Technology Trends In 2018

Here are some of the most expected top trends in 2018 , which is expected to define a whole new features :

The New Age Fine-tech :

We have seen in 2017 that blockchain and bitcoin is on the top of the trending news in 2017 , and newly introduced payment specially the mobile is changing the financial market . 2018 might be the year of facial recognition and fingerprints while will make the shopping experience easier and will almost eliminate the need of credit card payment at the checkout . Verifying your identity with your face or finger scan would more be preferable by the user .
We can also expect some retailers  introducing their own currency .

Increment In Augmented Reality Uses

Shopping experience would never been more easier than checking it on a real time basis and that to from the convenience of their home . It will facilitate user to make trial of the dress from their convenience place , and even the car accessories can be purchased by getting the real time live demonstration through mobile devices .
Combining real with virtual objects you can virtually check and use almost everything , can change the color or can even see how its gone a look like at your home with the use of mobile application .
In short , 2018 will be the starting of  discovering a lot more in augmenting reality .

More Bots In 2018

We all have been experiencing bots while chatting with the service engineer , or while paying the bill or booking a movie ticket . Bots are expecting to do much more than just playing music or booking the cab .

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is all about data and information , rather than robots and drones . AI can give your business a boost by making to deceptive while choosing the best Scrabble option for your business . AI can help you filter more informed decision as they will help you to extract more trending data that can obviously help you to extract data which is more relevant for your business .

Internet Of Things Will Become Smarter In 2018

Its has already been predicted than by 2020 more than 75 billion devices will be connected to gather data and other things , thereby connecting the world in more streamlines way . As AI will surely grow , you can expected more interaction in the environment around you .
Internet of things is all about installing installing smart devices in the device and using mobile to turn on or off its features using smart sensor .
In 2018 ,  we can expect blockchain connecting with IOT devices and lot more .
So all we can say right now is 2018 is the year of technological advancement , and lot more things is yet to be technological advanced .

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