How Cross Platform App Development Will Accelerate Your Growth In 2019

cross platform app development

Every business organisation in order to increase their brand visibility and earn huge return on their investment tries to make presence in mobile app market as it is already proven way to reach millions of people across the world . Android and iOS are the most used platform in the world and that necessarily means launching of business application on both the platform is the most viable choice . Launching the app on both Android and iOS platform is the most recommended option in order to reach out maximum number of users .

But what if , if you want to launch your app in very less time with minimum budget ? This can only be achieved by developing a cross platform mobile apps that almost gives similar efficiency as in native apps . In comparison to native apps , cross platform app developmental cost is cost saving approach and can be developed with very less efforts . And that’s not all , one code can run on both the platforms .

Why Opt For Cross Platform Mobile App Development Inspite Of Fact That Native Apps Gives Higher Performance 

  • Code Reusability : Developers love to develop apps on these platform as it enables code reusability . Assume if you don’t have to cook food again and again , and it can be reused . Isn’t it cost saving approach . Cross platform developers are in same situation in which they write one set of code which can be reused to develop different apps again and again on different platform . This aids developing with saving lots of time and efforts and at the same time chances of errors also gets minimised that suffices the purpose .
  • Less Coding : Coding for cross platform app development needs one time setup of tools and libraries to make it function properly instead of paying different tools and technologies for native and hybrid app development .
  • Less Time : In comparison with native apps , cross platform app development takes very less time to launch the app on both the platform on one go .
  • Easy Update Of App : It enables developers to roll out any new changes with ease by single coding to get app update across al platform , but is not in the case of native app development .Tools like PhoneGap facilitates developers to go across all platform to make changes . Cross platform app is general developed on HTML5 and hence the changes can be rolled out on Android and iOS platform in one go .

What Are The Best Tools For Cross Platform App Development ?  

  1. React Native  : It is completely JavaScript based framework introduced by Facebook in the market used for building Android and iOS mobile applications that gives native performance .It is based on Facebook javascript library and is used for building user interface .
  2. Xamarin : Xamarin makes use of C# and .net libraries which aids developer in development of fast app development . A developers who are aware of C# and  C++ can rapidly develop mobile apps . At the same time code reusability across most platform is the best part it offers . It is developed in a way that it makes use of API’s and UI controls that are used by Android and iOS
  3. Native Scripts : This is probably the best and latest innovation in this field which allows to build cross platform without web views . With the use of AngularJS , Javascript and native UI , it helps in delivering better solution .
  4. Flutter : Flutter wraps a web view of native apps and builds application like website with cross platform abstraction over them .


Cross platform have facilitated mobile app developers to achieve cost effective API’s that save lot of time and efforts , reduce errors and sync both android and iOS platform in a way that it match ups the performance with native applications . While the debate of which one is better with always keep revolving with no single answer , solutions on the basis of innovations with keep on cropping up  for better

Top Performing Sector In App Development Industry

top performing sector in app development

With the continuous advancement in world of tech , making online presence in the world of internet is one of the best way to attract more and more customers . At present time the trend has developed to build the brand value and offering your services and providing values to customers online . As the online business is growing , parallel growing is mobile application industry .

As per the reports of 2017 , Google Play store alone consist of 2.8 million application together with 2.2 million application present on Apple App Store . In order for a mobile app development company to stay ahead in the race , they have to be mandatory equipped with the latest trending technologies in app development industry .

This article is written by Winklix to tell you the top performing sectors in the app development industry , and trends to be taken into consideration by top mobile app development company .


Connecting a physical  device with internet is referred as IoT . Its important to understand the importance of IoT in connection of various devices in your network .It is additionally conceivable to join a blockchain based decentralized work processes for a prompt and believed trade of significant worth that can interconnect crosswise over incongruent ERP frameworks, supply chains and different associations that takes into consideration quick and trust trade of significant worth. This is one specific motivation behind why IoT will command the web based business division too.

Cloud Computing

Your application whether it is web or mobile based will not be categorised into real application if you are not taking the advantage of cloud . It is because of the existence of the cloud that applications like Netflix and Instagram exist . The present of AWS and Google Cloud server has made cloud computing more flexible and easy for business owners to execute its models  . This has given rise to new breed in the technology and thereby giving various opportunities to business organisation . Rise in the AR/VR technology has increased the demand for cloud technologies to the next level .

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

With rise in the trend of google voice and Amazon Alexa voice assistant devices , it could be clearly seen that the focus revolves around artificial intelligence . Cloud computing and IoT are just power components contributing to the raise of artificial intelligence . We have already seen the first wave of AI in smart home appliances and other appliances . However technology company , and among them most importantly mobile app development company have to take care of tech holds with utmost care as AI technology will be capable of handling majority of your operation related to your phone .

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices such as smartwatches have impact in immediate days of tech to come . It has made possible to eliminate the need of looking every time on the phone screen . AI as a latest technology will also be implemented with wearable devices in the near future .


Winklix with having years of experience and commitment towards developmental practises , have helped to caters the versatile needs of our clients to the topmost satisfactory level . We are full equipped with best team of softwares development capable of handling any latest technological challenges like IoT , wearables , AI and MI and more . So if you are looking for some software development company for seeking a new touch in your existing application or have a demand of a new product , get in touch with Winklix and business analyst who can guide you with best practise in app development .

React Native VS Ionic : The Battle Begins

The mobile app market is continuously growing , and lots and lots of apps in continuously getting uploaded on their respective stores . As the mobile apps are rising  , the challenges in mobile app development industry is really getting daunting task as everyone wants to engage new customers through mobile apps .

When it comes to enhancing the customer retention and engagement , most the the developer will be concerned about the platform or framework to choose from to get the best result . There are limited number of platforms as far as in mobile app development as of now .

But we are discussing here about cross platform app development which is apart from native app development , in which we have a known framework like Flutter, React Native , Ionic etc . Now it’s your call for which one to choose from !!

Here we will be limiting our article to make comparison between two most popular platform : Ionic and React Native . But before we discuss any further , let me describe what are these frameworks with their brief description .

React Native

React native has given its first look in 2015 , which is developed by Facebook . It is based on Javascript framework used extensively for creating Native mobile and web application development .

It is compatible with both Android and iOS platform . However react native does not offer support to hybrid and HTML5 app .

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If you want to build your app on Javascript , CSS and HTML5 , then probably Ionic is the best option to choose from . It is one of the best open source framework for building awesome hybrid mobile application development .

This framework is fully compatible with Apache Cordova and Angular , which influences developer to choose this platform as their preferred choice . Tools like SaaS and CSS etc helps in development of mobile application with ionic framework.

Native Vs Hybrid : Difference Explained

As we have discussed above React Native is meant for development of native application using Javascript . The developers will have ease of access of sharing codes by rendering native components. Hence we can say a end product will give a close proximity of native mobile app and will be dedicatedly be enhanced for that operating system .

Thus we can say React native aids in performance improvement with the use of animations , graphics and more . So if you have compiled the application well , it will give you seamless result like in case of native application .

On the other hand when we say choosing a Ionic framework – it delivers a application in hybrid development framework . It makes use of web based technologies like HTML5 with the support of tools like Cordova or PhoneGap for minor implementation of native feature upto the limit of feasibility .

Performance Measured

React native works on a principle of ” Learn once , write anywhere ” ,  wherein on the other hand Ionic framework principle is ” Write once , run everywhere ”

So when we are comparing the performance of two competitors , there is no doubt react native will be a winner as it offers a native experience together with faster comparison . But react native is not suitable for building a small scale application , it is largely used for making enterprise application for large enterprises . Native apps are always costly for development , specially when you are planning for small apps just for customer enhancement .

Ionic perform a bit slower than React Native as it loads the web view of the website in app . It can be optimised with the use of optimised HTML, CSS and Javascript for mobile . Ionic framework is best use for building a faster prototype .

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Which One Is More Easier To Learn ?

If you are familiar with Angular , then it will be very easy for you to learn the Ionic framework as it is totally based on JS framework together with HTML view for its views .

React Native is also based on JS framework , which is somewhat similar to HTML , but known as JSX . Although JSX is easy codebase to work with , in case you are working with a team . However if you are working individually and there is lack of collaboration in the team , then it will create a problem for you to learn this language as it is not as simple as writing a code in HTML with CSS .

Which Platform Is Better In Testing ?

The best part in React Native is it live shows the output of the app in the mobile phone within any need of recompiling the application . But the only demerit is it does not allow testing of the application on the browser . But who cares , after all you can see live directly in the phone as soon as you made the change in the computer .

Now talking about Ionic , you have to made some additional performance for its testing  , with instant feedback required during app development process , which irritate the developers at times in case they are looking for the pixels which best suits their application . But if offers the viewing of application on a web browser immediately .


Both are at its best when you have decided to go on with cross platform app development , and its very difficult job to tell which one is best due to their own pros and cons .

But as per Winklix study , native app gives a higher user end performance and every company is building app for customers only , so you must choose on with react native app development . But if you want to want some small scale informational app or having a limited budget , then going on with Ionic is better option .