How To Review Your App

There are always few things which separate app from a good app  . You must try to make an app , without which a customer can’t think to live off . For being a successful app , customer reviews and feedback plays a important role . It not only help in more downloads , it will also help you in fixing up bugs and improving your app on timely basis .

Given below are few tips which every developer should consider while developing the app and making sure to give people what they want .


Get involved with the tech world to keep an eye on what other companies are doing and their strategies for development of an app . Sharing a brief about your idea , and getting review from technical audience before launching your product will definitely add more sugar to your coffee .


Social media a a medium where you can easily contact with your target audience and at the same time promoting your company . Tools like poll conducting , event organiser and scheduler  , feedback are most useful tools to share your app feedback and review . Staying active on social media will help your app to get live . When user tweets questions and suggestions , respond to them  . Working with the feedback and improving app accordingly will make your app more cheesy .


If you are really excited about your app and greedy for its success to , creating an online forum with links of feedback and contact us on an online question will help active user to provide you feedback and you can add some cheese to it , and then can celebrate the part with pizza’s coke and all .


The easily accessible and cheapest way to get app review is create your own create your own ladder of testing by posting your app on popular forums , putting up flyers on local university , or sending out emails to every one on your contact list .


Getting in app review from the active users is usually the best way to hear from the users and to improve your app . Try to make review a fun !! That small chunk of active user will give you accurate and subjective feedback for your app .

So after getting feedback , the next move must be to do all the feasible changes as required as soon as possible . It may be difficult to change it , after pouring all the money and time . Alway make sure at the end , you must have a app , which can be easily used and should be lovable by everyone , and should be regularly updated .

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