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You may have heard a lot about blah blah blah… when it comes to user experience in website designing .When you are specially in the filed of website designing company , then if case you are not using modern technology with best practises , you may loose lot of customers who are searching for something unique in their business website .

If you had not made a website which can pleasure user’s , user’s won’t be converted .

Everyone can’t be master in the filed of UX designing process , and that is why we might be here to provide you with some of the expert guidance which we have , even tough we are also not master in UX design .errrrrr , that is the fact !!

1) Separating UI from UX is preferable

Want to impress visitor ? Then awesome design is all you want . The second most viral thing which should be presence in website is content content and content .Content is the thing which other part of the visitor may focus on . But you must work on content simultaneously with the front end layout of website .
Its better to focus on UX design in case you want to achieve mastery in same as UI design requires different approach . However both have to be worked on the go for overall user experience , UI deals with outside body , UX deals with usability and interactivity with your site .

2) Tap into inner  customer service report

Your mind may be constantly itching to know the why approach behind UX design . The simple justification is we need users , as our future business relies on them .The eye catching website will definitely attract more customers for your business . All visitor comes on your site with a clear mission of finding what they are desirous to find , and in case they don’t find it , they will leave the site , thus increasing the bounce rate of your website . A rock awesome design can convenience your visitor to look around your site , and may be converted into customers from visitors .
We should consider  customer goals as first priority , and development and designing on website as second .

3) Always start with strategy

UX should be implemented more with a strategy than a design . In order to create something really cool , you have to act like problem solvers by mind and should prioritise strategy , and make prototype accordingly . Strategy includes searching over the internet , having an eye on competitors site , and last but not the least focusing on creating a brand , rather than just one time strategy .

4) Listening

Listening means hearing of user feedback about the website designing pros and cons which was made by you .You can collect the information by collecting the feedback you receive , by sending the surveys to user .
So this is all we know about the UX design . Hope it might affect your think ability .Winklix.com is website designer and developer in Delhi , India

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