Top Trending Technological Advancement : BlockChain And Augmented Reality

New technologies are stepping in the market like introduction of the new spicy food – which is simply we can say at unpredictable rate . Its really getting complicated for mobile app development company to cope up with the latest technologies . Even the market analyst is getting confused about which technology is really relevant for business .

Blockchain and Augmented Reality  are most trending technologies today . Even the big player like Oracle – one of the leading tech companies has joined the club of blockchain with newly introduced cloud services . It totally depends on software development companies how they are utilising the latest to boost IT performance and business improvement .

What is Blockchain ?

Blockchain has been introduced to order to build transparent , trustworthy and commonly accessible financial future . One of the best example of blockchain technology is Bitcoin and Ethereum which always allow any user to transact without any third part interference  . Blockchain has the capability of tracking each and every transaction at faster rate .

How Does It Work ?

Blockchain process the end to end data in encrypted format to give faster and secured access to data .It is a combination of nodes in network which approved the transaction if the encrypted key matches the other before they add on finally to ledger . This technology is really fast and fully secured as it imitates every transaction in the form of new block in encrypted format .
Shipping industries have already implemented this technology , while banking sectors are playing an trial and error with this technology . This technology is helping millions to transact financial transactions in cost effective manner .

Benefits Of Using Blockchain Technology

  • It reduces cost of online transaction .
  • It is highly secured for banking applications .
  • It is faster and multiple cyber security advantages to banking application .
  • It is almost next to impossible to loose any data .
  • It increase authenticity and security .
For knowing more about reality of blockchain our article here .

Is Augmented Reality Is Also Next Future Technology ?

The mission of introducing this technology is to overcome with the problem of computer generated objects into experiencing it in the real world .
Augmented Reality ( AR) is technology which converts existing environment into virtual one . It is somewhat different to virtual reality which mainly focuses on artificial environment .
Whether it is automotive industry or a coffee shop , everyone is taking advantage of using augmented reality in order to get the benefit of computer generated graphics in their field of vision .
Many mobile app development companies such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat have already started implementing the concept of AR technology in order to be ahead in technological race .

How Does Augmented Reality works ?

In augmented reality , an augmented reality app development company overlays projected images on top of pair of glasses or goggles which helps virtual objects and layers in such a way that it gets on the top of user real world view . It also do not require any cables or desktop computer to perform its function .

Benefits Of AR Technology

  • It is unique technology and creates virtual image in real world .
  • It has the potential to attract more customer with interactive marketing strategies .
  • It is simplest way to explain or view any objects on real time basis .
  • It creates unique marketing strategy .


With such an technology improvement and latest technologies emerging in the market , its upto the choice of mobile app development agency , and software development companies to get the benefit with using latest technology which will be beneficial for both companies as well as their customer to cope up with the market condition .

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