Reason Of Being Ruined On Social Media For Modern Dating

Gone are those days where lovers keep on waiting for just one love letters , waiting for just one single calls on landline , and travelling miles and miles just to get one glimpse of their lover .

Now a days social media trend is trending .It might be great at the time you think off to hangout with your old buddies , or to get connect with your friends and relatives , but there is something serious about social media that we all is ignoring ,  and that is ROMANCE .We have turned into a animal of the digital world where we bloody keep focusing on showing off our life to others .

Let me give few reasons why social media has screwed the current dating life  :

-All Show No Game

How often you see the most cheesy pic on your news feed of social media walls , and even more chunky with hashtags like #mylove #bae #loveforever ? You find it everyday right ? Person who needs to show their love on social media’s and not showing love to each other in their personal life is just another example of something missing in your love life . And if it is so perfect , you would rather need not to  show it on social media .

-Easy Hookups

Those days are gone , when guys stare at the girls for long , then start few words with girls to increase their friendship , and finally gathers courage to propose a girl , and then a long awaited kiss . Do you work like this any more ? Nahhhhh….
Now we look for easy hookups , we prefer going to bar , find someone cutie pie , and then hang out for a night , and then the situation comes where they don’t know each other the next morning(Hum ape hai koun )

-No privacy now a days

There were times when relationship means some private relationship between two persons , and they use to get it private , thus limiting to themselves only.But in the present era , time has changes . Now if your boyfriend has not changes his relationship status on Facebook , then you might think he is just playing with you . For the present generation , if you are not uploading a pic with your would be fionse , then they both would think that you are still not serious about each other .

-Real conversation is almost ended

Real conversation is almost dead . Now a days we hardly find people in relationship roaming alone on the streets , instead we see couples busy on their own phones , seeing the life style of others , whatssapping other people and get indulge in various other kind of application .

-War of couples

Now even the war of the couples has gone public . Application like whatssapp and snapchat has given us the opportunity to show off our live in case we are in war situation with our partner . This all has created a culture of creating growing insecurities . All you want is , want to be better than other people on snapchat.

-Trust Factor Is No Where

Trusting your partner is one of the first thing you should do . But now its not possible  to just doubt them more in a age when lot of opportunities are waiting for you in case you are getting cheated . This might be the reason that people can’t sustain long term relationship .
So social media might have opened many doors for us , but our life circles around social media chain , but making your dating life unimaginable . It would have been easier and much better in absence of social media .

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