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The Winklix’s App designing company has mastered the Android’s platform since 2004 . And since then we only focuses on neat and classy design , which will definitely be easy to use . Our efforts and continuous planning has made us a leader in android app development and designing , and also in iPhone app design .

What Is Winklix ?

Winklix is a team of professional app designers and developers who are expertise in designing and development of awesome applications . We always tries to flourish even a small app in best possible way so that user can love the app while using it .
Our foremost aim is to create a functional app rather than selling the app in the market . Winklix has proven to be a leader by working with large enterprises , but we always welcome startups to explore their ideas to us to make it a successful app .

Why We Design Android App’s ?

Android is one of the famous and most selling smartphones in the world , and that’s why we are trying to contribute our role in their app market in best possible way . We work with our client from the ground level to skyrocket their app when the food is ready . And that’s the reason we only make beautiful and functional app . To play with the UI’s are our speciality . We work round the clock’s with our team situated in Delhi, Noida , Mumbai , New Jersey and London , our software developers has the power to explore almost everything .
We work as an agile agency creating your product within time frame of 2 weeks . Throughout these 2 weeks our designing  and development team will give you your app blueprint , biweekly check’s so that our client’s can get a whole idea of what we are going to deliver and how their app is moving along .
By having client’s understanding by in’s and out’s of the process , our clients get the brief idea of how their final product is going to be look like .

History Of The Android App

With the introduction in October 2008 , the Android market (now referred as google play) was open their doors for public use . At that time , android market was acquiring around 75 % of the market share globally , thus leaving an immense opportunity for developers to create successful apps. Today with over 1 million Android app flooded in App stores , its crucial for developers to to think creatively about what customers are looking for and how to stand out of the crowd .
What makes our company different is design side of our’s . Our first and primary focus is on designing part , to create beautiful app with unique and user friendly design .Our apps are refined to give you perfection , to give your app a brand rather than just creating it .
At Winklix , we only take projects which looks exceptional to us , thus making us choosy as we are passionate about idea as you are .
You can contact us to get your next big project done from us .

Why Mobile App A Necessity For Every Business Now

why you need mobile app

The continued growth of internet has bring good business opportunities for small and medium business enterprises , which were earlier limited to branding at physical market only . The key for such a huge success in internet market is ease of reachability due to smartphones in every users hand .

Some of the reason of why to prefer native mobile apps are listed below :

Ease Of Access :

Internet has made ease of access for viewing the virtual store even during odd hours of business . Location and time was no more an hindrance for any customer to reach out business . Your products are just a tap away from your customers if your customer are connected over internet .

An Effective Marketing Channel :

Mobile apps are giving a way to your customer for broadcasting all your available services and product offered , pricing , news feed and sales . With a features like push notification , advertising according to geo location and location tracking of the targeted market , downloaded app is a free advertising mode for your business .

Customer Visibility

Listing your app on google play or apple app store means , you can be searched even during organic search is taking place . Brand visibility does not only create a new customer , but also helps you to retain your customer , thus greater chance of customer returning back .

Better Customer Service

You can really office a personalised customer service to your customer in case they have purchased something from you in way of loyalty bonus and cash backs . With mobile apps whether for iPhone or Android , its possible to manage your customer on real time basis . Various modes of engagement are live chat , push notification , email sending . Solving your customer queries and building the trust helps you building the brand .

Raise Revenue & Boost Profit

Better customer service means better satisfaction , and more demand for your product thus ultimately deriving more sales . Through optimisation and other revenue models , your business can manage to earn some extra income .

Complement Your Website With Mobile App

Mobile apps are faster and more accessible than website .And also to get ahead in competitive market , you need to have an mobile app as necessary requirement for your business .

mobile apps brings many advantages for a business . Winklix is mobile app development company that offers affordable android and iPhone app development , so lets grow your business with Winklix.

Mobile App Development Mumbai

app development mumbai is leading mobile app development company in Mumbai . Delivering world’s class design is our speciality . Our iPhone and Android App developers will take your idea into consideration and deliver you an unimaginable mobile application loveable by user .

What is Winklix ?

Winklix is website and mobile app development company who only focuses on building awesome apps or nothing . Our developers , designer team are located in Delhi and serving Mumbai . We also have our sales office at Mumbai .

Rather than focusing on app that we can sell , we try to focus on delivering apps than can do something and can really affect the daily routine of the user . We are not at all going to use outdated technologies , our developers only focuses on advance , functional and rock awesome user experience .

Why not to make full use of our skill , if we have the right persons !! We don’t focuses on long term contract and delayed delivery , we charge as we go , thus giving you flexibility of revoking the contract anytime , in case you don’t want it , thus giving us the opportunity of proving ourself every now and then .

History Of iPhone App Development

The Apple App store launched in 2008 , with very few features , but Apple have introduced many new features every now and then , and with the each update it becomes better , and thus giving the way to app developers to focus on Apple App store and implementing of new features .

Each update provider new challenges for our greedy developers who are always focused on taking endless opportunities , thus giving a way of utilising the app they have created  .

Android App Development VS iPhone App Development

Inspite of the fact than iPhones are contributing very less global share market , it is the one which is generating the most revenue from application .

With the above fact , would you create an Android application  ? Android uses java , which is commonly used programming language and iPhone use Objective-c language , person who are familiar with C and C++ , will find easy to use it . The only limitation in iPhone store is it required prior approval before publishing any app on the stores.

So if both platform cost the same , doesn’t it make sense to utilise $ 5 billion dollar market of iPhone ?

iPhone & Android App Development Cost

The cost vary on projects . For us each project is unique , and our team will spend different time on different project to make it unique and loveable .For more information fell free to contact us .

iPhone & Android App Development For Companies

Due to emerging growth in app stores , due to companies like you , who are desirous of creating an application , to engage customer , the app stores shows continued growth and new opportunities .

The high quality app will give you high return , and thus a promising future of you and your business . If you have any question about Winklix app development , feel free to contact us , we will surely make something different .