Why Mobile Apps Are Better Option Than Mobile Websites ?

We all are currently living in world wherein mobile apps has become one of the important part of our daily life . They have become important in our life in a way that we can’t even imagine our life without smartphone . Right from early morning till the day it ends we keep on using mobile phones to fulfil different purposes .

Gone are days when desktop users are more than mobile users.  Now a days count of mobile users are greater than desktop users . Due to this statics business worldwide has realised the important of mobile app to attract mass customers . As a result business has already started working on mobile website as well as mobile apps to attract more number of customers and increase their sales and revenue .

But as we all know choosing both the solutions will cost more and as a result small business can afford to choose only one between mobile app and mobile website . Hence the selection process between the two platform by business depends on variety of factors like cost , features  , usability and audience .

In fact few studies  has also written that customers prefer to use mobile app rather than mobile websites as mobile apps are best to engage users as well as quickly reaching out large number of audience . In this blog we have specified the reason why to choose mobile app and not mobile website . Lets look at them one by one below .

Basic Difference Between Mobile App & Mobile Website 

Mobile website and mobile apps are both accessible by smartphone . But mobile website are web pages in HTML which has be access in browser based software . They are often termed as mobile responsive website which are tailored to various screen size and formats . This website has ability to display videos , pictures , info as well as click to call functions , mapping features and more .
On the other hand mobile apps has display the content by downloading in the app over internet or can also showcase downloaded material without the internet . Mobile app gives better user experience , and hence can also aids you in getting engaged with large number of customers with your business. 

How Mobile Apps Are Better ? 


Mobile apps are intended to give personalised experience to users on the basis of their search history , preference , location , behaviour etc .Users can quickly explore the business services by use of mobile app . Once you download the app for very firs time , it facilitates users to set up setting and configuration as per their specification . Apps also has ability to engage users and provide feedback and alerts . Apps which collects users location also facilitates discounts and offers on the basis of their locations .

Brand Experience Enhancement 

If your website is not able to provide customers with adequate value , then you can easily achieve it with mobile app . Customers get attracted with better UI/UX in mobile app and hence business can use mobile app as a device to test for their branding and design tactics . A app physically present in customer smartphone makes it easier for customers to tailor image according to their personalised taste .

Leveraging Device Capabilities 

Mobile app has ability to collect information from users smartphones like GPS location , searches they are doing etc . Getting easier access to these information is proven beneficial in case of retail applications wherein their focus is to enhance their customer service . This we can say mobile app is simply the best way for any business organisation to increase user experience , branding and more which can’t not be found somewhere else .
Some of the possibilities which are achievable by mobile apps with ease are Push Notifications , Camera , Tap to call , automatic update , which either can’t be achievable by mobile website or performs very slow even if some of the access is allowed .

Offline Access 

The best part about mobile app is it can even be accessible without internet . Although many apps requires internet connection to perform any kinds of actions , but apps can be designed in a way that the result can be shown even when there is no internet connection , which facilitates users to view information right from anywhere even without internet .

Customer Engagement

Another major advantage of mobile app is , it is compatible to work on users personal interface environment which facilities users to immerse themselves in mobile experience . It can easily be designed by mobile app development company in Delhi .
Mobile apps facilitates users to easily engaged with content in more organised way . Mobile app installation includes app which facilities users to communicate with components of apps , which aids business in increasing conversion rates .

Brand Presence 

Another major advantage of developing mobile app is to increase visibility of your brand name on customers apps .Even if they don’t user your app regularly , they will still be able to recall your app name and brand logo . Any mobile app development company always consider UI/UX of mobile app with care .

Fast Performance  

A property build mobile app can perform fattest than mobile website . Website in general use cloud servers , which takes some time to render data from . In comparison mobile apps stores data locally in mobile devices . Therefore data recovery in mobile device takes place very fast . Apps also saves users precious times to search for things of their interest .


The cost may be less for mobile website and may me more in case of mobile app , but undoubtedly mobile apps given better performance and user experience . Hire a mobile app development company to get your next big mobile app developed. 

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