Developing A Mobile Event App

Various categories of app has been designed for different purposes which are available on google play  and app stores , and event app is one of various such categories which has gained attention in recent past .

The event app are meant for planning , creating and delivering a successful corporate events .Its a far better method of hosting an event than that old paper method . Mobile app are trending now a days and so is the smartphones . Event management company now a days looking to capitalise on this opportunity by use of event management app . With event management companies looking for increase in investment , more and more companies are looking for mobile app development companies .

Lets note some benefits of having a good event app :

Single App For All Event

A single app can serve all the future event , rather than making app for each and every event .The app will have its own database with past and future events records noted in it .

Streamline Work

An enterprise app will give you to communicate with all user at the same time and broadcasting your messages to all user in a single way . With a single platform for all users , manager of event will be able to focus  more on events rather than creating banners for engaging with the users .

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Event

Gone are those days , when you have to see the pamphlets to know about the events . The event app with help you out to know the details of the events taking place with venues , viewing the information about the event and joining the live discussion for the same.

Engage And Interact

Event app make it easier for the event manager to interact with the user by easily sending push notification for the same . It help you to get better attendees , better feedback and strong connection for your brand .


User try to stay in touch about the event and after the event too , as event app are integrated with social media and networking tools .

Access To Event Data

Attendees have access to customer data , vip guest , partners , speakers which generated leads and help them meet the right people .


Event app gives access to user to provide feedback after ending of the particular event so that event manager can get the prons and cons of hosting the event and can improve the mistakes if any in next event and even make it more successful .

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