Winklix Ascends as Top Mobile App Development Company in New Jersey at GoodFirms

The expertise of the app development enthusiasts at Winklix has made the company rise as a top mobile app development company in New Jersey at GoodFirms.


Winklix holds an impressive team of website designers, WordPress developers, and online advertising experts with over 15+ years of consolidated experience for versatile industries. This enables the company to offer its clients the best in web solutions and internet marketing services. The core aim of Winklix is to execute customer-focused solutions making its clients agile and productive. The global clients of Winklix namely CCD, GaadiWeb, BPTP, Advance India and the likes can vouch for that!


The research team of GoodFirms scraped that 30% of the Winklix service is dedicated to customized software development as well as the mobile app & web development occupy 20% each of the focus pie chart. The interesting part is that a lion’s share equals to 80% of the business is obtained from small and medium-sized businesses for Winklix. Blockchain development, IT consultation, ERP/CRM development, and SalesForce/SAP consultation happen to be another forte for the team of Winklix.

Elements of GoodFirms’ Research Process

The companies that register with GoodFirms get researched and accredited regularly. The scoring and ranking process is based on primary and secondary research from data available from various sources.


The research process heavily relies on three principal evaluations – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. The quality of the company is evaluated based on client ratings and project portfolios. Market penetration and experience is considered for assessing the reliability of the agency. While the ability of the company is judged based on company resources.


GoodFirms recently assessed Winklix for their service-offerings in three techno-commerce niches. The synopsis of the research is given below:


Winklix Assessment and Rankings on GoodFirms

Mobile App Development Company

Winklix is primarily a custom mobile app development company that specializes in catering with customized mobile solutions for startups, medium as well as Fortune 500 firms globally. Providing end-to-end solutions to its clients is basically integrated into the DNA of its core services. The highly polished apps created by the team of Winklix have always been loved by the users and even featured on the AppStore. These comprehensive facts have earned the company a deserved vantage on the list of top mobile app development companies in New Jersey at GoodFirms.      


WordPress Development Company

Winklix utilizes the adaptability of the WordPress platform to create websites that can be effectively maintained and updated. The framework engineering plans of Winklix pursue robust development approaches, coding practices, and techniques. The tech wizards of Winklix are driven by an all-encompassing plan theory that calls for adjusting productive usefulness, unparalleled client experience, and imaginative appeal. Needless to say, Winklix will soon be highlighted on the global list of top WordPress development companies at GoodFirms.


Blockchain Development Company

The market-leading developers of Winklix possess the required expertise for decentralized application (dApp) development as well. The industry owned dApp developers at the company create blockchain applications with awesome design and user-friendly functionalities. Moreover, their work in blockchain solutions has been recognized by worldwide media and has the potential to make the next big app in the market.


The blockchain team of Winklix work by emphasizing on the continuous feedback at every step to ensure successful wireframes to a full-featured app. These simple facts have made sure of the company’s arrival on the global list of top blockchain technology companies at GoodFirms.


About GoodFirms

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