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Simplicity is a very valuable thing when it comes to the design of a website. It makes the website to look simple and sleek. It increases the web traffic resulting in more signups, subscriptions and sales. Simplification of a website provides efficiency which helps in achieving goals of business. Here are some tips that will simplify your web design.

Follow the Pareto Principle

It is very essential to have a clutter free website. Get rid of the effects that are not required and the effects that do not drive the sales. Remove the long string of text, forms with too many fields, text fields that occupy too much whitespace and the effect that add nothing to the functionality.

The Pareto Principle states that 80% effect comes from the 20% causes. It follows 80-20 rule. Use this principle to include only those things in a website which drives the business. The basic idea behind this principle is that you include only those 20% features that add functionality to your website. These 20% features ensure that you have everything covered that will enhance your business making the biggest impact it can make.

Making navigation effortless

Navigation of a website must be very smooth. Adding too much navigational features may seem a very good idea but the unfamiliar navigation may discourage the users making them not returning back to the website. So it is quite important to have very neat navigation. Let us look at some of the points that can improve and simplify navigation.

  • Place the most valuable information above the fold
  • Get rid of the unnecessary navigation links
  • Cut down the pages that are not visited by people using an analytical tool
  • Ensure that the navigation buttons are easier to locate.
  • If you have loads of content, cut down the content in different pages.
  • Use universal icons and symbols for navigation buttons.

Good Presentation

As there is lot of content available, it is very vital to have a content which is very compelling to read. Compelling content is not enough; it must have a great presentation of content that makes the users to read. Create a bullet list, highlight the important text, let go of fancy text etc. It assists the users to go through the whole content of the page.

Follow a monotone colour scheme

Most of the business and top development website use a monotone colour scheme. It attracts the user’s eye and keep them engaged in the website. Having a monotone colour scheme makes the website look sleek and simple helping the business to excel. The basic idea behind the monotone colour scheme is that there are fewer colours for the users to process.

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Quick Hacks To Have A Oh La LAAAAA Time While Blogging

Franky speaking nobody can be creative enough to bring down new content on the table every other day . Even expecting something like this is beyond imagination .

Have you even thought that even the greatest artist are using the same things over again and again and are just fooling us.  No body is going to find that until and unless they have sharp memories .

Once you enter into business of writing , you will get to know that it seriously takes so much of time and efforts to write even a single content . Writing old content in revolutionised way is what we have to really do .

But oh hoo , are you thinking you are making a difference ? Obviously not in a world where there are billions of starts and crores of people , and we are just leaving in 1/80000000th part of it , having our shoes size to almost 1/10th of the population . We can’t even thing of making a difference .

But this does not literally mean you can just give up . You have to write because its your passion , and that might be the reason can you can be at the first place of the search engines .

Some of the quick hacks for being on the top of the king are :

Analyse Your Top Performing Content

Google Analytics will act as your big brother in analysing which is top performing content along with the insight of how keywords are aligned and searched .
By above you can get the exact category in which you have to deal in and can help your remove irrelevant and unnecessary pages where user engagement is not involved . Implementing reader’s favourite food ( means keywords ) with blog will do a lot .

Social Survey

Real time engagement with user is made possible by social media platform . By social media we can get to know which post is getting the most attention by readers .At the same time you can broadcast some events , tell them to enquire about your brand by sending direct message and so on .
You might ran out of the ideas , but at the same time you can’t entire population will not be doing the same as it is simply not acceptable until and unless you are king of the kingdom .

Quora Love

Quora and other Q&A sites have million of active user who are curios of getting something new out of this world and that is the reason these kinds of sites seems to me very interesting now a days .
Sign up in case you want to gain endless knowledge and tan tannnna , feel free to share your links as well . By this you can easily be updated about the trending topics and can shape your content accordingly .

Read Industry News

Subscribing to some awesome content oriented site is just another method of knowing what people want to hear or listen .

You can get the great ideas by simply looking at the comments below the post to get to know what people is thinking for the blog and what changes are required by them .

Spy On Cameras That Your Competitors Are Using

Its beneficial to go where your heart tell you along with your hungry stomach . If you want to get ahead of your competitors .
Knowing the keywords which your competitors are using to target audience will give you complete idea of taste of consumer and you can create your blog accordingly , but make sure to cook it delicious that someone will love to read .

Blog Topic Generator

Numerous of blog topic generators are available which can help you out to find the topics , like HubSpot etc.
When you run out of ideas , get onto these site , and they will not charge a single paisa from you .

Search Engine Help

God might don’t know what you want in your life , but these days google does . Search engine predictive text can help you what people are looking off on internet now along with the latest trend . By this way you can get the answer of almost all the question even when they are not willing to  .

The Conclusion

With the above given tricks  , you can pick up an one on one fight with time using creativity .

All we can say is if opportunities does not know you , knock the above given tricks to get most out of it .

A Guide For Becoming A Self Made Digital Marketing Expert

seo in delhi


As per the history suggest , we are always in need of expert guidance in case we are facing any hurdles of any new undertakings in our fast forwarding life . Digital marketing is also one of them , in which almost 90 people fails out of 100 , as they don’t know how to do it .

As far as the static shows , around 400 billion people are there in India who has internet access , and in upcoming 3 years , around 300 billion more people will get their hands dirty .

As far as the report says , almost 8 lakhs people has got the job in the field of digital marketing , thereby giving your website a desired position as wanted by you , fulfilling you with happiness , and lots of pizza’s , burger and beer .

In world of digital marketing  , you need to focus on complete digitalisation .(Humans are becoming bots and bots are becoming human ) .

Some facts and short of stuff that I am going to give you as a food , and you with no doubt swallow it :

1) Digital marketing agency is tend to grow at fast speed of 50 % .

2) 20x growth in search related queries over the internet has been shown in the last 5 years in India.

3)In India  , a huge democratic country , almost 270 million of the mobiles have an active internet connection on daily basis .

1) Pick one from vide range of options and excel into it

Content marketing , big data , mobile marketing , social media marketing , search engine optimisation , internet of things and many more things together combined to be called as different fields of digital media marketing .

Content Marketing : Content is know to be king of digital media marketing , and it should be focused with utmost care .

Social Media Marketing : The budget of marketing on social media has been doubled by every companies , in case they are willing to survive in flooded market .

Search Engine Optimisation : Almost every 1st person out of 3 person go to the very first link of the organic search traffic .This solely defines how much important SEO is for your business .


Blogging helps us in numerous of aspects such as  :

A ) Drive traffic to your website :

Writing catchy and cheesy content on your blog would be great for your website , thereby helping you in finding visitors who can enhance their skills on your website , and at the same time , we can use backlinks of other website to cut the crap , in case of any mess .

Sharing your blog on various social media platform such as Facebook , twitter etc is good for social media presence of your brand also .

B) Increase SERP ranking

 Posting fresh content regularly on blog seems good medicine for google doctor . Just like content being king , keywords are diamonds on the crown . In blog , using lots of keywords giving it a clear view is preferable .

3) Read And Implement

Plenty of things are happening over the internet now a days , that are deemed to grab your attention .like searchengineland , MOZ are one of those great sites that are content oriented , on which you can get updates about the latest trends in market and the most trending topics going on right now . However reading the articles only will no where going to affect you , you need to implement them as well . The SEO field is somewhere hit and trial method in which you have to test each and every trick and every tricks and choose the best among them .Ultimately we can say learning is the only way too grow , but implementation is the only process behind that growth .

4) A2A Forums

Always try to get engage with various A2A forums , as these sites are best for enhancing your skills about numerous topics .
Eg quora – a place for better understanding the world and to  share your knowledge at the same time .

5) Keep An Eye On Google Analytics

Always keep an eye on performance of adwords campaign and at the same time get engage yourself with social media adwords . That is all you have to understand for becoming an expert in marketing and gaining lots of customers .
You can hire any digital media marketing expert who can clearly understand your business , and can help you in achieving success and be a successful company .

The Conclusion

Read all the techniques ? Still got confused on how to do a successful digital marketing ? 
We are here brother to server you . Hire who is website designing and developer in delhi .