Why iOS Developer Should Prefer Swift Over Objective-C

An iOS application can be easily developed if you are having a good programming language command . The programming language used now a days are swift and objective-c for development of iOS applications . But in present scenario , swift is being chosen more often than objective-c . Swift is mainly used for development of apple softwares , which are fully compatible with IOT(Internet Of Things) substances like apple watch , TVOS and iOS . Swift language has been developed after many challenges , in such a way that we can improve the performance of the application , adding the features of objective-c in it .

Some of the features of swift are given below :

  • Innovativness : Since it included all features of all the existing language , it helps developers to make the app unique and innovative . It is a easy to use simple coding language which can be under stable by anyone who has keen interest in this , thereby giving an opportunity of developing the app by more and more people .
  • Easy to use and errors can be rectified easily : In objective-c , writing a wrong code will gives you no result , and it was almost impossible to find and rectify that error , thereby making it difficult to rectify bugs and errors , thus leading to unimaginable functionality of app and crashing of application at the same time .In swift the option and value types in it will make it clear and easier to find bugs and clear the logics behind it  .
  • It has high potential : Developers are moving on to swift rather than preferring objective-c now a days . The easy to use composition of languages  , and all features of objective-c , has given opportunity to developers for developing the app for all purposes and at the same time easily rectifying of the application errors , with minimal help and without facing any difficulties .
  • It uses simple grammar and syntax  :Objective-c was build on C and to differentiate the type and keywords, developers use @ symbol  in objective-c .Swift does not have this features . Swift can easily adopt different keywords rather than ending up with the symbols .Also method calls are no longer used in swift . The methods in swift are separated by comma list of parameters enclosed in parentheses .
  • It is fast : Swift is no doubt fast programming languages . All codes in swift are written in language that is compatible with latest hardware .
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