How To Use Combination Of App ASO and SEO For App Promotion


With the constant progression in the innovation of web , on the off chance that you are wanting to dispatch the app dependably remember that your app will rival 3.8 millions Android apps and in excess of 2 millions iOS app . So enlisting a mobile app development company and creating and propelling your app is one thing , and getting app saw is another .

So the inquiry being what should you do to get the most out of app advancement ? Lets rapidly take a gander at a portion of the conflicting focuses .

Is Combining Mobile App ASO and SEO Is Beneficial ?

While SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is tied in with upgrading your site , ASO ( App Store Optimization) is particularly advancing your app for their separate stores . In layman terms , they both are distinctive sides of same coin . What’s more, with a specific end goal to get the most out of advancement , we need to utilize both the terms together .

Google is constantly known to be lord in app revelation as it is as yet known to be the showcasing pioneer , which are most generally utilized by individuals overall . So dependably be guaranteed when you are doing ASO and SEO to receive the most in return ,you essentially need to take after their guidelines and improvement tips and traps .

In the meantime ASO likewise chips away at the way of SEO . The more you streamline it for the app stores , higher it will rank and will get seen by opportune individuals .

Right now when work area site enhancement are getting obscured and app advertising is on the higher finishes , promoters are presently all the more concentrating on the mix of both SEO and ASO to get the potential clients to end up your lasting client one day .

Would we be able to Say SEO Is Foundation of Mobile App ASO ?

Kindly don’t delude on the approach that both SEO and ASO have totally extraordinary methodologies . Natural hunt is as yet the main route for getting your site saw to huge number of client , in the event that you are truly are not wanting to substantial contribute on paid advancements . What’s more, it should be coordinated with ASO to get the advantage . Some of them are recorded underneath :

Picking the correct catchphrase is the simple first and mainstay of your SEO methodology . By picking the correct watchword , you will be seen by right class of client , else no chance to get out .

  • App name , title and URL advancement .
  • Getting positive surveys and evaluations .
  • Creeping of app by google .
  • Working of good quality backlinks .

The most well-known mix-up than the vast majority of the app developers do is thinking little of the intensity of mobile responsive site .

When we catch wind of any new app inclining app in the market , do we download the app specifically or is interested about finding what app is about ? Clearly we will discover some data about what app is about . For that will the portrayal and the short video on the app store would be adequate ? We don’t think so . For the portrayal reason , you should have a mobile responsive illustrative site for depicting what app is about . In the meantime beginning online journal on the site , and making connecting with content on site will support your app mindfulness and perceivability .

Procedure To Improve In Store App Techniques

As per ongoing statics 60 % of the apps are found by client on app stores . So App Store enhancement likewise assumes a noteworthy part in your app advancement methodology. The absolute most regular improvement procedures are given underneath :

Meta title : Always keeping your meta title short is demonstrated gainful as major SERPs overlooks long meta title . So fill your title tag with top esteem watchwords .

Meta depiction : Don’t neglect to incorporate your real catchphrases in meta portrayal as it can most likely give you benefits when client downloading the app

Rating and Reviews : Positive rating and surveys and upgrades based on negative audits will dependably add on to your image noteworthiness .

Screen capture and see video : Screenshot and see recordings are the one that gives client a chance to help in settling on a ultimate choice . It ought to be expressive and should feature essential highlights that guide client what all is app about before downloading the same .

Refresh App On Regular Intervals

The apps that are positioning higher on the stores are the one which are getting refreshed and enhanced the premise of new client input . Making customary updates helps fabricate positive brand and trust among focused group of onlookers . Likewise you will dependably be in front of your rivals by giving app refreshes routinely .

Over To You

As you have seen that these methodologies works independently , yet in the event that you are not utilizing them together , you are not presumably not going on the correct way . Based on traps and tips said above , you will have the capacity to support your positioning to the following level . is driving mobile app development company giving arranging and system to mobile app building .

Automated vs Manual App Testing : What Is Needed ?


In Quality Assurance (QA) , automated testing performs best at its speed . Be that as it may, with regards to appearing of usefulness and initial introduction , manual testing play out its best . Conveying quality application is constantly best performed by manual testing , inspite of the way that automated testing are getting refined step by step . Albeit both the testing have their own particular points of interest and drawbacks , however according to our proposal , on the off chance that you are mobile app development organization , manual testing conveys an additional conventional affair .

Mobile app testing assumes a critical part in any mobile app development , falling flat which every one of your endeavors for building up the app will go into veins .

This article will additionally manage you the upsides and downsides of automated and manual testing , and best time to utilize every one of them .

Automated Mobile App Testing

All around automated testing is demonstrated advantageous in the event that you are intending to have a vast application , as it can test fast with unwavering quality . Another advantage being automated experiments are reusable in nature , however in the event of deft condition , you have to revamp on automated testing . However, as we as a whole know amid development organize the item stream continues changing , therefore every change requires an adjustment in the content of automated testing . Uncommonly when you are dealing with the littler undertaking , automated testing is constantly ended up being inefficient and monotonous assignment . Without carrying on the automated testing on right way , honestly you may fall behind your timetables .

Masters Of Automated Mobile App Testing

  • Useful for vast mobile app
  • Have capacity to run various test on the double
  • Can perform repetitive test that requests a top of the line manual analyzers

Cons Of Automated Mobile App Testing

  • Tedious and of no utilization for little scale mobile app
  • No capacity to test client encounter
  • Have code limitation for every classification of mobile app
  • At the point when To Use Automated Mobile App Testing

Automated testing is valuable amid beginning times of development process due to visit code change . Automated testing encourages running of relapse testing rapidly .

When you have redundant arrangements of assignment , then automated testing is favored .

When you are attempting to check and guarantee your app perforce to thousand of clients on the double , automated testing is favored .

Inspite of a few advantages of automated testing , there is dependably an obligatory prerequisite of human touch in testing . Then again , automative testing is additionally exorbitant when managing especially with little size of undertaking . Notwithstanding for long haul ventures , in which programmed testing is favored , the cost of mechanization programming is dependably on the higher end .

Manual Mobile App Testing

You will never have the capacity to judge the reason of app crash with automated testing , rather a manual testing is required for the same keeping in mind the end goal to know the reason and even to get it comprehended . Likewise automated testing of not modified for finding a particular class of mistake , it won’t locate any such blunder , yet in functional circumstance it will make hinderance .

Experts Of Manual Mobile App Testing

  • Give more precise outcome
  • Better (UI) testing
  • Useful for littler undertakings
  • Simpler to manage basic circumstance like app crashes and confounded situations

Cons Of Manual Mobile App Testing

  • Does not give 100 % exactness
  • Required individual to play out each undertaking
  • Not favored if there should arise an occurrence of unwieldy assignment
  • At the point when To Use Manual Mobile App Testing

Manual testing required a person and thus his/her expert experience , learning and innovativeness is required for exploratory testing

We as a whole know how vital is UI/UX in app development process , and it is alongside difficult to decide easy to use approach without human mediation .

What client will see is the final result , and not the things that have been worked secondary passage to complete it . That is the reason mobile app testing is a dreary procedure with various kinds of varieties .

Winklix is driving mobile app development company that utilizations both automated and manual testing according to the necessity of the app , with the goal that we can convey you the best of the item . So get in touch with us for your next huge venture !!

How To Attract More User While Mobile Onboarding ?

winklix app development

Giving user an in app experience that they will love to us plays a critical part in user experience . Who does not want their app to be successful in long run , but for that you must focus on user retention and aids them in achieving life time value .Mobile app development exist on user retention ration .

In order to give an amazing experience for your app to user , you need to focus on almost all areas , ie right from design , to customer specific choice , and adding great deal within the app . This post is all about how you can attract more user retention while user are actually using the app . Lets discuss some of the points in details :

Build a Way Of Least Resistance For User

User will no way resist in your app for longer in case they don’t find it convenient in respect of usability. So choice is yours whether you want to offer a complex app or an easy one with learning screening to .

Benefits Oriented App

Communicating the value of the app together with guiding user what actually your app is all about , what features your app is offering to user always proven to be useful .

Functional Oriental Onboarding 

When you are actually not demonstrating the benefits and highlighting the functionalities of app – about how and when it can be used and more . If the app has complex workflow , multiple sections and hidden unique functionalities then this method is most widely preferable .
Regardless of what has been stated above , the ultimate aim of any app is to make the user experience as easy as possible .

Minimise Sign Up Fields

Offering long forms and that to in mobile application is really a bad idea . User will no way want to fill if they find it lengthy . The best solution now a days a to facilitate user with a single sign in button with the help fo social media account .

Well some app might require some more information , but it should be addressed carefully . On the other hand if your fields are actually long , then you can offer the input on different screens rather than a single screen .

Follow “One Screen One Concept” Rule

Describing information on the single screen helps you to avoid any overloading of the app . This practise can be best seen in the AirBnB app the image of which has been attached below .

Give Feedback Quickly

Feedback plays a really important role for the user onboard . Always try to give a clear view of the error message falling which they are not able to complete the task . It can be used through animation , effects and more . The one point solution is stating the error clearly in the app for making it easier for user to understand

Use Animation Purposefully

Animations can be used at multiple stages , for instance for an eye catchy movement of the user while trying to draw attention for the progress happening in the app . Or you can also use the animation feature for the feedback as discussed above . But always to keep in mind , it should draw attention of user and must not irritate the user with overloaded animations

Test , Test & Test Again

Have you ever think of sending the app to client without testing . They will unexpectedly bark on you . Test is the most most most important part of app development process . We can categorise the testing process into three sections .

The very first being testing the mobile application is before actually releasing the actual app in the market for the user . You must offer the beta version of the mobile application to be used by your known colleagues to get the pros and cons of the app before the final release . It could take usually 7 days to overcome with all the challenges depending on the size of the application after which your app will be baked for the final role out .

Secondly you can after launching the app in the market  should analyse the app , reviews and feedback for 4 weeks . Is app functioning properly ? Is app not crashing anywhere ? Is app able to fulfil user goals ? These all are the points that need to be taken care of .

The last one being Long term testing of the app after 1 month on regular basis and improving it and adding some additional features as per the requirement of the user .


Onboarding experience need to be takes care of in case you want to increase the overall experience of user retention . Retention rates maintenance is one of the biggest challenge for mobile app development company . True mobile success ratio can only be measured when user are actually loving to use your app . Following the points above , you might be able to offer highly effective Onboarding process .
Winklix is full custom mobile app development company  . We use our agile strategy for developmental process that gives you full control and scope , reduces your risk of failure and provide you with innovative technique and development procedure to deliver you awesome app . Start a conversation today to kick start your project asap .