Why Manufacturing Business Are In Need Of CRM

Why Manufacturing Business Are In Need Of CRM

When we are talking about manufacturing industry their management are more focused about production and operations management and not on sales and marketing efforts which is also one of the important part in any business organisation.

When we are talking about sales and marketing in digital terms , Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the term used by us . CRM aids any organisation to surpass customer related information across different department and accommodate customer data from all possible channels .

Lets look at some of the amazing benefits of CRM system in manufacturing industry :

Features Of CRM

Every mostly used CR solution has the following inbuilt feature in it :

  • Contact Management : It enables person to enter customer data , documents , records such as calls , emails , website visit , past order history .
  • Lead Management : Helps managing sales leads which has come from different sources relating to sales assignment .
  • Order History : It enables any organisation to track the customer past order history records , their past interaction thus offering them with the relevant product according to their personalised needs .
  • Milestone Notification : This is basically the progress report of the sales forecasting and person can track the progress report right from leads tills its conversion to its clients .

Are There Features Related To Manufacturing Industry ?

Yes , no doubt these features directly helps manufacturing industry in many ways . Manufacturing department will be able to accurately predict the level of production required for present as well as future demand which they can get prediction on the basis of sales forecasting .

CRM is although always concerned with sales forecasting , but in manufacturing sales department can provide you with the requirement of production volume needed in coming week , month or quarter .

CRM is capable of handling both new leads and handling existing relationship . By having a track record of the order history together with automated follow up with the leads helps predict the future sales by sales department . By this a manufacturing industry management can accurately predict how much inventory and labour is required to fulfil the sales need .

Even in case of non-sales function in manufacturing industry , manufacturer can use CRM to keep record of manufacturing software for maintenance tracking , technical work and more . Not only CRM will assist in tracking sales , it can also be used for getting contact information from various companies in case of last. minute breakdown .

Is ERP  Not Capable Of Handling This ?

ERP system is develop to handle business efficiency through internal department management which aids better working process , employee productivity enhancement and smoother workflow operations . CRM on the other hand focuses solely on customer management .

A fully equipped ERP system for manufacturing industry  are being able to handle accounting , sales order and inventory . Some ERP also comes up with build in CRM module . So some of the companies think they can get all things through ERP using that module , but just for an explain a sales person will by chance get a chance to enter into your accounts or order management module and will get all the information which might not be of any use for your sales employee . Also as the sales employee are less trained , the result might be unexpected from your side thereby affecting your other department functions also.

It is also a security issue to give sales employee a access to internal department ERP , say for instance financial records . Anyways lucky you can contact a CRM consultant who can assist you with choosing the best ERP-CRM integration solution or can develop a custom CRM solution for you .

What Is Goal Of CRM Then ?

The ultimate goal of CRM is to store all pieces of customer related information at one place to maximise customer relationship . This helps to get the most out of marketing and sales and increased customer service and satisfaction . On an overall basis it increases business efficiency .
So do you really wanted to manage your customer relationship efficiently , a professional CRM software consultants will help you with CRM software of any complexity .

ERP VS CRM Software

Enterprise Resource Planning. (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are business driven software that helps in increasing business efficiency and reducing cost for an organisation . Using CRM and ERP helps to effectively manage customer interaction .

ERP may help you to effectively measure sales and marketing department performance but will fail to measure the performance of customer which is often measured by a CRM software . Let’s discuss some merits and uses .


CRM is a software helps to manage company’s customer interaction in organised manner . CRM compromises of all the features like sales and support , customer interaction and engagement , prospectus and business partner .

Traditionally CRM was the software used by only sales department to maintain client and prospectus . But when it comes to reality CRM is used by different department for multiple purposes .  For instance a CRM can be used by sales department to take regular follow ups , sales projection can also be predicted by CRM , and at the same time support and complain department may use CRM to raise a support ticket and assign the executive for solving the complain / support to customer . Modern CRM also has marketing automation system thus enabling marketing department to send mass email to all customer at once regarding any kind of promotion or offers thereof .

When is specially comes to the used of the CRM , there is no limit of its usability . It is just like sea which has no end point .


While at the coins one side CRM focuses on front side office management , ERP system on the other side focuses on business at large . ERP facilitates sharing of information with the rest of the company , thereby facilitating improvement of overall efficiency . ERP has been customised for each of the industry individually as per their demands and supply like manufacturing , product or finance department ERP system automates many of the organisation process thus enabling company to make better strategic decision .

In other words , ERP is back office application as it is no way related to customer management .


Look why the title of this section is not ” CRM or ERP ” .  Both software servers completely different task which is yet a very important task of the organisation . CRM helps in building a deeper relationship with the livelihood of any business organisation ” Customer” thereby making a profitable enterprise , whereas on the other hand ERP allows internal management of the organisation as it may encounter from time to time .

Having both solution for business namely ERP and CRM software solution is always proven beneficial for any company thus increasing profit , saving time and increasing staff efficiency .

Usually a growing business organisation will first adopt a CRM solution to establish a stronger customer relationship and several support department . In small business organisation there is a small room and teams are just a few feet away , then obviously there is no need of using the ERP system .

Thereby a CRM system will help in marketing automation together with maintaining healthy relationship with clients by sales force automation , thereby creating new business opportunities thus helping business grow to the point when ERP system becomes the necessity of the organisation .

Integrating ERP And CRM

Once your business system has stepped into ERP system together with CRM its time to start thinking about the integration process of CRM and ERP .

Lack of integration gap may increase the information gap within the company . For instance a manufacturer might keep the stock record on the ERP system which may later be crossed checked by sales department before processing any of the orders , thereby confirming stock availability and also automating the task of stock update , which may result in some error in case of manual entry . On the same time a sales representative may check the customer credit history and can give them stock as per the existing credit history only .

So before purchasing or handing over your software development requirement , business organisation should evaluate their specific needs and requirement to the software development company. Here at Winklix , every business organisation must adopt a basic CRM for their organisation , but if later on their working are getting complex day by day , then they may move to ERP system integration .

ERP Software : Build vs Buy

erp software development company

The  very first question which arises while choosing the ERP system is whether to build custom ERP for your. company or buy the ERP from the vendors .In a race of choosing ERP solution for your business to improve your performance and automate your task choosing the most suitable solution will definitely help you in growth of your business . As a custom ERP software developer , we ensure our clients that we will deliver customised solutions as per the custom needs of our customer . The question which needs to be solved is will custom ERP solution will add on additional value ? In order to choose the most viable option by companies , its important to analyse both the options . While custom solution may be proven beneficial for most of the companies , but somethings going on with mass vendor route may make sense for others . In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of every solution in order to facilitate decision making process .

When To Choose Custom ERP Development Company ?

You Want A Unique Fit

The main benefit of choosing custom ERP development is you will have total control on developmental process . You can discuss in details all your requirements and business peculiarities to developers . In mass vendor software you may find that lot of things which might not be no use for you and may be proven incapable of addressing most of the issues of your organisation . In this case without any question asked , custom software is the only way to go . It is known fact that company with best technology will tend to grow more .

You Want Fluidity

One of the biggest advantage of custom building the software is they are build with keeping in mind future modification and enhancement in mind . You will have a complete fluidity if your business grows and you want additional things . Moreover custom software can take place of your existing software , which is next to impossible in case of mass vendor software .

You Want Reliable Support

The software development company will offer you a full time reliable support as soon as you hire them on the job . In addition to above you will have access to round the clock technical support team at your convince in order to effectively solve your problem that you may face during the use of custom web based ERP solutions .

When To Buy ERP Solutions ?

You have budget constraints

The main reason when most of business step back from building a custom ERP solution is cost of developing Erp software  . Mass vendor products tends to be cheaper than customised software .

You have time constraints

When you want ready to use solution and really don’t have time to build the complete software , then there is no other alternative available . Off the shell software are ready to be installed as soon as you buy it . But always keep in mind that mass vendor software will need additional time to train your employees and will cause you additional cost . Moreover that will not be able to do the same things as in customised software .

You see no additional value in it

The best solution is get the demo of the mass vendor ERP . In case they have all the things as required by your company and you are actually not in requirement of canned software that can satisfy all yours needs , then obviously there is no point of investing in custom solution .


Each system has their own advantage and drawbacks . It totally depends on your requirement that which one to choose keeping in mind the above points . In case you are looking for some custom ERP Software development company who can be upto your expectation and provide you 24×7 support then you can choose winklix .