How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Uber Or OLA

Those of you who live in large populated cities where parking a car is mess and city is full of never ending traffic , will always love to use taxi services . Thanks to companies like OLA and

Uber , who has started taxi booking through the convenience of mobile application wherein we need not to worry about traffic and parking space , we just have to sit back and relax and enjoy the experience of personal car without bearing the expenses of personal car ,

Therefore many business owners are running towards building a cab booking app . The app stores are flooded with the car booking apps in last few years . But you are of course reading this article in order to find out the actual cost of building a cab booking mobile application , and therefore we have to firstly understand the approaches to business process and most importantly functionality of the mobile application . Obviously the cost will all depend on the level of functionality you want to implement in your mobile application on first phase . So lets discuss some major points first !

How does the app work ?

The app can be elaborated in simple steps as :
  • User request for the car on the basis of availability and type of car required by the user . The details are automatically sent to nearest driver .
  • Driver has the option to either accept the ride or decline it .If he declines it , request will be passed to other driver .
  • Custom can track the car on real time basis and can get to know about estimated time of arrival.
  • Custom can pay either in cash or thorough cashless system as per his convenience . Another good feature is custom can estimate the total journey price well in advance .
  • Lastly after ride completion , driver is rated by customer on the basis of numerous factor .
When we are talking about the app like Uber or OLA , always keep in mind that these companies uses two different kind of apps and that is Customer app and Driver app .

Driver App Allows :

  • Editing personal profile
  • Going off duty and on duty by app . Only on duty driver will be displayed on maps .
  • Activity alert . The alert to driver if he is chosen with estimated fare .
  • Calling to passenger directly though app .
  • Generating daily/monthly reports of past booking and earnings .

Customer App Allows:

  • Manage personal information
  • Book a cab
  • Call the driver
  • Getting an estimate of ride fair
  • Track the approaching taxi
  • Automatic payment execution
  • Rating the driver

How much does it cost to build an app like Uber or OLA ?

Well is totally depends on the level of functionality as required by you and the complexity of those functionality .

Location & Coverage ( Maps , GPS , Routing )

GPS location is generally use to fetch location on real time basis , user can easily browse from the list of available car at the location nearby to him , and can locate the car with map integration . Routing server is  required for getting various distance and routes information .
The easy to book looking app for the user have more than unimaginable functionality behind the scenes .
The cost of building :
The developer usually needs 200 hours to integrate the location and routing feature .


Payment can be collected by the driver either in cash or through online wallet . User can in advance pre fill their wallet , and in order to encourage user to get their wallet refilled , companies offer certain kind of cash back and promotional discounted price . In addition to it , user can estimate the fare even before he actually start his journey . To estimate the ride fare , different company may have different criteria , but following in general it will be usually calculated on the basis of Base fare , together with cost per kilometre , cost per minute .
The cost of building :
Payment gateway integration is tedious job . Usually most payment gateways gets integrated within 50 hours and getting fare estimate required 40 hours totalling to 90 hours .

Registration & Profiles

Most mobile apps required pre sign up even before they start using the mobile app . Signing up may be either from phone number , social media or email as per the requirement , and shooting the sign up email or notification on sms will also be the part of it . Lastly review and rating will also be done by customer and driver .
The cost of building :
To implement registration and profiles , developers usually need 30 hours .

Communication & Notification

To ensure privacy of the user and in order to provide regular updates to user , push notification in app , sms and email shooting to user has been introduced by the cab booking companies to ensure customer convenience . The passenger is able to communicate with the driver as soon as he accept the rides without even asking the phone number .
The cost of building :
Integration of push notification required 40 hours , and sms and email integration requires additional 50 hours , to the total of 90 hours .


In order to make your app a huge success , a good designing is the only key , with ensures smooth interaction with the user .
The cost of building :
Designing can take between 72 hours to 180 hours which ranges from a simple design to eye catchy one . LEt’s consider an average of 100 hours for average app building .
  • Wire framing with take 28 hours
  • User interface will take 45 hours
  • User experience will take 27 hours
Our cost starts from $ 40 per hour and hence an app like Ola or Uber can be build within $ 25000 , depending on the requirement .
There are few more things which need to be consider while having an app idea of creating an app like Uber or Ola . You must ensure all the functionality as required by you before handing the project to an mobile app development company that is developing an app for you . Contact us now for more information .

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