Why To Use Kotlin As Developmental Language In Android Today

So Android developer are you still working in Java , even after official announcement of Kotlin an an official supported language to write Android apps ? Do you still have a deep feel than Java is better and you don’t have enough reason for change ?

Lets look at some of the points below which according to me is bit risky but one of the best then you can go if you plan to adopt Kotlin .

Language And Environment Are Mature

The Kotlin is mature enough to handle almost everything , as because it has gone through numerous of stages before a final 1.0 release has come out in the market . The Alpha and Beta version of this has existed for several years in the market to use it in real project and after than a final version has rolled out .

Kotlin already consist of almost all the features that are existing in Java , thus working in Kotlin is awesome in that sense .

Easing Android App Development

According to Winklix , the only viable alternative that we have address till now is Kotlin . Kotlin is simply mixed with power . The development time is almost same as in Java ( sometimes it also appears to be faster ) , and it is not like other tools namely Scala which are heavy and complex to use.

Even the library used to write Kotlin is very small and will obviously not increase the method count that much .

It Can Be Easily Integrated With Android Studio

Kotlin can be well integrated with Android studio within 10 minutes without any hiccups , and that is the case when you don’t know a K about Kotlin .

The best thing being it works just like Java , you can run from IDE , debug without following the lengthy process , use instant run and more . We can simply can what you have imagined so far is available to be used on Kotlin .

If You Are Android Developer , You Need To Upgrade Yourself

Are you still working with Java 6 . Damm you are an outdated programmer then . Using a new language like Kotlin opens up the doors of your mind and will force you to think in a different way , in a new way !!

This new knowledge will help you wash your brain and you will be able to gain new knowledge of the code even if you don’t change the language you are using . Now as I have learned Kotlin , it helps to solve the things in different manner in Java but Kotlin has helped me in leading new concepts that I was not known before .

In addition to above , you will also become more versatile . If you look at the languages like Swift , Ruby , Groovy it will look like very similar language as they are using the similar concepts .

Also as a developer , your value will increase by default if you jump to another developmental language .

Much Safer Than Java

With using Kotlin , it results in :

  • Less errors as we usually write less code , thus making more difficult for the code to fail at any stage thereby giving us stable version of app .
  • Compiler in Kotlin helps you detect errors at compile time and so the error at the run time will not be found in any case
  • Code can be easily understood if someone else read the code .

This thus helps to spend less time with no errors and less time on bigs fixation and hence will definitely saves money ( Where time is considered as money )

Much Easier To Learn

One of the biggest advantages being is Java developers can understand the whole code even without studying the Kotlin language . This is because Jetbrains ( innovators of Kotlin language ) developers are much concern about moving from Java must be simple with developing a language which closely looks like Java only .

Thanks to simplicity of language and with the help of IDE and compiler , you can learn the basic language at lighting fast speed .

As per my personal experience , anyone will not take more than two weeks to write a well written code in Kotlin .


Kotlin is friendly language , and in case you want to be the innovators of new technology and want to improve your skills , developing a mobile app using Kotlin is always preferred .

At Winklix – A leading mobile app development company , we always love to use technological advancement to get the most benefit out of it .

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