Ecommerce Mobile App Development

ecommerce app development

The expected app economy will be near about $ 6.3 trillion in next five years .Yes you heard it right , its trillion !! This tremendous growth is because of fast culture adaptation by user of ” m -commerce ”  . The expected consumption by user on mobile e-commerce will be $946 on an average each year . So in keeping in mind with the above factors , its essential to make an amazing user experience mobile application , in such a way that your apps get differentiated  from your competitors with far and way the best app experience .

Market condition has changes a lot , after mobile e-commerce has taken step in the market , which is a revolution for boosting the sales for retailer . A refreshing new app will breed loyal customer for you , meet the desired of user , and thus open up your services to boomers . All you need to choose is right team , and that can turn your capitalisation into right app .

Ready for the taste of what is to come ?

You Can Really Earn Through Mobile Commerce

The idea that by offering a paid app in app stores , you can earn is totally a myth . In app purchases are seems to be more profitable – you can purchase anything , you can book a ticket , taxi and so on . These are called m-commerce apps . Uber , Flipkart  they all are m-commerce .

Winklix can help you build the best features that suits for business and brand goals .

Since transaction are getting digitalised , somewhere away from a shop at fixed location thorough m commerce , you can somewhere take the benefit of the same , if applied in efficient way . It can be found in various forms , from Taxi e-hail apps to travelling to shopping apps . Mobile commerce allows user to purchase from vide range of available products .

Mobile E-Commerce Features

There are endless features when it comes to mobile e-commerce , for startups we can suggest the one listed below :

  • Product picture
  • Product Description
  • Review and rating
  • Wishlist
  • Social Login
  • Push Notification
  • Community Messaging
  • User profile

So still confused what are these features .This is the point where our roles comes in .Winklix has professionals who will deeply analyse what is your approach of your business , and what solve’s your user basic needs . Rather than focusing on all the things , we keep focus on a smart strategy to build awesome app by using which user will deeply fall in love with . Mobile commerce does only allow your customers to shop , rather it also shows larger experience through online exploration .

What Set’s Winklix Apart ?

Winklix is global leader in designing and development of mobile application , particularly e-commerce apps . Our main business aim is to help companies by using the best tools and languages to develop the mobile applications . We take it as a challenge to make every app unique based on your concept . Starting from wireframe to design and then development , we do it all . Our offices spread over New York , Chicago , London , Mumbai and Delhi , our global presence helps us to deliver successful apps and rising trends .

Make Money Now , Not Later

The mobile app trend is increasing day by day , and it is expected to be increased to $ 40 billion by 2019 . So its the time to invest in m-commerce app for your business .
We don’t only focus on putting your application on app store only , rather we want your app to be featured . We often see business create strategy to develop it , rather than creating an strategy for monetisation .

What is Next For Mobile App’s ?

In case you are willing to attract more customers , M-commerce is best way now a days . The main benefit of it is , products and services will be instantly available to customer .
We are passionate about taking a new challenge , as being working in app industry we have to every day is a new challenge to us . Winklix can deliver you the amazing experience . Say hello today .


World Class Mobile App Developer




In continuously growing app market which is expected to be raised to $ 6 billion in 2022 , it is essential for every business owner to have mobile application . We have open our shop in late 2004 for mobile app design . Today we are world’s recognised app development company across all platforms . Our designers , developers and team leaders know how to develop an perfect app , that will climb up to the top of the tree .


It really does not whether you are an startup or an entrepreneur , we begin the development process in same way , keeping in mind ” How can your app become the interesting part of someone’s day to day life ” . We don’t want to give one time product , that finishes over time , rather we want to execute product in every step , from blueprints to wire framing , testing , debugging and finally bug fixing . Your arrival in marketplace should just be the beginning . Our foremost app right after the app launch is increasing the daily users , stopping subsequent funding on app , and climb the app to the ladders of success .

You can find the best app development company in Mumbai , Delhi  ,  New York , Chicago , New Jersey  , London – and wherever we find talent .


For us , its not just the app , it’s a solution , a life of a business and a gateway for user to explore endless ideas and opportunities . For this our mobile app design begins with focusing on user experience , how it feels and what mindset will it key in ??

We implement four step app development process , thus allowing us rigorous feedback  and testing during designing and development phase.  We know specific requirement of Android and iOS platform . Our team try to take ongoing input from clients , testing and users feedback . The result of our endless efforts is awesome mobile app that become the daily routine of people’s daily life . We have won plenty of award , and that’s the reason the best app designer and developers come to work for Winklix .


The mobile economy is choking on at a thunderous pace. Truly, the scope for subsequent app to reinvent our lives is much. we’ve been there since the first days and focus on taking a wide ranging vision and making one thing tangible to put in users’ hands.

From the origination of your plan to a totally built-out product that wins raves, we all know the way to repeat the most effective doable product. verify additional concerning our mobile app development method. Our team uses complementary data concerning aesthetics, responsive style, product integration, and empathic UX/UI.

When you want to share your unique idea to market , contact us . We will take every possible step in right way to make him a huge success , right from designing to development to giving it a final wave . So want to ride the mobile wave  ? Say hello to winklix