Java Or Kotlin : Who Is The Originator Of Android Application ?

java vs kotlin

Whenever we think of developing an android application , we always think of developing it on java language . However its 2018 , wherein there are varieties of alternatives available to build the app apart from java .

Certain programming languages has been able to catch many eyes off lately this years and one of them is Google I/O , which is now known to be the first official language of Android , named as Kotlin . Even the android studio supports Kotlin . Kotlin can be used easily in android studio and the main benefit being it reduces the overall app development time to great extent .

Now the main confusion which arises while talking about app development is which one to choose : Java or Kotlin ? Which one is better ? Lets read further to further find out .

What Is Kotlin ?

Kotlin is open source programming language use to build awesome mobile applications . It is preloaded with object oriented and functional programming features for JVM and Android .

Kotlin was originally discovered in 2010 by JetBrains , the firm which is known for its well know Java IDEs .

Kotlin VS Java

The best part for the developer when it comes to learning a Kotlin is any experienced Java developer can get the whole idea of Kotlin and that to within few hours . Kotlin is originally oriented from Java only , and that is the reason developers can use both Java and Kotlin simultaneously to get the best output .
Java frameworks and libraries can be easily created in Kotlin . Choosing Kotlin over Java will surely give you number of benefits in your app development process such as safe casting , extension function and much more .

Is Moving From Java To Kotlin Is Good & Safer Decision ?

Java is worlds most widely used programming languages , however it might not be the case when we are talking about Android development aways.
Java is a prehistoric language , although recent launch of Java 8 with lambda function has impressed many developers , but the fact is when we are actually building apps on android studio  android will only support subset Java8 features , and thereby you may not be able to take the full stack advantage of Java 8 .
Apart from it NullPointException and try catchy blocks are another of the greatest issue faced buy a programmer during development . As we all know java is ancient language , its syntax is also very old when we are comparing it with modern programming language .
So answering the above question , Kotlin code is is better than Java code , and can perfectly work on android . But Kotlin is not preferred for freshers as it will be very hard to learn in case you are not aware with the concept of core Java . So for newbies you can start with Java and can later move on to Kotlin .

So Will Winklix Prefer You To Use Kotlin ?

Java is a old school programming language which we have been using since last 10 years . Although there are high end developers who can give you an awesome output , but the limitation of programming language is always been there over the years . And that is the reason Kotlin has come with more viable approached such as :
  • Avoids NullPointExceptions errors
  • Easy to get due to open source
  • Reduces coding time for better execution
  • It can be used with Java .
  • Easy to learn in case you are familiar with syntax of Java .

Kotlin For Android Development : Yes Or Not ?

Umm… if we were in 2015 , then we would have not adopted the same as Kotlin was not mature enough art that time .
But the good news is its 2018 , and yes Kotlin is mature enough to handle all kind of request . It also pre comes with Android Studio support which means IDE knows how to get the most out of this technology . Anyone can learn this language with ease , which giving fewer long term crashes the Kotlin is hoped to be deployed with various new features in coming years .
It is a modern programming language and may overcome on Java within few years . Java and Kotlin both has the ability of supporting all Java libraries and frameworks . The support and community for Kotlin is also increasing day by day .
So Kotlin has a brighter future and Java will surely remain the pillar of android app development which every fresher should learn at initial stages .

Major Benefits Of Using SalesForce

salesforce consultant

As we all know SalesForce is one of the largest cloud platform CRM provider in the world which benefits business in number of ways thereby maintaining healthy relationship with your customer and also helps you to be ahead with your compeditiors .

When it comes to salesforce subscription , there are sets of benefits that comes preloaded in CRM . Let’s quickly look at some of the major benefits of salesforce :

#Storing Customer Information

One of the biggest advantage of using Salesforce is storing customer data on the cloud which is easy to be accessible anytime . When we are using salesforce , you will be able to access customer name , number , contact , task , events , previous follow up , their needs and more all at one place .
This gives your team couple of benefits . The very first benefit benefit being it will help you to track all the information as needed to keep your customer profile in organised way . The best things is that you will have the access of all the information needed under one common roof. These information can be easily accessible , and you will need not necessarily be worried if someone goes on a vacation , as all the information is stores on a cloud server , thereby eliminating any gaps that could have in your customer support model .
The other best thing is the information can be updated by an excel sheet in a more responsive and convenient way .

# Planning Of Accounting

As we have discussed in above paragraphs that all the customer information can just a click away . This approach helps your company employee to keep an eye on the track records , making connection with the clients , and defining plans according to past records for better results . Salesforce also facilitates an option to create a to do list and your employee can use lists to stay organised throughout a day .
Along with creating reminder you can also set reminder or assign any other employee c for taking the follow up with the clients , in case of non availability thus minimising the communication gap and helps in building stronger relationship .

# Time Management

With detailed customer information and allocation of resources at your disposal , you will actually take awesome time management benefit . For any service industry , time is money and assigned task must be completed within allotted time in order to get customer satisfaction and help build better business relationship .
Salesforce collect all the information needed and then priortize work for the client which needs to be completed according to the set deadlines .  Build in calendar tools aids visualising the complete schedule fo a day , week or a month so that you will be able to know what you have to perform today and how much time is allotted to you for the completion of the task .\

# Team Collaboration

Salesforce strengthen team collaboration and easy communication between different departments . The “Chatter” feature in salesforce helps individual as well as groups to chat about anythings they want . Chatter also addition of different team members to accounts and opportunity that really needs priortize  attention , can mark calendars for leads follow up which can finally leads to leads closure .

# Accessibility

The best things that Salesforce facilitates is it is totally based on cloud platform , which can be accessed through internet access . Salesforce also facilitates mobile app which helps you to stay ahead always by connecting your team on the go on round clock . This makes the Salesforce CRM handy for business owner as well as marketing guy who may be travelling .

Winklix offers all of these benefits and much more

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Common UX Mistake During App Development


Without any doubt it is crystal clear that an attractive app design will always attract user’s . Although mobile app development is complex task . In 2018 , where app stores are flooded with varieties of app , it’s very difficult to come up with unique brand identity which comes with User Experience (UX) design .

Attracting traffic from the search engines will takes years , if promoted continuously , and that is the reason most of the mobile apps does not able to get public attention . For any top mobile app development company the very first aim is to get better outcomes by way of user experience and user interface (UI) . It is seen in most of the cases that if the user does not find app attractive than  they most likely will not return to the app and website , due to pathetic experience .

When we are talking about UX , its much more than just interface and visual design . A good UX designer is known to be one who are innovators , creative and follows of latest trends .

Some of the common UX mistake that user must avoid during mobile app development are listed below :

Considering UX As One Person Responsibility

If you are thinking of giving a role of UX to a single person then you are absolutely wrong . UX is never going to the one person responsibility , rather it is done in team work . Usually defining a common goal and taking the whole team advisory and involvement during all over developmental process will help you to control experience and expertise at their expertise levels to notify all product assessments .

Not Considering UX At Beginning Phase

The ultimate user of the app audience . It is very important to get user feedback , their tongue of taste while designing UX at beginning stage . There are various different models that that needs to be adopted to enhance the chance of app success like MVP , prototype , wireframe and more .

Avoid Complicated Login Pages

You must have seen the apps that contain lengthy and complicated login process , which sometime irritates user which finally leads to deletion of apps . Offering a simple social login or login via email and phone number / else providing them with guest login option is better solution .

Complicated And Messy App

Application should always be neat and clean , should provide navigation guide to user about how they can use the app highlighting important features of app and a clear cut easy to use functioning . The designer should have a clear vision preset in mind that the app is getting developed for personal use and not commercial use . Together with the designer innovativeness , you must also take care of clients demand and choice to get the best output .

Confusion Between UI And UX

UI and UX are two different things , although U is considered as core in mobile app development . It is has not been handled with care , all other depending modules and function will also not be on the track . The technology is continuously changing in dynamically changing environment and the design must adopt the latest technology in order to get best fit output . Use of material design , visual design , graphical design can help app in delivering the best UX .

Don’t Write Complicated Content

Content is the king to success in online environment . It helps in SEO , it helps in engaging user , getting app features on App Store and much more . Avoiding complicated content writing will add value to your app . User finds very difficult to read and understand  complicated content , and hence content should be informative .

Don’t Avoid Feedback

Feedback is always known as a charger for mobile app . Taking feedback as important things and making the changes accordingly will help the team to know the outcome go their hard-work performed . Always asking clients for feedback , rating and comments will add on to your app brand value and help you improve the app according to the needs and choice of the user. Feedback is always for betterment of app , no never ever think of neglecting it .