you at once , but after all it will optimise your business process ad it will worth investing on it . The best advantage being for custom development of ERP software solution is the software will be made according to your requirements and needs and not like your business have to fits into it . So it will also save your time and money in case of long perspective .
So if you have decided to polish your organisation with custom ERP  development solution , you can consult ERP development company  – Let’s Talk about your project .
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