Struggling With Your Existing Outsourced App Developers ?

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At Winklix , we are often approached by frustrated clients , who are unhappy with their current agencies of mobile app development . As far as we know , client may get frustrated with communication problem , the quality of work and lack of  progress due to serving lots of clients at a time .

Common issues with the outsource problems and their overcome is given below :

1) Lack of understanding :

Mobile app development companies often start working on project , without even making the wireframe of it and if the company is not able to fully understand the requirement , obviously they will not be able to guide the developers of their company to carry on the project . That means the core feature of would be application are either missing ,or is developing in a wrong way , giving the app difficult to use and thus adversely affecting the end result .

This problem can be overcomes by focusing on the end user requirement of the client , i.e., what is his/her business goals , and what exactly they are expecting from a app developers .Its preferable to have a wireframe and modules to be written on the piece of paper to proceed further without any hesitance , and give a better output .

2) Poor Communication

Another biggest reason you may be struggling is biggest communication problem .Throughout the project , you may be not getting the regular updates of your project ,  and it fell like , what the hell is going on with your project . Are they really doing it or is just focusing on other clients who  have higher priority , thus arising lack of transparency inspite of you are paying for services required by you .For instance there me be some technical jargon which may arise , making it difficult for developer to do right now , and you may be misguided that it can’t be done as it is impossible to build the features desired by you .

At Winklix , we believe that it is important , there is a process of communication , in which we can regularly update to our clients by mail and our online softwares so that we can give the necessary updated to clients as and when required by clients , so that at every stage we do development , client can cross check the app and make necessary changes accordingly , rather than at the end of the development .

Having in app development industry since 2004 , we have developed may softwares for exchanging information with clients . Our project manager will give you regular updates by various means using our software to keep you updated with the development process .

3) Bad coding practise 

Another biggest issue that you may face is bad practising of coding by developers , that you may not even get to know about this . This means developers might me using some old technologies , inspite of new technology availability . For instance , they may still be using objective c , inspite of apple is about to release swift 4 .

It is always preferable to use the latest technology available , at it minimises the security risk and at the same time may not be compatible with the latest operating systems .

Structuring of code in right manner is another important task .For instance  , they may have written enough comments while doing coding , and this will arise difficulty , in case you want to hire your own in house team , understanding the code with be a difficult task for your developers then .

At Winklix , we are always keen on using the latest technology , at the same time make is scalable and reusable .

4) Too many bugs and too little testing

Another biggest reason that you might be suffering is getting lots and lots of bugs while testing . There may be question arises that if you have to test all the bugs , then why the hell they are charging for the testing the bugs !! Often fixing the bugs has knock on affect causing other issues . That means you may be getting behind targeted schedules , causing project to fall behind schedule .
At Winklix , our project manager and quality assurance team will test the app and website on each and every step before passing it onto your feedback . our app development company has a concept of testing the app on every phase , thus almost minimising the bugs .

5) Behind Schedule

If you are facing any of the issue listed above , then your you are getting behind the targeted schedule .That is why it is important to set back out targets and to have a fight to complete the project on time .
At Winklix , we use our online tool that act as timeline of task and app building , so that everyone can see the progress work.
So you can hire winklix so overcome with the problem and get an ready app within stipulated time .Winklix is mobile app developer in Delhi , India serving the world .

Why Should Every Mobile App Should Focus On User

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Global revenue from app is expected to reach $ 80 billion by 2018 . As millions of app has been flooded in app market , the competition among app has raised to new heights . In 2017 , app is available for everything we need , and what we even can’t think off . With so many apps rising in short span of time , app is useless if it is not focusing on end user experience . To be a successful , your app must have a good user experience , that is what it can separate the your app from unsuccessful one .

In order to have compelling mobile experience , user wants , need is to be taken into consideration .Based on numerous of factors , user may either choose to actively use your application or uninstall it . Their are apps , which are only downloaded once and then they are never been installed .

User loyalty is essential aspect of app development . Your app will be counted in good categories of application , if you have engaging content , good design and best communication channel within your application , in such a way that user will be able to freely give genuine feedback and suggestion which can also help you to make necessary changes according to user expectation . For instance , of you are into the business of buying and selling , user may have higher expectation from customer support team .

Millions downloads  , thousands reviews and showing the app on top of play store is is every app owners dream . But to get their , it require patience , quality and services .

Usability :

Now a days mobile app developers generally focuses on business goals and client requirement , rather than focusing on user interface and experience. Rather we should take the user’s perspective the most important part of the every step we are taking towards app development , in such a way that app will be able to cater needs which leads to increase in user retention and loyalty .
Usability and user experience mainly depend on :
– How well app is responding to user’s expectation ?
-How well app fulfils individual need of the user’s ?
-How an problem is getting solve in app ?
-How user’s need is fulfilled by functionalities of the application ?
This is short , if we lack user usability , then the resources we are putting on to develop an app will have no use and will definitely cost time , efforts and money .

The challenging part is defining appropriate uses of app :

Entertainment Value :
We may have heard that films runs on 3 principles ” Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment ” , so is the case with application now a days . App should be made in such a way that is should be engaging and at the same time , user can enjoy it , which induce users to come back and use app again .Entertainment can be gained by offering short game , allowing people to go the things they want in your way like music ,competition and other short of things.
Utility :
The second most centric approach is utility .Utility simply means to offer regular updates and have engaging and attractive content in app .
Solve the problem :
Problem solving process is pillar of modern technology . Mobile app must focus on solving problem .The basic information of what all your app is about , is required in every application .
Facebook is best know example for user centric approach that solves basic problem of user , by connecting user via world wide .Similarly some banking app will help user to check account balance and so some short of transactions using app . Hence mobile app should either solve fundamental problem or enhance user’s lifestyle .

The Cost Of Building Mobile Application

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How much does the app cost ?

I love making application and playing with the developmental part .Hell , myself and Pratibha has started this company to take new challenges everyday . Our wish has come true , we are getting all wonderful enquiries every day and we are facing a new height of opportunities every day . We often try to handle the new enquiries by ourself as far as we can , as we really get excited about business and people who make to have an mobile application . We have often share with you many articles , but when the question comes for mobile app development , be have to put together this article to share with you some really interesting things .

Choosing the right app developer

This is one of the hardest things indeed . We got lot of calls from companies to finish an “underdevelopment app “which was started somewhere else . It is a really tough task from developmental point of view . The simplest way to determined which i think would be viable will be ,   hire two high qualify chef and assign them the task to make the same dish , they will use the same ingredients in making the delicious food , but they will do it along their way . None of the way is right or wrong , but just different with their own strategies . So trying to unpick a half cooked food to see whats gone so far , is next to impossible job .

Each mobile app development has different level of skills ,strategy and framework in which it has been developed , thus in case you want to hand over your half baked app to someone else , they have no other alternative than to just start with the whole app again , or taking unnecessary time to complete the application .A good mobile app development company will tell you “no” when they don’ t think something is right , and will always look to enhance and add values to your idea of application development . Don’t be a person who calls us in the middle of half baked app , instead be a person who calls us who give us a ring in the very beginning , and briefly explain the whole wireframe of your mindset for development of app .

One piece of advice is a good developers won’t be able to design a good app , a good designer can’t do a coding part , and a server expert does not have to no anything with designing and development .

So while choosing a right app developer , before choosing and coming to any conclusion , make sure they have solid team to fulfil all your needs.

The Cost

If you think apps apps can be made in few hundred’s bucks , then it is absolutely not . A basic app developmental project will take around $ 2000 . And the cost so move on depending on functionalities and time frame required by you .

The Idea

Please please please check , before you even think of starting something new . Your idea might be someone dreams on which they might have taken first step to fulfil their dreams .  If you think you’re genius who bring’s the very first idea , then you may be not , or if you are , might be that can’t be done due to limitations .

Few important things to think of before stepping up on your ideas are given below :

1) Ask more and more people to give an opinion about your idea , apart from asking only with your friends and family who can give you biased decision with due respect .

2)Don’t try to become another flipkart , everyone wants to become some brand who is already famous , but that idea might not work . So try to be as unique as possible .

3) Don’t try to copy Facebook , Twitter , Instagram in case you are planning to make replica of it . Always remember , many persons are only moving on that part. So make your idea innovative , be creative , so that the final output comes with something new .

4)Respect the app developer’s opinions , although our words are not golden charms , but we are a little bit expert in our field , and we know a lit better than you people what apps are on fire and who are not .

The Platform

Every different platform has their own programming languages . 2 most commonly programming languages used are android studio for android phones and swift code for iOS . We only have right now two platforms for developing an application , i.e. you can go for native app building or you can choose a cross platform for developing an app . Each has their own pons and cons . For details of what is cross platform and native application you can refer our article native application vs hybrid .

The Requirements

App designing and development have several stages and each stage has different persons and team , your duty is to ask information on each and every stage to make an awesome application .
1) Designing : The designing of mobile application is not like website designing .Designing is the main thing which must be taken care of as users are going to see your front end of the application , and if they don’t find it useful ,your user might go away . App development requires development of app for 20 different available sizes and their respective resolutions .Its truly said that ” First Impression Is Last Impression ” and the case applies in case of mobile application for user usability.
2) Development : Which platform ? Which framework ? Development is heart of project and its essential to make sure it’s build in correct way since the very beginning of the process . You you want to update something in application , development should be in such a way that you should not require to re-write modules .
3) Web Services : Errrr question arises ? What are these ? In some words we can say web services is mechanism in which an app connects to web server for communication , connection and other things .This can be login/signup thorough Facebook , for showing dynamic content . If web services is not handled carefully , the app may slow down , crash ,fall over etc .
4) Testing : Test your app as many times you can , not only on your phone , but for external people also .If you launch an app on stores , make sure it’s bug free  .
5) Project Management : Don’t focus on some cheap android developer who is not at all going to give you some positive result . It’s the most important element of application building . If you hire a good agency , they will charge a good project fees . is leading app developer in Delhi , having experience of developing 500+ application , giving affordable app development solution to clients since 2004 .