Advantages And Disadvantages Of Node.Js Web App Development

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What Exactly Is Node.js ?

Node.js is javascript run time environment that helps in integration of Javascript code in server side . It is basically referred as a web tool for frontend development and is always proven beneficial for cross-development platform . It has also gained its popularity due to its development of real time application . In addition to above it can be used with other popular platform also like react native , PhoneGap , Apache , Native Script and more .
Now lets draw down some major advantages and disadvantages of Node.js

Pros Of Node.Js

It Offers Easy Scalability

Node.js allows developers to scale applications in horizontal as well as vertical directions which is one of the biggest advantage of the technology .  The scaling of the application in horizontal manner is possible by just adding nodes to existing system .

Easy To Learn

As one of the world’s most popular programming language , most of the front end developer has good grip on this technology . It becomes much easier to learn in comparison with other technology and thereby consumes less time to work with it .

It Uses Single Programming Language

It offers writing the server side application in one single language , ie Javascript . This facilitates Node.Js  developer  to develop both front end as well as back end web application using runtime environment , thus making the deployment simpler all popular web browser support Javascript .

Offers High Performance

Node.Js interprets javascript code via Google’s V8 Javascript engine . This engine injects the javascript code directly into machine code thus making implementation of code faster .

Facilitate Development Of Apps

Another big advantage of using Node.JS is it facilitates mobile app developers freedom to develop apps and software . You can actually build the app right from the scratch using this technology  , which is not in the case of Ruby On Rails or other platform by imposing some limitation .

Getting Support Of Large And Active Community

Behind Node.Js , there are large number of active developers working to continuously improve this technology to next level . This facilitates well supported javascript programmer and ready to use code in GitHub .

Cons Of Node.Js

Application Programming Interface (API) Not Scalable

We can say one of the key problem that developers might encounter while developing the API’s , it needs to keep on changing at frequent intervals and hence does not stay stable .
There may be times that new API appears wherein you have to work on number of backward incompatible changes , thus making it incompatible to match with latest version of Node.Js API .

Does Not Have Supported Strong Library System

Unlike other , it does not have strong library system . As a result developers are forced to use common available libraries for various orientation of task such as processing of images , handling database operation , XML parsing and more .

Asynchronous Programming Model

This programming model facilitates scalable application making.  However , many developers may find this usability difficult while comparing with linear blocking I/O programming .


The Node.Js has much more advantageous than the platform and hence its disadvantages goes in veins . What’s more important is that it extended the area of Javascript application and can be used by developer for both Frontend as well as backend development .  With passage of time , more business organisation are loving to adopt this technology and is contributing towards positive results .

How To Get The Most Of Out CRM

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It has been seen that most of the time customer needs help of the customer to complete the purchase of the product . For any business organisation to run on the path of success , effective customer support is mandatory part . That is the reason , no matter what is the size of business , they all are loving to adopt Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) solutions , which helps them to manage customer data , their order history , handling customer request and more .

CRM is a tool that helps the organisation to keep track record of customer information like order hostly , their preference and engagement and more . This facilitates organisation to know their customer at deeper level and showing the product or services that will be preferred by customer . CRM stores the information in central database which is easily accessible by all the departments of the organisation to make it more convenience for everyone present in the organisation .

To get the best out of CRM , it is important to focus on best practises that can facilitate us to get the maximum benefit out of it .

This article helps you to conceptualise most important things which you need to take care of while choosing your CRM . We at CRM software development company for over decades , and due to this experience we have prepared guideline to invest in new CRM .

Choose The CRM Required By You , And Not The Best CRM

Not every software is crafted according to your organisation need . It is always recommended to research on the CRM you are going to implement , rather than preferring the CRM solution often referred by your friends or business partner . Every CRM has their own pros and cons . So before finalisation of CRM solution you must check with all the requirement , and even if it does not contain some common features which is not required by you , you can choose that .

Also before choosing the CRM solution , you must also considered that whether you want local CRM , or you want cloud based solution . Whether you want to go on with monthly service contract , or want to invest one time upfront cost . Whether you are in need of customised solution ,  or common made features is enough for you .

So by keeping in mind of all the above points , you should take informed decision for solutions available in the market . It has always been seen that service contract may sounds costlier than upfront cost but may not support your future customisation and thereby increasing the cost .

Automate The Task Of Organisation

CRM tools are well designed to automate all the task of the organisation , thus saving heavy lifting of your business . For instance data entry , data entry is the real time consuming process if it is done manually , which can easily be automated by CRM . Taking the advantage of this automated system will not save your organisations precious time , but will also free up your employees and employing them in some other important task .

Training Of WorkForce About CRM

A good CRM system is not good until  you are aware of making full utilisation . So it is necessary to guide your workforce well about the benefits of CRM , why it has been implemented , how to use the same .

Periodic test to see how well they are been educated is crucial to ensure productivity does not go down .

Rules Are Important

For a CRM to function at its full potential , you should ensure that it is never being misused . For instance , you can put one rule that every lead lead data must be entered in CRM without any excuses . Enforcement of such types of rules helps data integrity , more transparency and smoother transactions .

Easy Availability Of Data Across All Departments

One of the major benefit of CRM is the data is easily accessible to all the department all the times due to centralised managed databased in CRM . By promising of data accessibility across all departments ,  CRM helps to avoid confusion which obviously may be the case when you are having to many cooking for preparing the single dish .

Assume if there is no CRM , it means once the customer raises any concern , the information may passed from one agent to another and then to another agent , which results in customer frustration and lost revenue . But with the help of CRM , a data entered by salesperson can be easily accessible by IT professional , or any one needy in the organisation within minutes , thereby facilitating best customer service possible .

Data Is Gold , Utilise It , Mine It

CRM are developed to handle mass amount of data . But what is the use of the data if you don’t have analytics of the data . CRM system has inbuilt feature to mine all the captured data and use that information to produce valuable conclusion which can help you to be future ready and make informative decision accordingly .

If your CRM does not allow you to analyse the data , then those information is nothing more than thus storing the data and consuming up your spaces !!

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Choose Simple And User Friendly CRM

It is usually the case with many organisation that when they first encounter with the varieties of CRM solution , they want to invest in something that might be complex and far more than what is required by your organisation . Be careful with that and take the decision precisely – always choosing the best CRM that suits all your need is preferable . Choosing the features with lots of features that is none of the use for your organisation is ineffective for you . This step helps you and your organisation team member to take full advantages of your CRM , without wasting their time on unnecessary features .

Above all , you should always be willing to make changes in CRM in case required . The requirement  generates from your day to day operation and can guide you how they can be performed as per your expectation . CRM has more than the expected potential of performing well , but it will exist only if you successfully implement the CRM and do necessary customisation as required from time to time .

Winklix is also one of the best CRM software developer providing custom CRM software development , Salesforce Customisation and more .

Is Using React Native Worthwhile ?

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A Problem Of Past

” I want to launch my application across all platform on web and mobile . I have heard that reactive native would be the best choice for me ! Is it so ?

A user can be categorised into two parts . The first one being who would love to browse website through through favourite computer , the other one being who would like to use both website and mobile application simultaneously .

The world’s largest social platform Facebook reported around 74 % of the traffic coming from mobile application . This indeed forces any business owner to focus on both the platform , ie web and mobile app in order to attract largest audience as possible .

But situation really gets worse when you have to laugh across all the platform as mobile itself is divided into two or more competitive subtitles , namely Android and iOS , and they all are budget constraint also which really becomes difficult when you are budget constraint .

Problem : The programming language used in iOS application , Android application and website are completely different from one another . This simply implied that once you are done with the website coding , the same can not be used for any of the mobile platform and so on . You have to code specifically for that platform in order to launch your application over their . This also implies that the cost of developing with also measured on high scale depending on the number of platform you want to launch your application on .

The average price of the medium sized application comes around somewhere around $20000 and about $ 50,000 for an website.

“Learn Once , Write Anywhere “

React – An open source framework developed by Facebook in 2013 allows developer to create web user interface using javascript  , which is based on reusable visual component , capable of handing the data which changes over time without reloading the page .

React Native – brother of React is also developed by Facebook , its Father , almost 2 years back to extend its power to mobile world . It helps to manipulate iOS and Android native elements to one single React Native object , exposing a unified API .

React native build a bridge between web and mobile platform as react native and react are build on same language , thus making the collaboration possible for both business login and backend integration .

The advantage of using this platform is you have to just learn once , and you can write it anywhere . All you need to know is JavaScript and React set of tools , to implement anything you want on any of the platform .

The Ideal Web Developer Playground

As Seen By Native Mobile App Developer

React native facilitates using modern tool and feature from web to iOS and android develop .This facilitates deploying code on all platforms with maximum code reuse and thereby saving cost and time . It also has a feature named as hot reload by which you can instantly see the changes without reload of the mobile app or recompiling the whole project just to see one minor change .

But isn’t challenging that a developer who have spend over years learning the native mobile app development , now moves on to react native , which means learning everything in it right from the scratch . Using react native means building everything right from the scratch with complex process that does not involve use of Xcode or Android studio , nor it has been recommended by official guideline .

One of the biggest disadvantages of using react native is when you got trucked somewhere , internet will not going to help you out to solve a bizarre bug – which may be the obvious case in the first few few of its learning process . This becomes burdensome , which might not be the case in case of using native tools .

As Seen By Web Developer

React native uses javascript as main programming languages and thereby makes native iOS and android accessible to web developer .

It also relies on css for designing purposes and XML for UI elements , web developer can take the advantage of it in very less time , without even learning the new language .

Its also release the power of web developer to work on native app for the first time , it offer the things which web developer may have not experience yet on the browser like touch element , using of android and iOS UI element and more .


We can say React native competitors are PhoneGap or Cordova . But they are no where stands in respect to React native platform , as they both produced web based view application , and not like the javascript code which is used for building native application using react native . React native also facilitates smoother animation , auto page refresh without actually refreshing the page , better performance and more .

As Phonegap has lots of shortcoming , that is the reason many of the mobile app has been migrated from Hybrid to React Native . At Winklix , we have been always approached by client for converting their hybrid app into native one  . But we have not heard or receive any enquiry for converting any high end react native app to hybrid app .

React native allows debugging approach on chrome or safari browser to troubleshoot layout and allows inspecting element .

Unlike Flutter ( Read what is Flutter here) , react native uses javascript languages. Flutter is based in dart languages which developer would first have to be familiar with before going under the development process , and hence react native is much better language to be proven with .

But Flutter recommended IDE is Android studio , thus making the use of extensive tool set in android  studio . But Flutter has less styling defined , thus making it harder to implement animation . Much younger than react native , Flutter still has a long way to go in . Flutter is still in beta version and may take around an year to release a stable version for the same .

Is React Native A Tenable Option

At Winklix , we have a specialised team for each Android and iOS mobile app development , but choice between choosing React native or going on with native application only is a long lasting discussion for over years .

In conclusion to the all elements listed above , the choice of choosing the best should be discussed on project to project basis , wherein we can consider number of elements before coming to any conclusion .

One of the strongest to choose platform is clients desire to use a consolidated technology . For most of the project we develop at Winklix , our team would prefer to go on as of now with native development due to our expert knowledge in the same , which might impact when we use React Native in early stages of the projects . But when we are in consideration of larger project for all the platform – it may probably makes sense at that time .