Questions To Be Asked Before Building A Mobile Application

Dreaming of over millions of download and that too overnight is obviously can’t a one night job for anyone . The stories of the overnight success often skew the reality of dedicated hard work that is necessarily required to build an awesome mobile application .

After hearing thousands of app ideas , since I am a founder of Winklix , I wanted to share the questions which are to be answered by clients before downing the hands to keyboards .

What Problem Am I Trying To Solve ?

Most app ideas now a days are acting as a problem solver of our daily lives . But this might not be the same with the with just the magical software application . You should be specific about what problem are really been for customer out their , and what methods you can apply to solve it with the most easiest method . But their are chances that an app might be solving your problem , but others are not feeling the same way . So solving the problem with the application is the very first way to build a great application .

Does My App Idea Already Exist

At Winklix , we always encourage customers and business persons to search for tons of existing app that are similar to their thoughts . If you are planning to open an e-commerce app , it’s crucial to know what other platforms exist in this area .
Competition always exist in each field , it is upto you that how well you are going to challenge it and be ahead in the competition . Understanding the level of competition in development if mobile application will save lots of time and money . Someone may already have thought of your idea , but you can learn from their mistakes and improve your app accordingly . Its the fact that Google is not the first search engine in the market , but now it’s GOOGLE  .

Should I Start With Android , iOS Or Both ?

The best practise being to reach more and more number of customer by focusing on both the platforms .Currently Android and iOS accounts for more than 96% of the share of the market of smartphones globally . So it’s really being important to know what are your target market and who is going to be your customers .
Another important factor is budget .Android and iOS apps are being the two completely different app and budget for them are also separate . So if you are focusing on both the platforms then your budget will get double . There are cross platforms being available in the market , which will run across all the platforms , which is popularly know as ” Hybrid App ” , but we specifically focus on the ” Native App ” , as they are build on the platform and using the languages meant specifically for the devices to run that particular application .
So according to Winklix , if you are entrepreneur looking for minimal investment and maximising output , then you should focus on iOS , but in case your business want to launch product for enterprise solution then moving on for both the platforms will be preferable .

What Is My Timeline ?

Does your app idea just come to your dream last night , or you have been planning from some days with the bunch of your friends ? Planning , studying the market and getting feedback for the thought is an important part before launching your app .  It really does not matter at what stage you are , or how important is your app really being to launch , but a basic medium category app development will take anywhere between 8-12 weeks turnaround time . Developing an app requires hundreds of hours and dedication of development team to give you the spiciest product as required by you , and meet your expectation .
We often get the app ideas from the clients who have not yet defined the basic feature and functionality of it . We might get you out will the awesome user experience of the app , but it’s really being important to know at what stage you are in right now . We have also faced a situation that they need a app within 24 hours , at that point , telling them the truth will maintain your relationship rather than taking the project just to grab the money from them , and then later on not delivering the project as required .

What Is My Budget ?

Mobile apps are no doubts are expensive products . Because it required tons of hours and hard work to build the same , a medium category app would be costing you somewhere around $ 30000 .
While building an app , it all comes down to features , complexities and objective of your mobile application . The best example can be in case you are going to bring a car , Honda City is a good car , but right after that you have seen a Porsche  , their prices are dramatically different and so is their features . One is having horse power of more than 430 while the other one is has basic engine .
Hiring an experienced team like Winklix , will add on to your app to the best possible way .While you might run towards finding a free lancer , its always proven that a development team will always provide you with the best possible solution than the individual working on the same .
It does not matter whatever may be the project is , a proper planning , dedicated team manager and planning execution are fundamental to its success . So think twice before choosing the right app development company . Our first and foremost aim is to give you quality products to let you be on the path of success and build incredible mobile solution together .

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