The potential benefits of an android app that can assist businesses

The potential benefits of an android app that can assist businesses

Businesses are resorting to mobile apps to broaden their strategy and reach a larger customer base. Android OS dominates the mobile app development market with a market share of approximately 86.8 percent. Taking advantage of the benefits of Android application development is thus a must for businesses. It is likely to skyrocket in the future years.

Android app development provides significant strategic and operational advantages. As a result, businesses of all sizes are leveraging android app development to expand their operations and increase income.

Why Is Android Application Development the Best Choice for You?

To attract the attention of more potential customers, every entrepreneur must compete with ingenuity. It is due to the fact that the ultimate purpose of any organization is to earn revenue. Furthermore, the advancement of the Android development platform provides entrepreneurs with a cost-effective and scalable option for app development.

As part of today’s digital revolution, Android mobile applications have influenced the majority of sectors. Despite the fact that iOS is a popular platform, the following are some of the reasons why Android development is by far the greatest and most popular platform for businesses.

High ROI at Low Costs: One of the primary benefits of Android app development is the ease of access to the Android SDK. These SDKs’ material designs can be used by development teams to create interactive apps. Developers/development teams, on the other hand, must pay a one-time registration fee for application distribution. Following that, customers may use any computer device to design and test the product for their smartphones, resulting in a modest investment and improved user involvement. As a result, an interactive app benefits end-users while providing the organization with a larger return on investment.

Faster Deployment: Android apps for business have a rapid development cycle that lasts only a few weeks. It provides a competitive advantage to organizations that want to bring their fresh idea to market faster. Reduced Time to Market (TTM) is perhaps one of the most significant advantages of Android development.

Target Multiple Platforms: Because Java is a programming language, it is simple to adapt the app to other operating systems such as Symbian and Ubuntu. As a result, firms may use Android app development to target numerous platforms. It is only one of the many reasons why companies prefer Android development. Discover the fundamentals of porting iOS apps to Android. And how it assists businesses in making the most of their time and resources based on the interests of various target groups.

Google also designated Kotlin as an official language (or a Java substitute) for Android development. Kotlin Multiplatform can be utilised to power iOS, Android, and Java Desktop apps. Leading technological firms Kotlin is used for Android solutions by companies such as Pivotal, Atlassian, and Pinterest, Uber, and Evernote.

Versatility and Scalability: With the introduction of Android Studio, the OS’s versatility and adaptability have increased. It is compatible with the whole Android ecosystem, which includes smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Android TV. It makes Android apps compatible with new technologies such as IoT, augmented reality, and virtual reality. As a result, it is also one of the key android app advantages. Furthermore, the Android app platform’s adaptability enables development teams to create dynamic mobile applications that fulfil many functions once loaded on the device.

Enhanced Security: Android P offered a number of new and built-in security measures. It will aid in the prevention of malware and viruses. As a result, safety and dependability are extraordinary advantages of android application development. Continue reading to learn about Android best practises for security and privacy, which may assist enterprises in defining the proper approach throughout the application lifecycle.

Customization: Because Android is an open source platform, development teams have access to a wide range of customization options. This is why Android applications are so popular. Furthermore, the operating system allows for the development of various Android apps that may be readily integrated into multimedia tools and data management components of your existing business processes.

As a result, organisations can benefit from accessing a larger consumer base by adapting to changing business requirements.

App On Android Or iOS ? Best Features Discussed

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Having an idea of mobile app ? Then conceptualisation of idea into a good thought is the very first step of the process .

The next step should be which operating system you need to choose to start with . 2 of the most popular platform is Android and iOS . Decision should be taken on the basis of your goals , choice , market to be focused on and so on . And that is the reason you need to consult some expert android and iOS app development company to be a part in your decision making together with their own expertise knowledge . They will surely guide you the pros and cons of each platform and can help you decide the platform to choose from .

Some of the essential factors for choosing the right platform is given below :

Determining Target Market To Decide Android Or iOS Platform

It is a known fact that throughout the world Android market has gained more number of user than iOS market due to its cheap price and easily availability .Apart from it , it has flexible OS and more benefits . But on the other end iOS market is known to be the market of high end users thus generating more revenue that Android users .

So taking the decision on the basis of your targeted user , where they live and what actually you want to sale should be the consideration factor to choose Android or iOS platform .

Budget For Android And iOS App Development Services

Early at the process of deciding which platform to choose from , you must consult and iOS app developer and Android app developer as android application development services are completely different from iOS application development services . Android developer uses Android studio , which consist of various third party libraries to choose form whereas iOS app can be developed on Xcode in which apple offer all the libraries of its own .

The cost will definitely vary as Android app development takes more time than the iOS app development and is more complex than iOS . Understanding which platform is more affordable will help you decide your budget properly .

Revenue To Get From Android And iOS  App Design

Typically iOS user spends more money on in app purchases than Android user  . Whereas on the other hand Android App Developers usually rely on more ad centric revenue model . Android user are less likely to pay for the app and hence will not purchase more while using the app .

Difference Between Android And iOS Design Software

There are numerous version of Android available in the market . This means android users are less likely to update their OS than iOS user .

Android app users are less tends to take new updates of features which are released form time to time , whereas iOS user are constantly using the new innovative technology . However more and more people are using android compatible devices , thus in case you are focusing your app to reach wider people you can focus on the Android app development .

So the choice depends on you which factors to choose from . The best thing that you can do it contact app development company who are experts in that to guide you throughout the whole process .

Behaviour Of User On Android VS iOS Platform : Impact On App Development

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Thinking of mobile app development ? Then you probably need to think of your targeted user to . Developing an app is not just about delivering a piece of software , rather the app which act as a problem solver and ease on the life of the user are the most successful mobile app . So you need to necessarily understand the people need in case you are planning to provide them a valuable solution .

Keeping an eye on the users choice , we can easily get to know about their taste of tongue . Whether someone choose Apple or Android ,  you can get overview of what kind of app they are going to download , whether they will pay for the apps or make in app purchases  and so on .

This post is about basic difference between android and iOS devices , the key of success between both the platforms and so on . Lets discuss point wise below all the impacts :

The Present Mobile OS Market

As per the recent reports Android and iOS account for 99.6 % of the total market share with over 3.6 million apps available for download in Android store and over 2 million apps available on iOS app store . iOS users are more ready to spend money on apps than the android user , whereas there are more number of targeted audience in android play store .
So the choice totally depends on you which platform to choose from . If you are planning to target more users then Android is the best platform , and when your motive is to ear money from your app , you should choose iOS platform .

Difference In Device Capabilities

Depending on the choice of user there are very few difference between Android and iOS user when it comes to choosing their smartphones .
For instance say , Apple follows stringent regulation for app submission , push notification and timeframe for system updates . But Apple user are loyal and they know they will receive an update across multiple iOS devices .
In contrast , Android app can be submitted freely , and is also highly customisable .


What amount does identity influence our decision in cell phones? There are unpretentious contrasts.
Strikingly enough, Android clients have a tendency to be more thoughtful contrasted with iOS clients who recognize as outgoing individuals. iOS clients like to burn through cash and say they’re agreeable in positions of authority. Interestingly, Android clients show more prominent levels of trustworthiness and modesty and say they are more agreeable as devotees.
Identity contrasts might not have a noteworthy effect with regards to choosing which stage to use for your application, yet they can give a little understanding into what kinds of applications they like to utilize. It’s critical to center around the objective of the application and client expectation.

In App Engagement , And Retention Management

Android and iOS user engagement ration is completely different . iPhone user are more likely to engage with app in case it is content oriented app .
The performance of certain task like registration , purchase and in app purchases vary between Android and iOS . In terms of engagement and usability , iOS is know be the best expect the registration in which Android is leading .
You should be clear about your goal and purpose of your application to target the market of app . Choosing the appropriate platform will depend on goal you are trying to achieve with your mobile app .

Consumer Spends

As previous discussed in this article , iOS user make more purchase than the android user , however the gap between both of them is getting smaller . These insights are useful for brands looking to develop retail apps or want to generate revenue form the app which are paid . Usually in app advertising in the main source of income in Android app .

Which Platform To Choose From ?

To get a win win situation , you must develop an app for both the platforms , ie Android and iOS as they together are holding almost all the market share , and thereby your app can be reached to majority number of users .
But in case you are looking to choose one platform , then you need to be thoughtful about your targeted audience , thoughtful consideration and more .
Each platform has their own advantages . Android is the preferred choice to large number of user due to ease of usability and cheap availability , whereas iOS are engaged with audience who tends to spend more .
So on the basis of above things , you must take the informed decision . In case you are looking for some expert to suggest you , or you are searching for mobile app development company , you can contact us .