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One of the toughest thing in software industry is testing our own software , which are made by us only , and it can be challenging in case we want to shift to agile technology .

The very first thing that we come across is how to deliver software frequently to clients as per clients requirement and that’s too bug free .

The most common problem and their solution faced by tester while following the agile technology are :

1)Quality analyst software developer are overburden with job works every now and then .With continuous change flow , some important testing might me missed.

How to overcome : Tester must be flexible enough to cope up with the changes and must understand change is necessary for growth of the organisation . The last minute changes must be informed by the development team , on which testing is still pending and do the necessary testing asap in order to give better end product.

2)Another big big reason can be change is the coding language which was not anticipated earlier .

How to overcome : Its important to test the codes with the available technology , get familiar with the code to cope up with the anticipated codes .

3) Defects must be detected from the very first movement . Thinking of that it can be rectified afterwords can be difficult one  , and can be proven difficult one , and thus will affect the future codes also .

How to overcome :  Reviewing the codes frequently can minimise defects , although we can’t completely eradicate it.

Summary of agile way of testing :

-It is important to ensure that sprints reach not convert into a mini waterfall.

-Do not wait for the sprint to decrease otherwise locate the time in along along in the company of.

-It is plus important to treaty as soon as the problems at an in front stage keeping in mind the setting.

-Make your team responsible for test automation.

-Most importantly save learning and association taking place value to the team.

Putting chemical analysis in point of view is important as no amount of investigation can guarantee to fix every one bugs. Thats why psychiatry often continuous furthermore again forgive. Testing is a vital share of the software touch ahead process and is the best habit to assure mood performance. This requires tall-atmosphere testers who can meet the complete its challenges.

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