How Mobile apps have shaped our lives?

How Mobile apps have shaped our lives?

Mobile apps have truly transformed our lives in ways we have never imagined before. Everything can be bought through the device, movie tickets, grocery, apparels etc. The rapid pace at which things are getting executed now is largely due to mobile apps. There are 4 manners in which mobile apps have transformed the way we live our daily lives.

1. Immediate Need for Information

When you ask for something from someone, the response will always be “Just Google it”. With smartphones searching anything, anytime, anywhere becomes convenient. This privilege was not there before turning towards Google to find answers to any queries. Due to the sense of immediacy, it can be frustrating if information cannot be accessed. Mobile apps have solved this to a large extent with technology .

2. Immediate Communication & Connection

Due to the mushrooming of a large number of mobile apps pertaining to social networking and video chatting, communication has become a matter of convenience. It is possible for you to remain in touch with friends or relatives or loved ones living in separate countries thanks to these messaging apps. For example, you happen to be in a far off country for an important meet and you are missing your favorite dog then you can connect with them on these apps easily.

Having highlighted the positive aspect, it is our responsibility to also highlight a negative factor. The large number of apps have also restricted our excuses as well. Currently, we don’t have any excuse for not talking to any person as smartphones have become a common feature in our lives and apps as well. Even if you don’t respond back on a messaging platform the other person would feel you are ignoring him or her. This way things have become tougher post the arrival of apps in our lives.

3. Enhancing Productivity at Workplace

With these apps it is easier to work on any day even on a holiday. Mobile apps have easily made this possible. This can increase productivity to a great extent, but can impact your social life. This explains why people are working longer hours these days. But, it cannot be denied that if you travel a lot for the sake of business, obtaining access to work from anywhere can be a blessing. Finally, it is all about achieving a parity between work and social lives.

4. Ease Daily Activities

Mobile apps have made carrying out daily tasks very convenient. You might have been caught unaware with what all can be done now. Activities such as purchasing movie tickets, acquiring groceries and depositing checks have turned simple as a result of mobile apps. These apps no longer make you visit a grocery store or market as these things can be executed on the go through your phone. This saves a lot of time and offers you more bandwidth for other things. Running errands or doing routine chores are no longer something that would annoy you. With mobile apps anything can be done with the push of a button than we have ever imagined. So, it goes without saying that the world has certainly changed due to mobile apps and in future only the Almighty know what these tiny labels on your smartphones cannot accomplish.


After going through the write up it can be safely concluded that mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives and our existence almost depends on them. Now, it is very difficult to imagine our lives without these. Despite having some pitfalls, the mobile applications are very useful in carrying out routine tasks. Hence, it cannot be denied that mobile apps have really changed our lives in ways we have never thought of.

5 reasons why in-house mobile app development is ideal

5 reasons why in-house mobile app development is ideal

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that mobile apps have, literally, taken over our lives. With four billion people online and 31 billion linked devices, mobile apps are emerging as the most sought-after means of doing business for everyone from your customers to allies to your workers. As per Yahoo Flurry’s State of Mobile report, consumers in the US at present are on mobile devices for over five hours daily, and 90 percent of their time on mobile is consumed by apps. As a result, the time spent on mobile web browsers has come down by several notches to mere eight percent. Due to the craze for apps, your website is having a tough time to retain traffic. This explains the potency of apps in these times.

In case you’re not into creating customer-facing or enterprise-facing mobile applications already, the time is ripe for you to do the same. So, here are five reasons why training your staff to create apps in-house will be ideal for you.

1. All are into apps

According to Gartner, 79 percent of organizations which were surveyed have hiked their mobile expenditure by 36 percent since 2015, and by the conclusion of 2017, 25 percent of enterprises will have their own app store to deal with corporate-approved apps. As per a new study by Wakefield Research of 1,000 executives at entities with more than1,000 employees dissects the the business demand:

97 percent of executives stated that employees or classification inside their organization have sought new mobile apps or app features.

98 percent of executives are of the view that their company would immensely benefit from certain kinds of mobile apps.

2. Enterprise apps enhance capability in the domain

If you have safe apps on phones or tablets they offer the best method to connect workers and exchange instant data and business intelligence. With proprietary and safe mobile apps, data can be evaluated and updated quickly by salespeople, technicians, partners and others who want instant and genuine information to finish their processes, at any time and from anywhere in the globe.

3. Customers are largely turning mobile

These days purchases through Mobile are going above in-store and even website-oriented buys. Reason for this revolutionary change happens to be young adult consumers. “People are increasingly preferring mobile purchases,” says Sachin Gupta, CMO at Code Brew. “69 percent of millennials buy from their mobile phones and this trend is going to rise by many manifolds by 2020.” As per Google’s Mobile Path to Purchase report, 26 percent of consumers consider a mobile app as the point of beginning when it comes to search with the objective to buy.

4. Mobile apps boost loyalty among customers

Apps go a long way in enhancing customer loyalty. The logo of a company’s mobile app on their phones makes an impression on them constantly. And if the app is linked in anyway to your company’s loyalty program, it leaves a positive effect. As per a report by SmallBizTrends 70 percent of smartphone users are using their smartphone to gather points to earn discounts. These also facilitate smart location-triggered features such as geofenced push notifications of discounts and reviews.

5. Third party app development can be costly and inefficient

Assigning mobile app development would come across a convenient strategy, it has its own drawbacks. According to Wakefield study, 96 percent of companies who enlisted the services of third-party vendors faced problems, such as:

Development costs spiked considerably (43 percent)

Huge maintenance expenses (41 percent), and

Deficit in customizable options (39 percent)

Moreover, 92 percent stated that the third-party came up with applications that was way below their expectations.

Opting for external vendors or developers also entail a lot of risks. These could be anything from inferior product quality, rampant delays as a result of different time zones and source code insecurity,including the problem of traps that make customer information available to hackers for misuse. So, these kinds of risks are not worth taking up.

Tips regarding app creation internally

Looking for app developers to work for your company is any day desirable. But, the short duration or seasonal type can turn this into an expensive affair. As per Glassdoor, the US national average wage for a mobile app developer in 2017 happened to be $92,067. This implies that you are paying more than $19,000 extra simply to onboard that new employee prior to even writing a line of code. Also as per the Wakefield study, 42 percent of businesses who outsourced their mobile app development said they don’t have adequate skilled staff and that is why they opted for external sources. However, mobile app development skills are very convenient and affordable to gain. Training your company’s entire IT team in every aspect of mobile app development (including the latest Advanced Java, Python, Selenium 3.0 or Angular coding), will be more cost-effective than the hiring expenses of one new employee, excluding their salary.


Mobile apps are increasingly turning out to be extremely necessary for businesses. By outsourcing mobile app development your company is leaning heavily on another business and turns everything into a costly affair and even endangers your code and customer data.

Selecting new employees is also very expensive, however upgrading your staff with the existing technologies of mobile app development can be a good business proposition. The dynamism and cost-effectiveness your company enjoys turns you very competitive and facilitates fresh mobile marketing prospects.

How App Development Cost Be Reduced Without Compromising On Quality

How App Development Cost Be Reduced Without Compromising On Quality

If you want to build best apps , then obviously it will loose your pockets as it consumes more bucks to completely build the same . Experts in world believe that you must spend to get something worthwhile .
In this article , we can guide you on how you can overall costing on app development without even compromising on quality of mobile app .


Every next big thing required proper planning . Similarly app development requires different sets of planning to succeed in marketplace . The steps may involve comprehensive research on the desired audience , their likes etc . It is very well known that ” customer is king ” . So surely you should consider demand of your customer as your first priority as they will decide the success of your mobile app.
Similarly keeping eye on your competitors app can help you get overview of challenges they are facing right now . This will give you better picture of what features they have integrated in their mobile app and help you give a thought on what features you can integrate in your app to provide user with distinct feature . This is the fact that only if you built something different in your app , you will be able to succeed else you will incur cost with no ROI .
Once you are pretty much sure that your app offers unique features , you can start about how and what’s of development . Effective planning depends on how effectively you have documented your detailed requirement of mobile app .
If your document is well planned , you can save cost of trial and error , focus on only quality product and can minimise useless expenditure . This will also help you in estimating the time that is needed for app development .

Interactive Prototype 

App development companies helps in building interactive prototypes before starting of actual app development which can help you visualise the features , navigation and UI / UX design of mobile app .
Prototype act as a blueprint for both developer and client to test if they both are on same phase or not. This prototype can then be reviewed by client who can give their suggestion as per their taste . 
Although making an interactive prototype involves cost , it will helps in reducing of overall app development cost which is far more than prototype costing . Assume if client does not have prototype , then they will surely seek modification on the final version of mobile app , which means doing changes when you have actually wasted your lot of time and obviously money on man hours .

Cross Platforms Apps 

When it comes to app development  it comes in two category namely , Native and Hybrid app development .  In case you are looking for more detailed discussion on this topics , please read our article here .
It is quite obvious that development app on two different platform will going to cost you more . But at the same time it must be taken care that users are split in both the platforms, this means choosing some specific platform for app development means loosing the customers who are present on other platform .
In order to overcome with this issue and reduce the overall costing of mobile app development , if you have a small app , always prefer to launch your app on both iOS and android platform by using cross platform technology .
There are various kinds of tools available now in marketplace to successfully built app on cross platform technology . Some of the most common tools available are Xamarin , PhoneGap , Unity3D or Appcelerator  .

Minimum Viable Product 

You can image the losses you may need to bear if your app fails in market to succeed even after spending so much time and resources .
The concept fo minimum viable product (MVP) comes into place which gives you opportunity to determine how will your app will perform in real market without spending huge amount on mobile app development . Always note in mind , you can add on features to your MVP even after launching of your MVP app in marketplace .
Facebook has grown over time , and so can be the case with your mobile app !
MVP can give you real insight and improved your app required as real users are going to test and use it in real environment . Always insist them to give their feedback and improve your app accordingly . So we can define MVP as quality control technique which can aid you in saving costs as well as adding quality to your product after each stage of live testing .


The right app development company can help you with overall reduction of cost of mobile app development . So it’s always suggestible to outsource development work of app to some capable companies . 
Outsourcing of app can give you numerous of benefits . It is quite obvious that it is not viable to hire new developers for every new idea you have in your mind . This approach will obviously going to cost you more and will be time consuming process as well . 
Outsourcing is best way to get through difficulties as well as diversifying your resources to focus on core competencies areas .
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In simple words , cost of quality is expense you are going to put on things which are wrong . So by choosing right path to do things in right way can help you with reduction of overall app development cost as well as compromising on quality .
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So if you are planning for hiring an app development partner who can give you cost effective apps , contact us now !