Overview Of Angular JS


Are you a developer using Angular JS ? Is it Angular 1 or Angular 2 ? Curious of knowing what are the benefits of using Angular and how it can make your development easier ? Let’s look at what is Angular , and what it exactly means for you as a software developer .

What Is Angular ?

Angular was developed late in 2009 , which was earlier being used in basis HTML tag for complex projects . With the use of Angular framework , designer are able to create dynamic content for web application with ease .
One of the largest technical giant Google has used this technology for getting feedback from the user , and that was the time it has gained huge popularity. It has became popular to the stage that currently more than 1.5 million developers are actually using it for developmental purposes . It was the year 2016 , when Angular 2 was being release thereby breaking the limitation of Angular usability till web browser only , and thereby leveraging other libraries for increased versatility .
Now the question that must have raised in your mind must be is Angular 1 has become obsolete technology . The answer to the question is NO . Obviously Angular 2 is always considered as superior technology , but both Angular 1 and Angular 2 is maintained by google and developers have no restriction on using any one of them as their preferred choice .
Google is acting as a daddy and a caretaker of the Angular platform . But since it is open source framework , public also contributes a lot to this library .

Why Use Angular ?

There are plenty of benefits of using Angular . Angular facilitates you with ready to use templates which can be customised according to your needs in your app development process . You can add your own extensions for add on functionality or can choose the extensions which has been made by other public and is easily available , which is exactly the way that you will be doing in your own app development process with any other technology .
The best part is when you are done with the customisation , Angular turns those templates into fully functional Javascript code .
Another benefit being this framework help you identify your errors instantly , and will give you viable feedback to help you fix the problem . Another major benefit being code reusability , and thereby speeding up your developmental process . At the same time it also support with all platform support without even worrying about compatibility issues .
Angular is versatile technology which can be used for developing anything . It can help building awesome native mobile app , dynamic web apps , desktop app for windows and Mac and more . So we can say gone is the time which it is being used just for the collection of data forms , now it can be used for developing almost anything.
So Angular is fast , reliable and facilitates with code reusability . It also helps developer to develop almost everything . If you are involved in app development , it is probably the best option to choose from .
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Tips To Design Perfect App Logo

Tips To Design Perfect App Logo

One of the major factor that influences buyer to download the app and increase app ranking factor is visuals of app ( of what app looks like ) . On the basis of the quality of the visuals have been displayed on app page , user will take the decision of either downloading it or rejecting it .

So visuals should be designed in such a way that it imprints a remarkable dot in users mind . When we are talking about visuals it includes app logo , screenshots of the apps , introductory video and more .

Undoubtedly from all of the above visuals elements of your app , app icon plays an important role . Your app icon will make the whole impression of your app when your user first see the app . The attractive app icon is known to be the one which is unique with high end graphics , easily recognisable and at the same time communicate the core functionality of the app . And that is the path that we follow for all our mobile app development projects .

Let’s quickly look at few of the tips that can help you in optimisation of your app icon and increases number of downloads .

Making App Stand Out Of Crowd

Thinking of creating a design that should come from heaven and will have the capability of storing thousands of heart . This is not as simple as that.

If you actually want to be shine on the top of the mountains where millions are already present , then keep in mind it is not an easy task . You have to choose the perfect combination of colour scheme and design in a way that it stand out and at the same time reflects your brand . Sounds hard , doesn’t it ? It actually is .

Don’t go messy with app design that may deliver an unpredicted result . So make it simple with denoting your purpose of app .

Go For Minimal Design

Adding to many elements on app icon will not impress user . As per Winklix approach , making combination of max 2 or 3 colours to design an app logo is always advisable  . Always try designing an app logo that denotes your purpose of your mobile application with minimum elements possible .

Keep Logo Design In Accordance With Branding

When we are talking about branding , users are getting emotionally and physically attached with your brand for all their needs that your brand fulfils . Your app icons must so the same .

Your app icon colour combination and taste should go with your brand . If you are in process of developing your brand then always keep in mind to use the same colour scheme in both website and app in order to emotionally connect with the user . Once you have made a stronger connection , user will be able to easily find you .

Always Make Sure It Is Scalable

Your app will be represented in the App Store in various places of which your app icon will be shown in different sizes according to the needs . So always design your app icon inn a sense that it looks great in app shape and sizes .

Usually it has been seen that app which has been loaded with too many elements usually looks awkward when app icon is usually seen tiny .

App icon is probably the very first thing that our mobile app developers do even before conceptualising your app icon .

Testing With Different Backgrounds

Usually user have their own personalised themes with different colour combination installed in their phone . So always keep in mind to give your app icon a colour combination that would look fine with majority of colours .

Testing your final app design is important process , so always handle with care the app UX and design .


So your app icon should be most eye catchy one as it will denotes the entire business existence of your App Store design. Always design your app icon keeping in mind the user choice which can convenience user to try your app .  To design your next mobile app development project , consult Winklix , the leading mobile app development company .

Ways To Develop Progressive Web App Likewise Mobile Apps


What is progressive apps ? Progressive apps are apps that are compatible with running on a browser and have  equipped feature of native systems to like push notification , ability to work online and so on . This technology is probably one of the best technology that has ever come till now for mobile app development company who wants to reach out in different platforms .Custom web development of progressive web apps has reached the next level . You could imagine a time when you want to launch your app on each platform in which you have to build four different apps for different platforms namely Android, iOS , macOS and windows . But greatest thanks to google and Microsoft whose combined efforts have facilitated a web development company to build web apps with native touch.

But the major drawback in this latest technology sack is most of the developers lacks to provide the native look and feel in app development . It is not just because of their bad performance , but it is more lack of polish which requires certain tips and tricks to make it feel more native . Below listed is some of the tips to give progressive web app into a look and feel of native app .

Disabling Pinch To Zoom

Progressive web apps offers web user to zoom by pinching it easily . This pinching and zooming feature sometimes comes up with major problem as a user may face sometime the things get wind up out of the view . But when we are talking about native apps they often does not allow pinch to zoom features except to zoom images and maps.  The best solution is to disable this feature in order to give best experience to user .

Changing Interactive Elements

A native app will never allows you to select elements in app with hand or a mouse cursor . However this is not the case with progressive web apps which always allows selectable elements. This particular features gives a look and feel of a document rather than full fledged interface . This can be changed to non selectable element with just a fewer change in CSS code , so it’s always better to not to allow selective elements within their own app to users .

Reactive Programming

We all might have heard a technology like Angular and React . This technology is based on Javascript  which allows to load the refreshed item on page as soon as they get updated without even re refreshing the page , thereby making the app more responsive and giving more feel of native apps . Both Angular and React are well suited for dynamic content .

Setting Home Screen Icon For Each Platform

One of the features of progressive web apps in inherent ability for user to pin point app to their home screen . Every OS has their own specific interface which required their own app icons . Its onto your wish to change the app icons to make it more attractive and give it a look and feel of platform specific design . For instance adding a diagonal shadow in your app icon in android app make it more recognisable .


Progressive web apps are gaining huge popularity in recent years . As the demand of phone gap development of these apps is increasing , the developers have to keep a close eye on the latest trend in these technologies in order to make progressive app similar to mobile apps . By keeping in mind the above listed things to be avoided , you can deliver progressive apps similar to mobile app .