How Much Does An App And Website Like NetFlix Or Youtube Cost

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What Is NetFlix ?

Gone are those days when you actually have to wait for the TV series to come and watch at the specified time . NetFlix offers you subscription to watch TV shows , movies and more on multiple platform by charging you on monthly basis . You can even see the movie on rent by in app purchases from NetFlix .

NetFlix has active user of around 86 million worldwide of which 47 millions are present in USA . NetFlix offers Android and iOS and web platform  to reach maximum number of users free of cost , expect the charge for in app purchases .

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Key Features Of NetFlix App 

  • User can easily subscribe for the monthly subscription and can start viewing TV shows & Movies , repeated telecast from anytime and anywhere .
  • User also have the flexibility to watch across different platform . For instance they are watching the show in iPhone , they can instantly switch to web version and can start viewing from their .
  • That not all , NetFlix also offers user to get a one month subscription free of cost which allows unlimited shows and videos .

Factors That Decide Cost Of NetFlix Or YouTube Like App 

App Design 

Design plays an important role which deciding the cost of the app like NetFlix . The best designing principle is know to be simple and standard design with easy to understand usability .Designing included wireframe , psd design and final app design . The app and website design of app like NetFlix would take around 3 weeks and hence the cost for designing of app would be near about $ 5000 and for website $ 4000 .

App Features

The major cost of building an application like NetFlix is live streaming cost . NetFlix is none other than a big database management app which offers saving of video in database , along with the live streaming of any video in case required .

The very first and most important feature is monthly subscription feature , in which developer have to keep the track record of the monthly subscription along with auto termination of account in case they don’t want to continue for the next month . It usually take 2 weeks to develop this feature .

Secondly when talking about video’s , it may contain different versions of videos like normal , HD , ultra HD and more . Accessing the video as per quality on the basis of subscription feature would take around another 2 weeks .

Another features like payment gateway integration , managing customer data , uploading of video from backend , live streaming of app , CMS system could take around 8 weeks .

Apart from this the major portion of the investors cost is invested on the server , this kind of application usually requires a dedicated server which comes near about $ 300 per month as the initial stage .

So the app features in case you are planning to have exact like Netflix would take around 12 weeks and the costing would be somewhere around $ 20000 .

App Platform 

Another costing factor is number of different platform you want to reach , ie Android , iOS or Website or all at once . Usually cost written above is for a single platform , it will usually gets double on the basis of number of platform you want to focus on. The more number of platform you focus , more changes to reach more number of customers .

The cost may be little cheaper in case you want to offer a Hybrid app to your customer , instead of native one .

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Testing of application across different platform would attract time and so is the charges. Rolling out of application to the market without a good testing will put all your efforts into veins . Testing depending on the app would take around 3 weeks with additional cost of $ 2000 .


The app like NetFlix as per the above features would take around 15 weeks for the completion with around $ 27000 in all for the complete development for a single platform . The cost may increase or decrease on the basis of features and addition functionalities as required .

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How Does Winklix Calculate ROI For Apps Made For Enterprise Clients


At Winklix , we have worked with startups as well as Fortune 500 companies offering them the best mobile app development services . There are lot of ways for calculating ROI like app calculator and more , but at Winklix we focuses on developing a perfect balance features and its value for users in respective to their business requirement .

When clients choose Winklix , our primary focus is to deliver them product within their budget that will help them to achieve their expected return on investment . We believe that the ROI can also be achieved if the app is optimised for richer user experience , thus allowing user to invest in app and our clients can see the profits arising out of it .

Always Love Working With Client Simultaneously To Develop ROI Focused Product

When any of the organisation sets their annual budget , they must consider investing in mobile app development to facilitate their customer with easy process , regularise internal management and more .This all helps them in generating ROI . At Winklix , we consider them as our potential clients .

If any company is searching for application development services  to meet their expectation of idea , they will obviously approach right mobile app development agency to ask simply the experts about highly priority focus points that than give them high ROI together with the years of knowledge and expertise for their proposed solution .

Every company focuses on user satisfaction as ultimate user of the mobile app is user itself , if they are satisfied you will also be satisfied . At all of these points , our Product Management Team has always went beyond the saturation level to deliver them creative yet awesome solution which is beyond understanding pain points of the user .

Feature Prioritising For Maximum ROI

Winklix team who manages projects at the very first stage takes client ideas and then we turn them into app that gets featured in app store through our agile app development process . When clients meet our project managers , we alway make sure they are meeting the experts who can guide them throughout the process and deliver them the app they desired . It is their job to find the best solution as they are expert in this filed and nor our client , who have just choose us to find the viable solution .

As a Winklix project manager , the very first thing we do is write down all set of features required by our clients and then finds the viable solution out of it . This is achieve by combining our team knowledge of outside world together with their expertise knowledge of industry reach .

One of the most important thing while creating a wireframe by our project manager is defining sets of features of app and their possibilities .This proven very helpful for our clients as well as us as it clarifies our aim on which we have to focus on .

For us , our client problem is our problem  . Our aim is to work along with our client so that we can become the partner in their growth on continuous basis rather than doing just one time business with them .

Thinking of how do we choose the best ideas ? We narrow down the product with additional two or three feature in support of the main features we are focusing on . We focus on finding the viable solution that can directly generate the product revenue for clients . Our market strategist team together with project manager deeply analyse the market before coming to any conclusion .

App Optimisation For ROI Opens Up The Door Of Post Launch Options

Our aim is to make our client app an successful application . Delivering features that user will love to use together and will obviously increase ROI is the very first version of app which we focus on . This helps our clients to maximise the ROI and give client the immediate ROI .

At Winklix , we focus on delivering only products that benefits both client and customer by implementing the best features into it .by way of great user experience .

What Is Flutter And Its Pros And Risk For App Owners

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Is Flutter good for mobile app development ? What essentials are need to be known by app owners , product owners and everyone who is involved in developing a mobile app through Flutter .

Google I/O 2018 fortunately dedicated very much of its attention to Flutter . Almost 25 % of all Google task will refer to this SDK. As technology is chaining on fast scale , apps on Google Play keep on increasing which are developed by using Flutter , and we may say its just the beginning of something great .

Flutter is trending technology and is getting hotter day by day due to its highly demandable usage . So in case you are an app development company involved in developing or improving mobile application , you should be aware about what Flutter is and its Pros and Cons .

What Is Flutter ?

Flutter is Google mobile app SDK , with inbuilt frameworks , widgets and tools facilitating developers to build and deploy visual attractive fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms . Refer official Flutter Website

Flutter is a medium by which a cross platform mobile app can be developed , instead of developing with android and iOS versions of apps separately .

What  Flutter uuis giving us :

  • The very first thing is it’s free and open source .
  • The complete Flutter is based on Dart – which is object oriented programming language which is really very easy to learn .
  • Flutter provide its own customised widgets which gives highly performable and customisable engine .
  • Flutter has a widget known as rick widget which aids in creating own custom designing .
  • Due to the above given features and high performance , it is becoming the serious competitors for React Native and Native App development .

Now lets have a quick look at pros and cons of Flutter !

Top advantages of using Flutter for Mobile App Owners :

When it comes to mobile app development , cost on the basis of time together with awesome UI is all this matters . Lets look at some of the advantages of using Flutter as development language :

    1. Faster Code Writing  : Developers use Flutter for faster code writing and more dynamically app development process . One of the best thing that a coder can do is they can check the changes done in the code straight away in app ! This is called the hot reload which usually takes a milli second and helps codes to fix bugs and see changes on the spot .and thus enabling them to experiment faster .  Hot reload  is a feature offering designers and developers to check the changes and animation on the spot  . Whereas when talking about the native app development , the projects takes usually minutes to build , and developer has to usually wait for every single change .
    2. One single code for both Android and iOS platform : Yes its possible . Developers has to write just one set of codes for both Android and iOS platform thus saving huge cost of investment and thereby decreasing app development cost. But in case you want to differentiate between 2 app , then you can do that also. 
    3. Testing time reduces : It is obvious that if you have same app for 2 platform , the testing time for developers reduces as they have to test only once thereby proving quality assurance faster .
    4. Faster Apps :Flutter built apps are faster and does not hang while scrolling down or so and thus gives us faster performance .
    5. Design loveable by everyone : Flutter is designed in such a way that it allows coders to customise the existing widgets together with designing the existing widgets . Want to see the list of Flutter widget availability , quickly check it out here .

Cons Of Using Flutter

    1. Still in beta version : Flutter offered by Google is still in beta version , the most recent beta version is launched in April , 2018 which is called Flutter Beta 2 . This actually means Flutter team have not launched any stable version of Flutter and hence may require lot of changes in coding in near future if we launch the mobile app on Flutter as of now . Flutter team has recently said in press release ” We will continue to add improvements on the basis of users feedback and some of the key features are still not available for deployment .
    2. Libraries and Support Impressive – But still not optimised completely for native app development : Although Flutter is impressive technology and Google has not left any mark in providing helpful libraries but the fact is flutter is still new and not every functionality which you need can be found on these libraries . This means it may be really time consuming in case you need to develop custom module for any specific need .

Winklix Recommendation And Wrap Up

In our opinion , Flutter has more advantages for business as well as development team than risk , but we must wait for the stable version for release for building an outstanding mobile app that fits your custom mobile app 

needs and requirement for both android and iOS versions . We are not sure when we can get the stable release version  , but may be we have to wait for just some another months to get the stable release version of Flutter.

If you have used flutter , suggestion and comments are always welcomed . We wish you a good luck with Flutter .