The way to assess an app

Majority of the enterprises across the globe have an app in Google Play or Apple Store or in both. Unfortunately, 75% of apps get utilized just once after being downloaded, and then shunned forever. Do you know the reason for the same? It is a sad fact that excellent ideas don’t necessarily guarantee excellent outcomes. In order to accelerate business values, enterprises must constantly assess their app’s business and technical repercussions, introspect the way they establish connections with consumers and configure their apps to live up to changing realities.

If the app is not helping enterprises to get the ROI they desire, then the next course of action should be mobile app assessment. By assessing your app you get to know how efficiently your app accomplishes your business objectives and find out the gaps to be plugged.

We have devised this mobile app assessment tool to aid enterprises accomplish the ROI they have always dreamt about. By analyzing your mobile app with this instrument you can acquire valuable knowledge about your app performance against your business objectives and where you are going off the boil. This mobile app evaluation also enlightens you about evaluating an app on the basis of business and technical impact.

Our mobile app assessment tool comprises :

An in depth classification of KPIs to evaluate your mobile app are; user acquisition, user retention, user experience, revenue impact, and technical performance

A graded scale to assist you perceive the way your app is performing

Personalized suggestions on next course of action and scope for improvement on the basis of your score

Detailed formula classifications to aid you in arriving at your ROI metrics, including; user acquisition costs, app churn rate, app referral value, and user lifetime value

Access to extra resources to assist you in increasing your knowledge of concepts brought in through our suggestions

Way To Assess An App

To extract maximum from your mobile app evaluation tool, you must have a decent knowledge of the five key areas this assessment will deal with. Also, why they are critical while assessing an app.

User Acquisition

This happens to be the number of users downloading and installing an app from a certain location and locate the app either via natural search, word-of-mouth, or paid campaigns. It is a must to evaluate your user acquisition metrics (installs, bounce rate) as they offer solid peek into the kind of marketing endeavors to get maximum number of new users and direct marketing team to focus on their future efforts.

User Retention

This pertains to the percentage of users who come to an app on the basis of the date of their initial visit. Assessing your user retention details (DAU, MAU, Session length) aids in finding out if your app truly gives value to your users. For example, if you observe that the number of daily active users your app attracts is not in sync with the goal you have set, it means time is ripe to reassess your users’ requirements as their expectations might have changed since your app first launched.

Bottomline Effect

Eventually success of an app hinges on its capacity to multiply revenue or at the very least perceptible ROI. Assessing your app’s monetization will enable you to take well-thought out calls regarding the future of your app and anticipate any fiscal woes that might crop up.

Mobile App Functioning

The assessment yardsticks coming under this area will aid in offering insight into important aspects regarding the way an app performs, for example, if an app malfunction all the time it’s opened on an iPhone. These metrics can be utilized to optimize an app as performance hiccups such as lengthy loading periods and constant app crashes will make user retention almost impossible.

User Experience

Ideal mobile apps have one usual aspect: they are very useful for users. If you want a user to repeatedly use the app then the commodity has to be useful and provides good value. Assessing your user experience with industry standards gives you a good account of where you stand with the app.

Are You Willing To Find Out Where the Gap Lies in the App?

In order to build a valuable app you must know business strategy, product strategy, mobile app architecture, user experience design, and mobile app marketing. These things function in combination to ensure a smooth end-to-end experience. We have a humongous experience of working with several clients and building customized apps. In case you want to know more about your app’s growth or focus on improvement areas then our design thinking workshop is an ideal place to begin. To know more about our design thinking services and the way to book a consultation, click here.

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