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There has been huge fuzz around the Blockchain and bitcoin in the recent times. These technologies have been a very interesting area. It is capturing the imagination of the users. If someone told you about 10 years ago that there will exist a currency which will not governed by the government or bank and the transactions involved cannot be hacked by the third, you will think that the person must be joking. Well… fast forwarding to today, it has become possible due to the blockchain and bitcoin technology. What the future holds for both of them? We will try to figure it out but first let us try to understand what is the difference between blockchain and bitcoin? 

Dissimilarities between Blockchain and Bitcoin


It is an online cyber-currency. Bitcoin wallet holds all your cyber-currencies and is used to buy, sell and use the currencies. There are two ways to have the currency, either you can mine the bitcoin or you can buy the bitcoin. Mining of bitcoin is very interesting as it allows users to mine the bitcoin by spending your computer resources like processor for maintaining the blockchain ledger and solving the complexities. 


Bitcoin is made possible due to blockchain technology. A decentralized record is created with the help of this technology which cannot be changed. It is impossible to make any modifications in the record because every node is connected to each other. So the security of your previous bitcoin is very tight.

Bitcoin: A universal currency for future?

Nobody knows what the future has in store for us, but I believe that bitcoin will stay for a longer period in the future. It has a very good future ahead. However, it is extremely difficult for a cryptocurrency to be a universal currency so soon. But if you look at long term perspective you may see that this currency will be spend on most website just like PayPal and credit cards.

It is just a beginning of bitcoin. Just like when Internet came into picture, nobody thought it will be huge as what is it today. Today after so many years, almost everyone is quite aware of the internet and is using it. Similarly, bitcoin is a new concept and people are just beginning to understand what bitcoin is and how it works. There is a possibility that in the long term, people will be using bitcoin and it will be a known thing just like what internet is today for the people. The more and more people get used to it, bitcoin will continue to develop and there will be more places where it will be accepted by the people for the payment. This is how the bitcoin cycle will continue to go on.

Bitcoin has an excellent future ahead of it as it can be used as something to trade with. If in the future, it can buy you a cup of tea, then this will be a huge plus. This will completely change how the money works and it can even replace the physical currency.

The future begins now!

The initiation has already begun. In Venezuela, where the physical currency was unstable, people started using bitcoin as a currency as it was the only stable form of the currency and it didn’t require banks. All you need is an internet connection to trade bitcoin making it very convenient. The number of cryptocurrencies has already grown close to 900. These are very exciting times to be in and there is a great future for the cryptocurrencies.

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There has been a sharp rise in the app development industry. Due to this very reason, the number of jobs in the IT industry keeps on augmenting. But… what it takes to design an app, let’s find out!

According to recent studies, there are millions of applications worldwide and the number keeps on growing with each passing day. Not all the apps make it through the success benchmark and lot of apps fail due to poor app design. Here we will be explaining the mistakes that you must avoid while designing your app.

Finding out the errors in the development phase is an easy task. We can just allow users to test the applications and according to the results, errors can be corrected. However, if we ignore the errors in the testing phase, then it becomes really difficult to test the application.

There is always a trail left behind…


With this entire app development process on the rise, even the most experienced developers will leave an error. No matter how good they are, they will always leave an error behind. This error will negatively impact the brand image. The worst part is that the error may be so minute that we may not be able to detect it. But  it will seriously impact the app performance .

We have made a list of the most commonly occurring errors in the designing of the app. This will assist the designers and developers to do designing and development respectively very efficiently. This list goes on as follows:

  • Ignoring the flow of application

It is very essential that the application must have a proper workflow and it must be convenient for the users to use. It will be huge mistake if you don’t think about the flow of the app before designing. It may make the users confused about how to reach a certain feature of the app. It may also happen that something comes up after the beginning of designing which you ignored due to which you will have to undo previous work. So it is important to keep in mind about the proper flow of app.

  • Designing the app for all the platforms at the same time

Both android and iOS are completely different from each other. Investing money on both the apps together is not a good idea because if your app fails, then you will have to suffer losses on both platforms. However if you  prefer to design your app only for one specific platform, then you can get a brief overview to see the reviews of all the people. So even if you design fails, you can improve the design on other platform. This will save lot of money

  • Expecting users to use the services without offering anything

This is foolish and one of the biggest mistake that app designers make. If you don’t provide anything then asking for registration from the users is not a preferred step as the users will not waste their time to register. However if you are providing something, then you would have to show the consumer what you are providing before asking them to subscribe. You can do this be providing screenshots and description on the app store page.

  • Ignoring the importance of on-boarding

On-boarding is the first step when users use the app after downloading. First impression is everything. If you are not able to produce a good impression for your app, then no one is going to use it. Explain the whole process of how to use the app to the users. Make proper slides or animation explaining each and every detail.

  • Not giving importance to the UX of the app

A great design is very necessary for attracting the user. If you don’t have a great layout design of the app, then you will have difficulties in bringing more downloads of your app. So make sure that your app has a great design.

  • Too many features

Make sure that your app does not incorporate too many features as it will make the user confused about the different features of the app. Start with the basic design and then gradually add the features which will compel the users to use the app.

  • Having different design layouts

Too many layouts of design in the same app can confuse the user. It feels as if the app design is not standard and makes it very ordinary which will give a bad image of the app

  • Doing beta testing by yourself

As the alpha testing is done by the developers and designers themselves, the beat testing must be done by someone who has  no knowledge of the app. This is because we have to get both perspective of the app, those who use the app and those who don’t use the app.

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The mobile game app development is growing at a very astounding rate.  Mobile platform is one of the most preferred platforms and the number of mobile game users is increasing day by day. 

As the mobile games are more complex than the regular game, we must pay attention to the legal aspects of the game. We should make sure that we are following all the rules within the law. There are certain security guidelines to safeguard our mobile game app development. To avoid the legal issue related to the app development, it is essential to protect it legally. Here are some tips to do so:

Safeguard your idea

Every game begins with an idea. This is the basic foundation of a game. However you need to have a proper strategy before starting the development of game. When you propose an idea to an app development company, the designing team, development team, testing team etc. everyone will get to know about your idea. If your idea is stolen then your idea may be used by the people to build the app before you do. 

However you can protect the app by signing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in which it is stated that your idea will not be disclosed by the development party. Winklix has also the provision of developers signing the NDA so that you don’t have to concern about the security of your idea.

Secure your Software

As already mentioned that while creating your app you will have to share your idea with the app development company. If you have some programming skills i.e. if you have knowledge of HTML and other language, you can safeguard your app by yourself. If you have some friends or colleagues who are expert in this field, then you can ask them to protect your app.

While outsourcing the project read the points like ‘commissioned work’ and ‘work done under a contractual relationship’ very carefully and then only sign the documents. This is the agreement you do with the third parties.

You may safeguard your app by making it copyright, by reserving the rights, through industrial rights. These three steps are great way to protect your app.

Protect the privacy of the users

For the successful launch of an app, it is necessary for the client to protect the rights and privacy of the company. The relationship between the user and the company is of utmost importance. The company has to take care of the privacy of the users. You have to take care of the language which you use with the users; you can’t force them, you can only request.

It is all about the access permissions needed to run the app. If you want certain app features to access personal information of the app, then you have to ask them. If they grant you the access permissions, then only you can access their private information like location, age etc. If they deny the access permission, then you have no right to access their private information. You have to respect that, you can’t force them.

Privacy notice and user licence

There are two documents namely privacy notice and user licence that need to be prepared while developing the game.

Privacy Notice:   

These are the notices that are necessary for the safety of the mobile app. It is valid in digital, audio or text format. These are used to inform the users that the app requires permission to access their details. These can be accessed on the Google’s play store and Apple’s app store pages. These must be provided in the app in such a way that it does not hinder the user experience while using the app. Mostly, the companies use ‘I agree’ feature to accept the access permissions.

User Licence:

It is a very essential document that includes all the details about the game like how to play the game? What it is about? Who holds the rights of the game? It basically allows each and every user to download the game.

Stay away from all the illegal threats for your mobile app game development

As the scope of the game is to target the audience of many countries, it is essential to make sure that your rules does not violate any rule of the country or region. Make sure that there is no plagiarism as it may result in illegal complications. Make sure that you have taken permissions from the respective parties or persons if you are using their product or anything that belongs to them. The content should not be copied and make sure that you have done everything according to the law.

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