Chatbots Trends To Look Forward To In 2018

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As per the present prediction , almost 50 % of enterprises will spend more on chatbots implementation as compared to traditional mobile app development by 2021 .

Mobile app development companies are helping the way out for small and medium size companies  by facilatiting them to cope up with new trending technologies like intelligence chatbots implementation powered by Artificial Intelligence .

Chatbots are just the medium to chat via messages . If you think of , we all do chat by various available medium like Facebook messenger , WhatsApp . These all medium are really fast and reliable . Similarly chatbots can be implemented on business website and app to server their customer  directly through messages .

Chatbots has the ability to change the way organisation do their business and server customers . So we are nearing the end of 2017 , we can do the recap of technological things we can do in 2018 .

It’s a good time to welcome 2018  , in the world of endless opportunities , where lot more is to be discovered .

Growth In Voice Assistant Bots In Retail And Automation Industry

We have seen many of the top companies like Amazon , Google and Apple who have implemented the voice bots in their system for facilitating customers . Many other companies has also joined hands with them . In 2018 ,  growth is this industry is expected to be seen .

Chatbots With Dynamic Nature Will Become Popular

Chatbots will become more popular among customer and organisation due to its ability to handle any situation . Any customer wants immediate solution for their queries . Chatbots are capable enough to handle any situation whether it is sales related or retention of customer . Customer now a days want quick response instead of delayed response .

Progress In Conversational Interface

2017 was the year of conversational interface . Among the most widely used , sales and marketing was on the top of the hills . In 2018 , its expected to early adopters of conversational interface , that might be the winner of the market .

Chatbots Will Help Gain Customer Satisfaction

Chatbots are now a days being used to gather information for improving the marketing and conversational skills , wile interacting with the customers . In the same time all the information will be saved automatically and can be accessed quickly wherever we want . Chatbots are developed according to the trending trends of the customer , although we are yet in process of developing a chatbots that may be capable enough to answer all the question of customer , but chatbots are continuously improving .
Taking this further , a competitive marketing team by collecting the customer analysis need to be acted on the cycle of constant improvement continues . Chatbots automat the process and hence leads to consumption of lesser man power .
As per the present trend people are still smarter than chatbots , and that is the reason we are still in the process of optimising the chatbots .

Chatbots For Website

Implementing the chatbots on website is somewhat like heavens comes true for customer and sales executive . It is proven as an excellent source of interaction for sales and customer satisfaction related issue .


We can’t expect the chatbots improvement all at once, but yes it will improve over time . This will improve as the result of continuous research and development . Chatbots are expected to see the new phase of maturity in 2018 .
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Important Steps In Pre-Planning Of Mobile App Development

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Launching of the app is obviously the most awaited day for any of the business owner and proper planning for launching should be conceptualised . App development has to undergo with various number of phases to get the bug free tested app to be launched in the marketplace . It is important to pre check the beta version of the app and ask question from your self that whether your app is bug free , does it fulfilling all its purpose for the purpose it was build , and the most importantly , does it satisfies the customer needs .

Business environment is fully dynamic and is continuously changing with time . So while pre planning your launching of mobile app , always try to go with the present market trend to get ahead of your competitors . Pre planning has the following benefits  :

  • Since the path is predefined , developers can plan for targeted audience and competition.
  • It helps developers to focus on core areas .
  • It helps in proper cost analysis of the app .
  • It predefines clear concepts of what app is all about .
  • It helps to cut out unnecessary delays in developing the app .

Steps For Pre Planning

1) Prepare For Short Description

It is important for anyone to know what app is all about . This can be easily presented with the short and accurate decision of your app in the app store . The description should be such that it can cover the whole app functionality in short description and at the same time should be catchy enough to influence buyer .

Is there any point of developing the app that is off no use to anyone  ? The only way to guarantee success of your app is that your app is satisfying the needs of the customer .

2) Identify Your Competitors

Who will use your app , if there is existing app in the market which is better than you . So in order to run your app successfully in the market and stay ahead  in the market always ensure that you design and the features of your app is better somehow that your competitor app .The best way to do the same is evaluating the technical features of the app available in the app market and come up with the advance production strategy .

3) Brainstorm

Its always proven beneficial to have a team for exploring ideas rather than a individual person working on the same with limited ideas and skills . Exploration of different varieties of ideas will definitely provide you a valuable feedback and insight into better development of app .

4) Create An App Flow Chart

Preparing an app flow chart is always proven beneficial as it given the whole street view of the app functionalities . It helps in pre checking of the functionality and helps in tracking the developmental process .
It is really important to develop an app with at most pre planning  to be on the top of the sky . This steps ensures app is user friendly and can get the success .
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How Your Business Can Be Benefited From Using AI

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Artificial Intelligence , one of the fastest growing technology is providing a vide range of infinite possibilities to  up skill their workforce . Artificial intelligence is is very innovative and transformative technology while comparing with any other technology .

Some of the ways in which AI can help your business in growing are given below :

Embrace Automation , Don’t Resist

AI is newly invented technology , and due to its innovative emerging technology , it can really change the way of doing your business . Starting from predicting the things and automatic question and answering to pointing the user to FAQ is an drastic change in world of business .

So changing with the technology of AI and implementing the same in your business will surely lead you to path of success .

Get Familiar With AI

AI has lot of endless possibilities , so choosing the one which best suits for your business will explore you more with AI . Implementing AI in your organisation with getting an expert advice from company like Winklix , will let you a lot .

Understand What Others Are Doing

Understanding the way your competitors are taking the advantage of AI technologies and implementing the AI in better way than your competitor will enforce positive energy for your organisation .


Ultimately , if you are planning to integrate AI technology in your business , you must search about the possibilities and how well you can implement the same in your organisation .
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