Why Your App Should Be Built Using Google Firebase

Are you in search of tried and tested solution for building your app ? Google Firebase will provide you all , and thus it should be taken care of .

Building With Firebase

Numerous of options are available for developmental approach when you hire an app development company .
This blog post will be looking at series of endless opportunities that can be explored while developing an app with google firebase .
It gives you multiple platform approach including android app development , iOS app development , web application development and more .

It’s All About ( The Quality Of ) The Code

Apps that seems to be a complex product are by their brains just combinations of code waiting to run on customers smartphones and tablets .
Numerous of ways and substitutes are available to develop an app , including Hybrid application , native application , in which lines of codes are to be written by some coders .
App is coded with many functionalities that may have been developed before , but an app development company might prefer to use 3rd party libraries of code in developmental process in case they are developing what has been developed earlier .
3rd party apps not only helps in delivering the app in much less time , but also provides a tested platform and thus giving bug free app .

Build Better Apps With Firebase

Google itself is the dad of the internet and so is their product . Firebase is google oriented developed product that offers functionality and solutions that address common app requirement .
Functionality of firebase includes :
  • Real time database management
  • App crash analytics
  • Crash reporting
  • Cloud firestore
  • Hosting
  • SMS Support
  • Test tab for android
  • Performance monitoring
  • Real time
And most importantly all these features are free of cost upto large number of specified user .
With Firebase , your app can fly easily fly with tried and tested solution .

Why You Should Care ?

By building your application with tested solution like firebase , your app may get to the market quicker . But at the same time it should be taken into consideration that it includes only limited functionality , and not all functionality as required for proper functioning of app .

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