How Chatbots Helps Business Improve Customer Service ?

The key to success for every business growth is satisfying customer experience together with satisfaction . Customer are getting smarter day by day due to emerging technology advancement .

It is expected that by 2020 , than almost 80 % of the customer engagement with business would be without any human interaction .

Chatbots are changing the way of communication of customer with brands , thus acting as a helping hand in achieving satisfying customer experience .

Now lets have a look on how chatbots can help in improving customer experience :

Chatbots provides quicker response

There might be a situation that the organisation might take few business days to solve your query and provide you appropriate solution , even when you need a quicker response . This can be very frustrating as you might be in need of quicker response .

Chatbots solves this problem by proving them immediate response . Customer are also greeted by welcome message as soon as they come in contact with chatbots telling them the exact time that will be taken by organisation to find the viable solution for the same .

Chatbots create customer engagement

Messaging the business the same way as you message to your friend is really a great way of engagement with the business organisation . Usually starting of chatbots  by attracting customer on the name of promotional offers and discount coupons and thereafter leading to detail description of the product together with instant discount helps customer to get engaged with more number of customers .

Chatbots helps in saving cost

A single chatbot can deal with multiple customers at a time , thus saving time and money . Since it can deal with several customers at the time , less number of customers representative have to be employees by company thus saving the cost of the company .

Chatbots are available online 24*7

A customer care executive can not be present all the time to attend customer , as after all they are human beings , who need time to take rest , and time to do their job perfectly . But chatbots are available all the time whether it is day or night .
Also customer do not have to wait for several days to get the solution of their problem .

Chatbots reduce human error

Human errors are almost reduced by using chatbots  . Chatbots are programmed in such a way that it is answerable to almost all the question of the general customer , and in case customer is still now satisfied with the answers , they can right away call the customer care human executive .
It has been seen that once your business give unsatisfying experience to customer , they are never going to look back at your business .

Tips to build successful chatbots

Always try to give customer an alternative means of communication is what chatbots are doing all the way long. So try to feed as many information as you can in your chatbots . And in case customer are not satisfied with chatbots answers , give them option to call your customer care executive directly . Adding emotions and other media will defiantly add human flavour in it .
So in case you want chatbots for your business , you can contact us . Winklix team will build the same for you .

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