Impact Of Augmented Reality

In present world AR has become a more common place for entertainment . If you are a gamers , focusing on AR will increase your chances higher success of games with thrilling experience . Games like Pokemon Go went viral in very less time are also based on the concept of augmented reality . In present world , AG has gone beyond the doors of gaming and entertainment . Look at the popularity of it , a famous game trailer named ZombieGo has gained over 100 k views , as it is using AR in real world . This has focused developers and mobile app development companies to focus and believe on in the endless opportunities of AG , which is just the beginning of the whole new development .

So let’s look what exactly can AR go from here , and how well it can improve day to day life ?

 AR Apps In E-Commerce

E-commerce and AR might not seen like a cousin brother , but retailers and developers are making a fast move towards implementation of AR in order to attract more customer . Despite the exponential   growth of e-commmerce industry  , many of us still prefer to shop our desires in physical store . That is because of the missing element of trial before be buy . Person usually love to have a trail specially when it comes to buying a cloth online . To solve this problem Harsh Sinha , the FastestMart owner has introduced to try a bunch of clothes of customer choice at their home before they really select one of them . These types of initiatives have been widely successful , but AR is the next step in bringing the gap between the bricks and mortar shopping experience . The retail industry has come up with seamless AR app to try the things in virtual reality . The app like LensKart has introduced to try the frames on their face . The Sampler , allowed customer to virtually try on the sneakers by pointing their phone camera at their feet .

With the introduction of ARKit by Apple , many believed that AR is rapidly becoming the future of the e-commerce industry .Amazon has also recently launched the feature  in their iOS that gives the ability to view electronics , toys and other things alike in AR . Earlier it was just being implemented by gamers , but AR is also getting a good result in e-commerce industry too .

AR Apps For Education

First there were  SMARTBoards , the touch screen boards that has reached millions of students globally . I still remember when i was in tenth standard , a shy student like me was forced to go to solve a math problem on the SMARTBoards  . Now with the introduction of AR , there is lot more to come . Augmented Reality has the potential to change the complete revolution of the primary and secondary school more than any other technology has yet done in the past .AR apps can be used to animate a historical timeline , can also turn an illustration into 3D images and lot more .

AR Apps Advancing Healthcare

With the technologies like Google Glass , AR and VR will come up with routine healthcare within the next five years . AR developers are making a very sincere efforts to make healthcare smarter and safer . With the help of AR many of the spinal surgeries are also been conducted by doctors .
There is lot more to come to maximise the efficiency and ease on the advancement process with the help of AR .

What Is Next For AR ?

So if you are looking for technology which is beyond your imagination ,  and want to really look beyond the gimmicky games and viral entertainment apps , use AR to enhance our daily lives .

Although developers worldwide are accepting AR as challenge , AR is expected to generate $ 120 billion in revenue , which is nearly six times more than its current revenue . Now lets dream for something big , with the next big innovation together with Winklix team of professionals .

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