Basic Seo Factor Which Can Affect Your Local Business Ranking

Planning to rome around some new city , then you may hire local guide . Try to find ways to drive in city , ask your bhaiya ” Google Bhaiya ” .

Ever thought , if you get people who tells you way the way google does for you , then obviously you don’t need google by the way .

So even before stating my shit , i would just leave this sentence as an alternative that “Not all locals are good” ! But don’t worry we will try to get the most benefit out of it in our case .

Today when i was browsing over the internet , i have some across  something called Chinese calculator , who can calculate the gender of your would be child on the basis of your date of birth and the month of the conception . Hahahaha…. interesting na ?? Hey……. but don’t brace yourself dude , chinese calendar will also wanting to play with you as a softball rather than predicting something . Again it proves , locals are not always good !!

So shall we begin now ??

What is local seo ?

Whether you are looking for place to hangout with your friends , or a website developer for developing your website , or a plumber to fix a small issue , google is just a click away to solve all your problem .While searching on search engines , you are giving a clear message to business in an around you that from now one consider you among their leads .

Old trick of getting stick in hand and waiting for business to come is useless now .

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) , along with off site and on site seo strategy will help you to grab better position in small search engines world .

According to tactics :

1)Google search engines holds 95 % of the share of total search engines people are growing in the world .

2) Almost 60 % of the customer who have searched specifically for your business online , will visit or call you .

3)Almost 50 % of the searched on google are local and out of 10 such people 7 people are likely to call you .

4)About 85 % of searches in google maps are done for local shops in an around .

Basically , with all these figures , i just wanted to tell you , there is no output of searching a plumber in Jaipur , if you are residing at Delhi… until or unless you have a girlfriend who needs the same at that place.

So now these days , its important for local business to have their business on google searches , otherwise it can impact the brand image of your business and will not be able to grab customers as well .If local SEO is done successfully , you will be able to get ahead of your competitors .

So here are some tips for local SEO :

1)Google My Business(GMB)

Well it’s a magic of the google local’s that your business appears when someone performs local searches for business . You are missing a huge number of customers in case you are still not listed in googles . Inspite of numerous of local directories , google is on the top of the floor .
Listing your business on google is free process , you just have to go to , enrol out will the forms , find the exact location , and just list your business . Google will send a post card by post at your business address with the confidential pin in it , which you need to verify on the same link to get your business listed successfully on it . Physical verification is needed by google , as it strictly not allow anyone to get their business registered for spam purposes  , and only a business owner can apply for the listing .
Next step is to flood the profile of GMB with content , timings of your business , attracting pics , logos and photos to attract more customers .
Bing was also something similar to GMB , but was not able to attract more glamour in users , but listing on bing is also free , then why not to list the business there also .
In case you are not planning to go with google paid advertising , i.e. Google Adwords , you can still be on the top of the google searches if you have good ratings on google .
2)Must Have Title And Meta Description
Just like we prepare our houses just before marriage in our house , in order to get it shine and attractive , in the same way we should write title and meta description with almost care , so that it will be unique with keywords flooded in it.
At first you can start with adding the states/city plus your relevant keyword within title tag/H1 tag / Content / Alt Tag and at the same time get reminded about the limitation of words in title and meta description tag .The limit of title tag is 60 words and meta description is upto 200 words .

3)Google Online Reviews Are Boom

Almost 80% of the people will consider your review and rating while choosing you online , and almost 6 out of 10 people tend to leave a review when asked.
For better result , I suggest you to focus your attention on 2 major platforms , google and Facebook .Google reviews appears when someone searches for your business on google , whereas Facebook reviews are important to garner your online brand identity .

4)Local Structure Data Markup

Often referred to as markup or clearly schema markup, is embedded into the coding of a website to assign more information very roughly its situation, e.g. reviews, products, services, etc.

By using this tool, you can create your website stand out from the crowd in the eyes of the search spider as currently, single-handedly 30% of the websites are using this tool.

In stroke youvis–vis terrified more or less its guidelines, Google has made a examine tool later-door to to validate your markup.

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