How Bitcoin helps your business to evolve?

How Bitcoin helps your business to evolve?

Bitcoin is a unique type of decentralized digital currency to have come up on our planet. It is a currency with no central bank or administrative system for governance. So, every transaction concluded with Bitcoin does not get overseen or verified by any entities. It was created in 2009 by a person called Satoshi Nakamoto. This individual devised an electronic currency that would be insulated from centralized authorities and institutions. In fact, all the transactions are shared on a spectrum of computers. The computers function on the same software and adhere to a similar set of norms. A technology called blockchain acts like a public document of each transaction happening through Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin has come up as a common currency that several businesses and individuals utilize, works have been going on for developing software in order to make its access and usage convenient. Hence, several organizations and individuals have started getting software built so as to extract the benefits on offer.

Facilitating Transactions

One manner in which Bitcoin aids a business to evolve is by facilitating transactions. Through Bitcoin, businesses acquire the capacity to conclude deals and utilize currency with zilch or minor hassle. Transactions finish quickly and can be implemented swiftly with Bitcoin. The four manners in which Bitcoin facilitates transactions with convenience is via the internet of money, crossing barriers, dissecting it from the competition, and enhancing the space of payment processing.

Money via internet

Similar to the internet in the early 90’s, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have come up as monetary tools to transform the manner in which people implement business deals. Through Bitcoin, all payments and financial deals can be easily made through the Internet. Resultantly, businesses can offer customers an effective payment method for products and services. By leveraging an internet-oriented financial system, businesses currently provide increased comfort for customers eyeing the products and services they desire.

Overcoming barrier

Bitcoin aids businesses in using algorithms permitting financial deals to happen instantly. Bitcoin now also permits businesses to bypass the complication of old-fashioned financial transactions on the internet and allows world-wide access to cash dealings. Businesses are, hence, well-prepared to deal with payments from customers across the world. Resultantly, they have multiplied their revenue and increased their presence in international territories.

Different from Competition

In the past most of the financial deals had to be struck through a credit card or similar payment method. As for a credit card, it must be processed and a financial institution evaluates and approves the transaction. Bitcoin differs from banking transactions by offering a market gateway instead of a transactional token. Having a decentralized system, Bitcoin permits businesses to finish transactions and handle their funds devoid of the hassles involved in traditional payments. All transactions would not go through any credit clearances either.

Improved Payment Processing

As for growing a business, Bitcoin can be more than handy as it significantly betters the capacity to process payments. There are several financial services companies processing payments with fees, but Bitcoin permits customers and businesses from bypassing high fees. Bitcoin, currently, permits a business to get payments for products sold and services provided in seconds and permits customers to receive what they pay for instantly. This enables businesses to collect the revenues they require to finance operations and expand.

App Regarding BITCOIN Wallet

Similar to things linked to technology, Bitcoin entails an app for the benefit of people and businesses. Of late, a wallet app was being built. This application permits businesses to comfortably keep the funds that they get. There are three major benefits of utilizing a Bitcoin wallet app. These are secure and convenient storage, easy backup and no mistakes while finishing transactions.

Convenient to Make Backup

With Bitcoin transactions being internet-oriented, it would be pertinent to have a way to back up the data so as to not worry about losing data. The wallet app permits a business to conveniently make a backup. Resonantly, this cut down the scary prospect of letting go off critical transactional data and their funds.

Less Chances of Errors

With a Bitcoin wallet app you can even cut down mistakes and make it convenient for businesses to handle funds devoid of miscalculations or losing crucial data regarding a payment. This can be really beneficial while trying to tackle payments and funds from overseas customers.

Make Independent Cryptocurrency

Businesses can evolve considerably with Blockchain technology by developing their own cryptocurrency. While building a cryptocurrency, a business has to be on the internet, process payments online and get incomes from digital sources. Businesses must be in operation for a minimum of two years. By developing cryptocurrency, businesses will get increased flexibility with regard to handling revenue and allotting financial resources.

When a business develops independent cryptocurrency, it starts growing as a result of the heightened confidence that it offers to its customers. A business using Bitcoin can even offer guarantees to governments that it is a legal entity and utilizing payment processing technology adhering to all laws and regulations. As for growth, businesses can reap benefits of modest operation expenses, effecting quick transactions and offering access to a new customer base.


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How did Bitcoin surge in the backdrop of the fall of USD?

How did Bitcoin surge in the backdrop of the fall of USD?

The fall of the US dollar & the rise of Bitcoin coincided at the same time. So, let us find out the various factors in the background that have led to the consistent descending adjustment of interest rates on US Treasury bonds and substantive easing policies. These policies were instrumental in the selling of large amounts of US dollars, resulting in the fall of the dollar index. Going by the brand new data, the US dollar index has taken a beating and it is now languishing below 93. This fall is not only the steepest of this year, but also happens to be a two-year low. As for the US dollar offshoots market, short positions have also hit a new peak since April 2018. In fact, Global Hedge funds are expecting further erosion of the value of the US dollar: The betting pegs USD downfall to approximately $5.3bn this week to reach $24.5bn. Purely from the perspective of association, the connection amid Bitcoin & US dollar & gold & US dollar decreased, at the same time the interconnection between Bitcoin & gold strengthened. This has made gold & Bitcoin to realize their potential in the light of a tumbling US dollar index.

Demand for yellow metal surges

The economic prospect of gold can easily be explained by the downfall of the US currency, which has created a global demand for safe-haven assets like yellow metals. However, Bitcoin has some distance to cover to emerge as a safe-haven asset, the fact can’t be denied that it has the potential to be an alternative investment to gold. Also, as gold continues to dominate the mind of people, the greenback will increasingly flow to Bitcoin and other crypto currency avenues.

USD turns to USDT

Meanwhile, the demand for gold has come down, implying that more US currencies have made their way into the digital currency arena for stamping than before. Later on, these US dollars were turned into USDT, some of them made it to the exchanges. The USDT’s inpouring into exchanges improved by 282,539,130 USDT to 725,857.429 USDT on July 27, an important single day surge in 143 days. Despite a huge sum of USDT going into exchanges, data from Glass node indicates that the USDT amount is diminishing since April. During the same time, the Bitcoin equilibrium of exchanges has risen. Based on this, we can infer that the USDT going into exchanges were utilized to purchase Bitcoin.

Rise of Bitcoin

Observing these numbers, it clearly points that Bitcoin’s ascendancy this time has been drastically affected by the US dollar. It can be abridged as trails: There has been a steep fall of the US dollar index. The uncertainty scaled new heights , the value of gold multiplied. With gold value going through the roof high, investors begin to search for an alternative instrument of investment. A lot of USD turned into USDT, a large number of USDT flew into interactions. This led to the selling of USDT and purchase of Bitcoin. Balance of Bitcoin in exchanges rises. In case the dollar continues to fall, there is a huge chance of Bitcoin to rise. So, Bitcoin is a good investment option. If you wish to put your money in Bitcoin, then it is advisable to do so on a secure platform.

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How Can Market Moving News Curate Your Bitcoin Trading?

How Can Market Moving News Curate Your Bitcoin Trading?

In April 2013, someone sent a fake tweet purporting that the White House was going to get attacked. The fake tweet sent the Dow Jones 150 points in under 2 minutes. The same tweet caused a lot of disruption in worldwide trading as people anticipated the worst. 

While it later emerged that the tweet was fake and everything went back to normal, it highlighted the tremendous influence which News and Social Media have on both forex and bitcoin trading. Seven years since the infamous tweet, the market moving news had an even bigger impact owing to the overreliance on social media for news. 

If you are into cryptocurrency trading, you will know how much social media drives cryptocurrencies for users and brands. There has also been increased coverage of cryptocurrencies on mainstream media which means more resources for traders looking for insights.

If you follow some credible mainstream media that rampantly spreading cryptocurrency news, you most probably have a great arsenal that you can use to improve your trading.

Read on to find out how you can curate your Bitcoin trading by taking advantage of market-moving news.

Why Access To Market Moving News Is Critical In Bitcoin Trading 

For starters, what is market-moving news? 

Market moving information is any piece of news or information that can influence an individual’s decision to buy or sell. The market-moving news includes everything from political implementations with a direct impact on the economy, financial eventualities like inflation to events like Bitcoin halving.

Access to market-moving news will make your market analysis much easier and more accurate. You will make accurate predictions and increase your chances of reaping off your trades. With access to real-time market-moving news, you will always be ahead of the game and make better decisions in your trades. 

On the other hand, if you have no access to information, you will always be caught by surprise. This is counterproductive and can lead to money loss or even bankruptcy. Therefore, you should strive to get access to market-moving information as soon as it breaks.

But how do you get access to this information? How can you use this information to improve your trading? Read on to find out. 

How To Get Access to Cryptocurrency Trading Market Moving 

Curate Your Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are fulfilled with information on trading. As FXPro’s Angus Campbell put it, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook contain information that influences traders’ decisions. Mr. Angus noted that tweets and social media posts reach millions in nanoseconds which is vital in the world of trading. 

In fact, most cryptocurrency trading professionals believe that social media plays a vital role in trading. As a budding trader, you have to heed the professionals’ call and curate your Twitter and other platforms to give you market-moving information. 

Follow, thought leaders in Bitcoin on Twitter, join Bitcoin Pages and Groups on Facebook and turn on notifications to get information as soon as it is posted. You can also follow relevant pages on Instagram and join Telegram channels which churn out important updates on Bitcoin. 

With every social media page curated towards BTC trading, you will never miss out on important updates.

Mainstream Media Is Very Resourceful 

In addition to large social media platforms, you should keep your eye open for updates from mainstream news. Mainstream media are the platforms with a lot of governmental breaking news which can potentially affect the performance of trading markets. 

It is imperative to still follow mainstream news especially business news as you can get important signals from these channels. Follow their accounts on social media, install their apps on your phone, and always check their notifications. You never know which information will change your trading fortunes. 

Not All Information Calls For Action

While it is nice to get as much information as possible, it is crucial to learn to distinguish which information deserves your attention and which news shouldn’t affect you. The ability to filter through the news and choose the right piece of information is a must if you want to make the right trading decisions.  It is something that differentiates great traders from the average ones.

Mind that there are a lot of fake news peddlers about Bitcoin online.  If you are not careful, you can easily find yourself at the mercy of scammers. You should, therefore, get news from verified and trusted sources only.

Double-check the news before you proceed to make a financial commitment in your trade. Spend some time to counter-check with more than one source before even thinking about making a trading decision. This will reduce your chances of falling for scams.

The ability to filter through credible sources information comes with time and experience. The more you put market-moving news to use in your trading, the more you learn which news is worth following and which to avoid at all costs.


A lot of information and resources on Bitcoin trading are free for access. It really is up to you to use the information for your benefit or not. Curate the news that you receive and use it to make a living from Bitcoin trading. Use our guide above and make the most out of the freely available news and resources on BTC trading.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of trading. The sooner you acquaint yourself with knowledge on how to trade, the better it will be for you. Always strive to be ahead of the game when it comes to matters trading and learning to use market-moving news in the best way to always step with the times.

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