Know How to Create a Shopping App?

Know How to Create a Shopping App?

In the recent trends buyers are opting for Mobile shopping in the category of e-commerce. There are many buyers or customers who prefer shopping through shopping apps on Mobile applications. 

Therefore if you want to boom your e-commerce operation, creating a shopping app is the way to go. In this article we shall understand the step by step process to create a shopping app.

How to create a shopping App?

Anyone can create a Shopping app by these 9 simple steps-

Step 1- Market Research for your Online Store

Before thinking of making a mole app, you need to validate your idea with market research. This step will be different for everyone as every business has different requirements. There are generally two categories in which businesses fall-

  • You are having an existing e commerce business, now you want to make a mobile app
  • You are starting your business and want a mobile app from day one.

For those who are already running an ecommerce business have already done market research so they must be aware of the market strategies and all.

Whereas businesses which are new and starting their business from scratch must take the market research step very seriously. Otherwise you could invest in the market where customers are least interested.

Identify Customer needs and Requirements

Before starting any business you must do market research properly of what customers require and what not. 

Your business technique must be unique from the one who is already in the market. This will atacts your customers towards your business. Therefore you must do market  analysis of your nche customers before selling your product.

Business Model

Shopping app typically falls into these three categories-

  • B2C- Business selling their products directly to the customers
  • B2B- business selling products to other businesses, sometimes at wholesale.
  • C2C- Customers selling to other customers through an online marketplace i..e e-bay, Etsy etc.

Monetization Strategy

Next you need to determine how you will earn from the mobile app. Your primary focus must be on sales revenue or you can also charge sellers a fee to use the platform or by taking a commission of each sale in case of C2C businesses.

Step 2- Platform and tech Stack Selection

Once you have done market research before starting your businesses you must choose the platform you want to build i.e. whether you want a shopping app for Android or IOS users. 

Native Development

Next you need to decide the shopping app you want to develop for the platform you want. This is the most time consuming path to development and it’s not necessary for basic shopping apps.

Cross platform app development

This is typically the best option for all the shopping apps. This means that the app is developed for both android and IOS users with a single build and codecase. This saves time and money on development.

Step 3- Choose agency or experts for Shopping App development

For preparing a shopping app you need to hire an agency or experts in developing shopping apps for creating your shopping app. You must choose an agency which has proven track records of creating successful apps, which have a good team composition of android developers, ios developer, UX designer, UI designer, project manager, web developer, quality assurance agents etc. 

Step 4- Identify Essential Features for your Shopping Application

After hiring the agency you need to identify the fairies you want in your shopping app. Always focus on the bare minimum and essentials required for your app to run smoothly. Of Course you can add features later on. Below are some of the features that you should add in your shopping app-

  • User Registration and Sign in process
  • Easy Navigation
  • User profile Editing
  • Product Catalogue
  • In-App smart search engine
  • User Reviews
  • Shopping cart
  • Easy checkout ad payment options
  • Shipping options
  • Key Admin panel features for online shopping app

Step 5- Identify Additional Features that help your store stand out

Other than  the features mentioned above you can add additional features that go beyond your basic functionality. However it is not important to add these additional features right now but you can opt  for it are the fe features hat you can add on later on-

  • Customer with lists
  • Ibeacon
  • Maps
  • Augmented reality
  • Machine learning
  • Social media sharing options
  • Barcode scanner
  • Push notifications
  • Chatbox for improved custom service

These features are not must have for your mobile application but it is nice to have fto attract customers.

Step 6- Create a Mockup of your Online Store App

Mockups are non-functional static designs of an app. This wil help your team to understand the look and feel of your final product.

This will help to establish things such as fonts, visuals, images, contents layouts, colour schemes, and overall user experience from a design standpoint.

Step 7- Begin Mobile Shopping App Development Process

The next step is to begin with the process of shopping app development. Before hiring a development company just make sure to have basic knowledge of the development timeline and a rough idea of when the app will be ready. 

Step 8- Test Your Shopping App

Once the app is created, you need to test it for its smooth operation for real users. If there is any bug in the app you need to clear it out. There are different approaches for application testing including alpha testing, Beta testing, user testing and more.

Step 9-  Launch your Shopping App

The last step is to auch your shopping app for the real users. For that you will need to get it submitted to the Apple app store and Google play store. Each of these platforms have different requirements for approvals and submissions. So make sure to understand the guidelines thoroughly before submitting.


Shopping apps are superior to mobile websites for earning revenue generations, conversion and customer satisfaction. 

If you want to get a shopping app, reach out to our expert team at winklix. We can create a custom shopping app as per your requirements along with the features you want to add. We will assist you with the re-development process and also provide maintenance and updates on post launch of the app.

Ecommerce App Changing The Trends In Retail Industry

ecommerce app developer

Retail industry has been seen with tremendous change over the past few years , due to the fact that ecommerce solution are improving at fast speed , with major contribution of ecommerce mobile apps.

In order to know better what customer are going to expect with latest technology trends , companies must keep on researching the trending technologies . A professional ecommerce app developer can guide you about the trending technologies so that you can take full advantage of developing trends .

Some of the Ecommerce trends that are really worth paying attention to is :

The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence For Enhancing Mobile Apps In Ecommerce Industry

AI is considered valuable in retail industry due to its ability to analyse data in efficient manner than humans . For instance , if AI technology is integrated in ecommerce mobile app , it can analyse customer past behaviour , and can deliver the personalised shopping experience .

With the help of AI , customer can get the result on the basis of their interest and needs . Chatbots are another solution which can guide customer through the process of their shopping on ecommerce app , thus making it much easier that expected before .

Augmented Reality Is New Trend In Retail Industry

With the help of Augmented Reality ( AR )  , you can actually superimpose virtual images in real world . Or you can say , it is the same technology the Pokemon Go’s is based on .

It is acting as game changer in ecommerce industry . Many of the big brands has already implemented this technology to show people what their products are going to look like in customer real life . For instance , you are looking for furniture set for your home , then you can actually look how the furniture is going to look like at your home with different options via use of mobile app with AR technologies. For real time experience you can look at Ikea app .

For the best in class experience , you can hire a team of experts who know to be best in augmented reality app development company .

Ecommerce Is Shifting Its Focus Towards Mobile Solution Development

Mobile shopping is the new you . As per the recent studies , in United States customers did their online shopping via mobile devices than desktop computers . This clearly shows that customer are moving towards mobile purchases and this fortunately means that you must also move on with consulting some ecommerce solution specialist in order to optimise your mobile application .

Voice Search Is Another New Ecommerce Solution

Predicting that voice search with increase its popularity with time , Amazon has invested major resources in digital assistant . The implementation of voice search in app makes easier for people to simply speak to app and purchase what they desired thus matching the overwhelming customer experience .

Image Search Is Also Burning Heat

Images search allows people to search the product via use of images , which can be proven actually very helpful when customer is actually not sure of what the image is to be called . Companies can use it for making the search online more convenient .

Thus all the benefits listed above can be yours by choosing ecommerce app developers , who know how to leverage technology to its full benefit .

How Much Does An App Like Amazon / Flipkart Cost ?

cost of developing commerce app

Flipkart is India’s biggest e-commerce platform which was started by 2 individuals in Bangalore . They took the risk and they worth it . Started with just selling of books online , today Flipkart sells a wide range of products online including mobile , home appliances , fashion products and more . Inspite of the fact that the very first company who has introduced e-commerce in India is Amazon , but to make e-commerce industry popular in all people mind and dream of hundreds of Indian e-commerce ventures totally goes to Flipkart .

Winklix is leading mobile app development company based in India and USA known for providing innovative solution in field of app development . Winklix can help you build next big app like Flipkart or Amazon with innovative feature and rock awesome design at affordable cost .

Key Feature Of Flipkart App :

  • Simple user interface with easy to search option .
  • Menu with categories and sub categories to search in wide range of products .
  • Login In / Sign Up using phone number together with adding the product to cart , applying some discount coupons and finally placing the order which will be either payable online or on cash on delivery .
  • Image search to buy the product by image .
  • Secure payment option and convenient order tracking .
  • Notification , refer and earn option along with help centre .

Factors That Decide The Cost Of Flipkart / Amazon Like App :

When we are talking about the app or website like Flipkart or Amazon , they are relatively the largest player in the market with most of the functionality already covered in their website and application . Their functionality have taken years to built and hundreds of developers to build the same who have worked 24×7 to develop the India’s largest platform .
So as per my personal suggestion , rather than focusing on an app like Flipkart , focus on the functionality that you will be requiring to sell your product online which can make your website and application a success . This step with save your thousand of bucks for development ,and will help you to promote your website and app the way you want .

App Design

Good app design is the backbone of any mobile apps . In order to ensure success in the market you must have awesome app design . Design should be made in a way that it can easily interact with the user and must be able to give them satisfying experience .
The cost of designing :
  • Wireframe will take around 40 hours .
  • PSD design will take another 100 hours .
  • User interface and User experience will take 140 hours .

Backend Development

This is the main part which act as a active mind behind website and app . The development of the backend included showing customer data , together with CMS management , category and sub category management , order management , shipping and billing management , staff management and so on . Backend development cost will depends on the functionalities required by you in your e-commerce application . For developing functionality as stated above to run a e-commerce app will take around 480 hours .

API’s Development And Integration

API’s are necessary to connect web based admin with the mobile application . Usually developer who had developed the backend admin creates the API’s to interact with the mobile application and after that mobile app developers ( whether android or iOS ) implement the same in the application . The api’s development and integration will take around 200 hours to implement the same.

Payment Gateway & Third Party SDK

Payment gateway and third party SDK implementation is tedious job and will take around 100 hours to integrate it on mobile application .
So the total time which will be required to develop an app like Flipkart will be somewhere around 4 months with cost for basis e-commerce site will be $ 20000 . Rest it may increase or decrease depending on your requirement .
Contact Winklix – Leading mobile app developer to get instant quotation for developing an app like Flipkart . Contact us now .