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CSS or Cascading style sheet is a process of adding style like fonts, colour etc. to the web documents. With the help of CSS, designers can create different styles to describe the way different elements like headers, links will appear. As the multiple style sheets can be applied to single web page, that is why cascading term is coined.

What is meant by cascading?

Now-a-days websites have become very complex. So it is extremely difficult to develop the website using the basic CSS. It will require thousands of line to write for creating effects on a single element. This will make the whole system very complex. It is highly important to keep the website organized. This does not mean that cascading has no importance. Cascading still has lot of power and potential to build the website but now the whole process becomes very difficult if you write each and every code.

It really does not matter what tools you use, for one page writing stylesheet will work, but for a website with lot of pages, it won’t work.

Use a CSS Pre-processor

The regular CSS applies the CSS from the different CSS files and folder. This makes the whole process very slow as the website has to load each and every CSS file. Have you ever thought if you have only one file for all the CSS files. Well! This is exactly what pre-processor does. Sass which is the most popular CSS pre-processor compile all the CSS files into one big stylesheet and then this stylesheet is loaded into the webpage. Due to this, the speed of the website increases. This way is much faster than using @import in the regular CSS.

Have a separate file for small websites

If you are developing a small scale website then it is better to have a separate CSS file for every single page. This option is better if you have different layouts of each page and you don’t want to scroll the CSS of other web pages. All you have to do is to open the file of the specific webpage and you will find the code. However, this technique is not recommended if you have same layout of all the pages and lots of webpages there, then it is better to use pre-processor.

Use separate CSS for repeating elements

There are scenarios when there are repeating elements and component. SO in that case it is better to have a separate file for the CSS. This gives you an advantage to use the same CSS file again and again. For example there are header, navigation bar, footer etc. which are common on every page, so make a separate CSS file which will organize your code and will make it very convenient to use and understand.

Reduce the complexity by breaking it down

Working on large and complex CSS files is not an easy task. If there is team involving many members, then this task becomes more complex if you are thinking about building a separate file. To resolve this, you have to completely change your thinking. This complexity can be resolved by using an atomic design which includes five characters namely atom, molecule, organisms, template and pages.

Atoms are basically the small elements like button, fields etc. Molecules can be a form involving fields and button, organisms can be complete header etc. This is how you can organize the CSS. Some people will be involved in each module. These modules will be imported into molecule CSS files and these molecule files will be imported into organism CSS files and this is how complexity of a website can be reduced and managed.

Avoid inline styling

It is never a good option to choose. Website Developers must avoid using the inline style; they must use either external or internal styling methods. External styling is the best way to arrange and organize the CSS. Don’t ever use class=”attribute” and style=”attribute”. It may occur to you that the inline styling is not causing any troubles but when the website become complex and large, then these inline styling will cause lot of problems.

Reduce the depth

Try to avoid too many classes as it will make your code difficult to read. Make sure that you are suing simplified CSS which will make you code readable and easier to understand. There has to establish a balance between too many classes and no classes at all.

For more tips to simplify website design , please read our article here .

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Things Designers Really Hate Hearing !!

A bright career is waiting for you if you are a designer in person . Being as a designer  , you have to apply artistic vision with practical knowledge . The motive is to create something awesome and at the same time , satisfies client requirement . Their extra ordinary sense of making website ranks them on the top of the heights , yet all aspects of the work are not always rosy . Sometimes one to one interaction with clients can get…well frustrating .

Lines than can assure you that you are in trouble with your designer are listed below :

– If you have not drafted yet what you need , I mean to say if you are not set with the wireframe required by you , then the final output with designer in person with give you nothing more than misunderstanding and unnecessary work , thus leading to create more work for you . So you must brief designer about your work , otherwise end result may surprise you .

– If you are targeting some good pic from google to be imposed on your website , then you may start with welcoming the lawsuit in near future . Instead of wasting your time on searching what best suits for you on google , let the website designer decide with his visuals what suits you best and at the same time he can manipulate with the pics to avoid any copyrights issues arising out of it .

-At the time of hiring designer , you are willing to pay them for their skills and creativity instead of just for number of pixels the project entails . It may be the case that the design which looks very simple for you , might have come out with lot of complexities and work process .

-While designing a website , we all know that target market is everyone , but designer should focus on the requirement of the person who is making it , rather than taking everyones in hand at once , as every person mentality and mind is unique , and in order to satisfy all the minds , you will not be able to satisfy the mind of the clients who is going to pay you for the work done by you .

– Even an experience designer can’t predict how exact time he will take to design a website required by clients .So if feasible , you and designer must bind themselves into an agreement to deliver your website on time and can deliver the fast result simultaneously .It is fact that half baked design is never going to make sense anytime .

-While any designer is making the website , it is fact that you are not doing anything for free  , and on the basis of of your work , you can add on another $ 1000 for your work .While every professional try to do work to step up in their field  , and make their portfolio , exchange of labour for recognition is not simply right .

– “Just one more change ” is the line which can bring tears in website designer eyes . After dozen of changes , this word can change a lot in mind of website designer . Requesting for a design change again and again means you are not  entirely sure about the project. This also simply means you are not sure about how to brief about your work to the designer . Some developments changes should always take place and that is good thing for sure ,  but the changes should be for smartness and productivity of the website . is leading website /app developer . Hire best website developer and designer in delhi .

Ways To Start With UX Today – Winklix

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You may have heard a lot about blah blah blah… when it comes to user experience in website designing .When you are specially in the filed of website designing company , then if case you are not using modern technology with best practises , you may loose lot of customers who are searching for something unique in their business website .

If you had not made a website which can pleasure user’s , user’s won’t be converted .

Everyone can’t be master in the filed of UX designing process , and that is why we might be here to provide you with some of the expert guidance which we have , even tough we are also not master in UX design .errrrrr , that is the fact !!

1) Separating UI from UX is preferable

Want to impress visitor ? Then awesome design is all you want . The second most viral thing which should be presence in website is content content and content .Content is the thing which other part of the visitor may focus on . But you must work on content simultaneously with the front end layout of website .
Its better to focus on UX design in case you want to achieve mastery in same as UI design requires different approach . However both have to be worked on the go for overall user experience , UI deals with outside body , UX deals with usability and interactivity with your site .

2) Tap into inner  customer service report

Your mind may be constantly itching to know the why approach behind UX design . The simple justification is we need users , as our future business relies on them .The eye catching website will definitely attract more customers for your business . All visitor comes on your site with a clear mission of finding what they are desirous to find , and in case they don’t find it , they will leave the site , thus increasing the bounce rate of your website . A rock awesome design can convenience your visitor to look around your site , and may be converted into customers from visitors .
We should consider  customer goals as first priority , and development and designing on website as second .

3) Always start with strategy

UX should be implemented more with a strategy than a design . In order to create something really cool , you have to act like problem solvers by mind and should prioritise strategy , and make prototype accordingly . Strategy includes searching over the internet , having an eye on competitors site , and last but not the least focusing on creating a brand , rather than just one time strategy .

4) Listening

Listening means hearing of user feedback about the website designing pros and cons which was made by you .You can collect the information by collecting the feedback you receive , by sending the surveys to user .
So this is all we know about the UX design . Hope it might affect your think ability is website designer and developer in Delhi , India