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There are many businesses that just have the website for their businesses. They do not have a mobile app for their business. But just having a website is not enough for the businesses to expand. They are missing out on key customers. To trend in today’s highly competitive market, it is essential to have a mobile app so that they can compete with their competitors. But moving on to mobile app from a website is not a simple task as it looks. There are lots of things that need to be considered while moving from website to native app. These things are explained below:

Analyse your existing website


First thing to do before migrating from website to native app or hybrid app is to analyse your existing website. This will not only help your website to improve but it will help in enhancing the user experience of the app which is going to be created. Find out the features that are working for you and what are not working well. Implement the features in the app that are working well and have much popularity.

For example Facebook first launched its website and then after analysing what is working for them, they launched an app on the android and iOS platform. This will enhance the chance of more successful app launch.

Analyse your audience


It is very vital to determine type of audience you have. It may happen that when you just have the website, you may be losing a certain type of demography who is more interested in using native apps. You can identify the devices and platform people are using for visiting your website using tools like Google analytics etc. So it is crucial to analyse your audience. If your audience is of a type where the native app is not required, then it may be bad idea to build an app for your business.

Think through the different use case for apps


Thinking about the use cases for your app is very vital. Will the people use your app in crowded place? Will they use your app after a long day of work? Will they use the app when the mobile charging is low? So it is quite important to go through these test cases before building a native app for your business.

Think about the reasons for building the app


Analyse if your current website is meeting all the requirements of your business. If yes, then you don’t have to build an app for your business as building a website is very time consuming and costly process. However if you believe that you have to provide services which your website cannot provide or looking to attract mobile demography, then you must build an app as it will help your business to grow.

Apps changes the user experience


It is highly noted that the mobile apps are very progressive and interactive. Due to these reasons, the app completely changes the user experience. For example if you want to implement messaging feature, then mobile app is a good option as it will provide a better user experience when compared to the website.

Concluding Note


All the above factors must be considered while trying to move from website to an app. This will help you to grow and boost the revenue of your business. Native apps will provide an edge to your business.

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Going Mobile : Ways That A Mobile App Will Help Your Business


Mobile apps are no longer an optional choice for business , rather it is an necessity to successfully run any business  in 2018 . While you are planning of hiring a mobile app development company , your competitors might already be on the top of the market and stealing your customer all way . So 2018 is the time to step into the evolution in order to start enjoying the benefit mobile app .

Mobile app can benefit your business in number of ways like engagement with the customer , easily connecting with the employees of the organisation and much more . Some of the greatest benefit are given below :

1) Geo Targeting :

Geo targeting is mainly used for business owners to give push notification to user when they are in and around the vicinity of the business place . They can be notified about the great offers going in the store , discounts and any other information that may attract customer to walk in into stores . This type of programmes increase brand awareness and customer loyalty .

2) Mobile Loyalty Programme

Are you aware about customer loyalty programme . Then why not to mobile loyalty programme . Increase awareness among customer to download mobile app to get great discounts . Loyalty cards are now really old fashion , and are often misplaced most of the time , as they are obviously not the ATM card of the customer , which they will handle with utmost care . You can favour them with special discounts and coupons on their birthday and give them an additional option to share the things  on social media platforms which will indirectly promote your brand and that to free of cost .

3) Mobile Customer Service

Serving the customer with their answer in short span of time with use of mobile application increase customer loyalty and repeated number of customers . Mobile app can help your customer to connect with your brand from anywhere , all they need is mobile app with running internet connection . Choosing the right app developer will add on to your business .

4) Accepts Payments

You may have seen people making the payment via their credit card right away from their phone . This is possible by use of payment gateways . Payment can be done from almost anywhere , and this can also be used for accepting payment via COD invoices . This might be proven great advantage for the business . A good mobile app development company can integrate the app with the cloud devices in order to make worth it . With mobile app we can really minimise human intervention and right away can transfer transaction to accounts , tax and marketing department , thus promoting automation .

5) Scheduling & Followups :

For service industries , one of the best thing that a custom mobile app development company can do is to automatically scheduling meetings and follows up of the leads , making an appointment with the customers , or even sending mail and text messages automatically .

7) Easier Communication

In case you are looking for solution of direct communication between employees , nothing can be better than a custom mobile app developed specifically for your business . Your team member can right away communicate with the team member , can transfer the documents or even can connect with the video conference .

Next Step

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Technology Trends In 2018

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Here are some of the most expected top trends in 2018 , which is expected to define a whole new features :

The New Age Fine-tech :

We have seen in 2017 that blockchain and bitcoin is on the top of the trending news in 2017 , and newly introduced payment specially the mobile is changing the financial market . 2018 might be the year of facial recognition and fingerprints while will make the shopping experience easier and will almost eliminate the need of credit card payment at the checkout . Verifying your identity with your face or finger scan would more be preferable by the user .
We can also expect some retailers  introducing their own currency .

Increment In Augmented Reality Uses

Shopping experience would never been more easier than checking it on a real time basis and that to from the convenience of their home . It will facilitate user to make trial of the dress from their convenience place , and even the car accessories can be purchased by getting the real time live demonstration through mobile devices .
Combining real with virtual objects you can virtually check and use almost everything , can change the color or can even see how its gone a look like at your home with the use of mobile application .
In short , 2018 will be the starting of  discovering a lot more in augmenting reality .

More Bots In 2018

We all have been experiencing bots while chatting with the service engineer , or while paying the bill or booking a movie ticket . Bots are expecting to do much more than just playing music or booking the cab .

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is all about data and information , rather than robots and drones . AI can give your business a boost by making to deceptive while choosing the best Scrabble option for your business . AI can help you filter more informed decision as they will help you to extract more trending data that can obviously help you to extract data which is more relevant for your business .

Internet Of Things Will Become Smarter In 2018

Its has already been predicted than by 2020 more than 75 billion devices will be connected to gather data and other things , thereby connecting the world in more streamlines way . As AI will surely grow , you can expected more interaction in the environment around you .
Internet of things is all about installing installing smart devices in the device and using mobile to turn on or off its features using smart sensor .
In 2018 ,  we can expect blockchain connecting with IOT devices and lot more .
So all we can say right now is 2018 is the year of technological advancement , and lot more things is yet to be technological advanced .