Why Should Every Mobile App Should Focus On User

Global revenue from app is expected to reach $ 80 billion by 2018 . As millions of app has been flooded in app market , the competition among app has raised to new heights . In 2017 , app is available for everything we need , and what we even can’t think off . With so many apps rising in short span of time , app is useless if it is not focusing on end user experience . To be a successful , your app must have a good user experience , that is what it can separate the your app from unsuccessful one .

In order to have compelling mobile experience , user wants , need is to be taken into consideration .Based on numerous of factors , user may either choose to actively use your application or uninstall it . Their are apps , which are only downloaded once and then they are never been installed .

User loyalty is essential aspect of app development . Your app will be counted in good categories of application , if you have engaging content , good design and best communication channel within your application , in such a way that user will be able to freely give genuine feedback and suggestion which can also help you to make necessary changes according to user expectation . For instance , of you are into the business of buying and selling , user may have higher expectation from customer support team .

Millions downloads  , thousands reviews and showing the app on top of play store is is every app owners dream . But to get their , it require patience , quality and services .

Usability :

Now a days¬†mobile app developers generally focuses on business goals and client requirement , rather than focusing on user interface and experience. Rather we should take the user’s perspective the most important part of the every step we are taking towards app development , in such a way that app will be able to cater needs which leads to increase in user retention and loyalty .
Usability and user experience mainly depend on :
– How well app is responding to user’s expectation ?
-How well app fulfils individual need of the user’s ?
-How an problem is getting solve in app ?
-How user’s need is fulfilled by functionalities of the application ?
This is short , if we lack user usability , then the resources we are putting on to develop an app will have no use and will definitely cost time , efforts and money .

The challenging part is defining appropriate uses of app :

Entertainment Value :
We may have heard that films runs on 3 principles ” Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment ” , so is the case with application now a days . App should be made in such a way that is should be engaging and at the same time , user can enjoy it , which induce users to come back and use app again .Entertainment can be gained by offering short game , allowing people to go the things they want in your way like music ,competition and other short of things.
Utility :
The second most centric approach is utility .Utility simply means to offer regular updates and have engaging and attractive content in app .
Solve the problem :
Problem solving process is pillar of modern technology . Mobile app must focus on solving problem .The basic information of what all your app is about , is required in every application .
Facebook is best know example for user centric approach that solves basic problem of user , by connecting user via world wide .Similarly some banking app will help user to check account balance and so some short of transactions using app . Hence mobile app should either solve fundamental problem or enhance user’s lifestyle .

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