How is NFC different from other payment mechanisms?

How is NFC different from other payment mechanisms?


We have heard a lot about Apple Pay and Google Pay. However, does anyone know what they represent? They are nothing, but NFC mobile payment types. NFC happens to be a major technological breakthrough, which has given consumers the facility of tap-and-go. At the heart of every mobile action is a tiny microchip and radio antenna performing the tap-and-go functions that is near field communication (NFC). This encryption technology is changing the manner in which users are obtaining information, offering payments, and exchanging data across devices. This write up is nothing but a genuine effort to intimate people about the entire spectrum of the NFC mobile payments.

What do you mean by NFC?

This is nothing but a mechanism that permits contactless communication to facilitate data exchange between devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With NFC at your disposal, you can simply wave your phone in the direction of an enabled device and exchange information without the need of a connection. Given the ease and swiftness, the technology has become a widely used one.

Its way of functioning

It is very convenient to conclude that NFC is nothing but another form of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. All the three work on the mechanism of wireless communication and data transfer, however there is a difference. The NFC functions by utilizing electromagnetic fields, but both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth rely on radio transmissions. NFC happens to be a section of RFID (radio-frequency identification), a technology that helps spot things via radio waves. RFID is not a new phenomenon, in fact, the technology has been in vogue for decades in the form of activities such as scanning things at grocery stores and luggage on baggage claims. The basics behind the technology are very similar, but the operation is restricted to the extent of proximity. For the majority of users the proximity control is an important security aspect considering the crucial part it plays in mobile payment.

Types of NFC devices

NFC devices are of two types: active and passive. Passive devices comprises things such as smart posters, merchandise beacons, and contactless POS terminals. These can make available information for active devices, but cannot obtain external information. As for Active devices, they can dispatch radio-frequency currents that communicate and get data from enabled hosts.

Not a mere digital wallet

NFC can be easily restricted to the aspect of mobile payment, but the reality is that it can be used in many other arenas apart from tap-and-go purchases. NFC can be a potent tool for interactive marketing. Armed with NFC, marketers can easily reach out to their target audience by using instant data and delivering personalized messages. With the help of NFC, it becomes easier to promote loyalty programs and cut out the possibility of gathering multiple rewards cards. The NFC’s ability to engage customers can be best illustrated with the real estate market. By tagging NFC on real estate, signs, or listings a buyer can be helped in various manners. Apart from providing details regarding a property, agents can also give images, floorplans, graphical representation of the whole property, and other things buyers would love to know. This type of interaction can be a very meaningful way to establish valuable connections between brands and their consumers.

Security Concerns

It can be worrisome for some people to perform transactions via mobile phones. After all, everyone desires safety of their data and money. Even with banks and credit card safety is of paramount significance. As far as electronic transactions are concerned there is a modicum of risk. However, payments made via NFCs are considered they are very safe and secure. The data in an NFC transaction is encrypted and dynamic, implying that it keeps on changing, dissimilar to the data on a swipe card, which happens to be static—data remains on the rear of your card. So, NFC is a mechanism that ensures secure monetary transactions.

The way of functioning of Dynamic Encryption

Instead of storing the credit card number of the device, mobile payments utilize something called tokenization. In case of Apple Pay, once a snap of a credit card is taken and loaded into their iPhone, Apple dispatches every particulars to the bank pertaining to the card or network. After this, banks and networks hide the bank details through a series of randomly generated numbers. The number is then sent to Apple, which programs it back into the phone of the user. This implies that the particulars of the account on a phone can’t be exploited by the scamsters. Whenever there is a transaction, the phone dispatches a short-term number to the point-of-sale and this can be used only for that particular transaction. This number is different for any new transaction. Thus the encryption process involved severely restricts the risk of manipulation or theft. On top of this security feature, Apple Pay is also fortified by Touch and Face ID, fingerprint technology of Apple. This means even if you misplace or lose your phone, nobody can do anything with Apple Pay. As it requires either your fingerprint or face to recognize your identity. This also explains why the Apple Pay functions only with the latest iPhone models, that comes with the added layer of protection like Touch ID.

Google Pay and HCE

Contrary to Apple Pay, Google Pay works with HCE, or host card emulation. Over here, the user’s physical card is imitated in a different manner as the account information is kept in the confines of the cloud, as against the device. In this payment mechanism as well a certain degree of tokenization comes into play as the payment data is kept safely in the cloud, however the tokenization method is also cloud-oriented, which according to a few is not that secure.


EMVCo enables worldwide interchangeability and availability of safe mobile payments. The organization is gradually progressing towards stating the architecture, specifications, needs, and type approval processes to complement the EMV mobile NFC payments. These include:

  1. Needs related to the sanctioning of product type
  2. Prime operational criteria for mobile devices
  3. Substantiation processes of a Cardholder
  4. Certification needs like a security assessment for the SE having the payment application
  5. Needs for recognizing EMV application on an equipment
  6. Conforming to a reference application activation user interface (AAUI) on the mobile phone

What future holds for NFC

In the times to come , NFC has a huge opportunity to eliminate every cash card in your purse. Considering the current scenario, the various digital technologies are quickening the prospect of a cashless society. NFC mobile transactions not only lessen the variety of surfaces we come into contact with (i.e., credit card, POS terminal, etc.), it is also very convenient, quick and safer. The time is ripe for companies to look for every possible way to integrate NFC into their mobile strategies. With NFC at your disposal, a safe, swift and smart money exchange environment is within your grip.

Enhancing Customer Experience With Digital No Touch Payment In Covid-19 Times

Enhancing Customer Experience With Digital No Touch Payment In Covid-19 Times

If you are reading this article , then you must be aware that how COVID-19 is spreading worldwide and have affected people , process and enterprises worldwide . The novel coronavirus continues to increase at high speed as fatal virus remains unchecked . In this unpredictable times , the world relies on technology and how any fin-tech infrastructure works . Adding on electronic payment ecosystem is very much important for any business owner as well as their customers in this times .
In this pandemic situation wherein social distancing is must , payment ecosystem is challenging job . At Winklix , our tech team has identified various factors wherein we can build exclusive technology roadmaps which strengthen payment cycle for many of our customers . Our team sole aim is to harness the power of technology in digital contactless payments . And that is the reason we have facilitated many of our clients to build payment gateway infrastructure and digital ecosystem .

Unlocking Power Of No-Touch Digital Transactions 

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we are used to our life . Contactless payment are now considered as more safer and hygienic way of payment . And that is the reason some of the key fintech players in marketplace are rushing towards adopting this contactless payment option .
In fact as per recent study , leadings technology leaders as well as government is promoting touch less digital transactions . Due to this push , digital transactions are expected to raise by 9 percentage worldwide . In order to make adoption even more faster , government are guiding persons the personal benefits of digital payment ecosystem .
That is the reason we are helping our clients to develop technology advanced e-payment platform to address changing business needs which will aid consumers to avoid crowded marketplace as well as place a cap on social interactions . In addition to it , it will help business embrace concept of e-payments as well as money less transactions . 

Do More With Chat 

We develop build in chat interface for facilitating chat between consumers and merchants in a way that consumer can discuss payment specific condition or any other condition related to order booking , deliverers and more right from one platform .
The whole idea behind developing of in-app chat interface is to facilitate clients with interface wherein they can change the way they used to interact with consumers . Chat facility facilitates consumers to chat with the merchant on real time basis . It will also facilitate to prebook any order and pay directly to merchant without being navigated to any other mobile app . By this way the whole experience of using app will become more intuitive and hassle free .
Our main focus is always to focus on UI/UX part in this challenging time as well in order to give your app faster and more easier performance . Further more the payment system will be more intuitive in a way that you don’t have to steep learning curve .

Making Payment In Secured Manner Is Topmost Priority 

Finally last but not the least , it’s obvious that we can’t enhance the whole UI/UX part without keeping an eye on security . When it comes to payment , security is top most concern in every digital interaction that will transact in ecosystem .
If you are one of those fintech giant who is having security glitches in payment system , then it may attract fraudulence and cyber attracts amid COVID-19 outbreak . Our software comes with full fledge security protocols in a way that digital transactions can be carried on in secured manner .
We have also included escrow feature in our software so that customer can trust fintech companies payment system for their payment made to vendors and getting back to their wallet or bank accounts in case of any queries or cancellation .
In addition to it , the digital wallets for both consumers and merchants have very high end security feature to process your request as well as sending and receiving payments .

Other Features : Miscellaneous 

Other than just facilitating contactless payment , the fintech industries has come up with other awesome things too . They also facilitate newsfeeds wherein the business owners can send news or offers for promoting their offers and customer can seasonally get offers and discounts on products as well as on new arrivals . Thereby these posts can be easily visible by all business followers on the platform .
The users on the other hand can also use newsfeed for doing and recording transactions of amount , comment and like .In this way newsfeed feature can obviously bring add on benefits for both vendors and consumers by way of digital advertising irrespective of their size of business ( whether small or big ) .

Unleash The Power Of Digital Possibilities With Technology Giant 

We take every challenging task as a challenge and thereby when it comes to real fintech ecosystem implementation for increasing our digital transactions in these COVID-19 times , feel free to reach out to our tech team . At Winklix , we are expertise in development of web based and mobile based fintech ecosystems .
If your enterprise is seeking help in web application development , then you are probably at right place . We have in house team of designers and developers who have decades of experience in working with fintech creators from all over the world . Get connected with our worldwide sales team for shaping your business idea in this difficult times as well .

How To Make Real Time Messaging App

How To Make Real Time Messaging App

 Have you ever wondered how  to develop real time messaging app like WhatsApp ? The messaging world has changes so much in last few years . Gone are days when we use text SMS for communicating over chat with person . In fact messaging world has been revolutionised by introduction of emojional in messaging . 
Similar in present COVID times , business firms potential totally depends on employee management and workplace communication , specially when everyone is working from home . In similar way effective communication with your business clients is also one of the imperative things to consider . Hence either now or in future , companies have to understand the important of tools for communicating within as well as outside the organisation .
In order to quickly tackle with this situation is to create real time chat feature so that each piece of information can instantly get handy with users . Apart from it , you must partner with software development company , who can help you with integration of chat functionality is your already published app or develop an app right from scratch just like Slack .
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If you are all set to create your instant messaging app , then we at Winklix has something technically advanced waiting for you . But before we deliver the robust solution to you , let’s explore the secret behind making successful mobile app . You must ask there questionnaires before starting : 

  • Firstly , it is good idea to create messaging apps ? 
  • How exactly does messaging apps works ? 
  • Last , but not the least how to create messaging apps ? 

Let’s start the engine and get down on how to create messaging apps . A good messaging app is the one which offers users with best UI/UX as well as stand at good place in respect of its competitors .
As per the report from Facebook , the art of communications are messages that matters . Presently almost 80 % of the people aged between 16-24 years are using messaging apps and in genZ nearly 13-18 almost 91 % are using messaging apps . The reason being: 

  • Ease of usability
  • Convenience 
  • Can be used in working hours 
  • Multitasking , ie chatting with multi users at a time 
  • No hold times 

Also as per statista , in terms of numbers of mobile phones messaging apps worldwide , it is expected to grow to three billion by 2022 .

As per another report of Statista , in July 2019 , WhatsApp was leading mobile messenger app globally .

Undoubtedly , as per the above stats , you can see the drift in marketing of messaging apps . Hence it is good idea to hire mobile app developer to create your own app in short span of time .
It does not matter how many messaging apps are present in marketplace , as they are going to cost you on monthly per user basis . For instance say Slack cost $ 8 per month per active users . In addition to it , data security is always a major concern specially when you are dealing in finance sector . This raise a demand for custom message app development .

Essential Features Of Messaging App 

Instant Messaging 

Irrespective of content and context in messaging apps , all messaging apps bits of information right from one user to another on real time basis . Therefore this is the main functionality of messaging apps that you should always pay attention .

The Coded Chat 

As and now , you might be hearing about security breaches . In messaging app , when person are communicating on real time , it is very much important to carry on the same in secured environment keeping in mind the unparalleled level of security .

The Delivery Ticks Confirmation 

This feature facilitate users to see whether their message has been reached and seen by user or not .

Unsend Message Notification 

This features notifies users for messages which are unsend from their end .

Group Chat Option 

Group chat option is required to send messages to groups and communities at one go . It can also be used for discussion with certain people at once for some specific matters .

Video & Voice Messages     

In some circumstances , users does not feel like typing for longer text messages  . Rather they prefer to call over voice or video or send audio message to users . So for facilitating user with extra layer of convenience , you must facilitate audio and video call as well . With the right app developer in India , you can easily implement this functionality in your chat app .   

Technical Feature Of Messaging Apps 

The Lines Of Code 

Code selection for development of messaging apps are real key to success .
When it comes to mobile app development , the very first question that may arise in mobile app developers mind is which language to use for server side implementation ? It should be chosen with utmost care as it will be acting as a backbone for app reliability , scalability and it is the one which will be handling millions of connection per node .
ErLang and GoLang are the two who have proven themselves reliables and efficient for messaging app development .
Erlang – You will be excited to know that most used WhatsApp is developed using Erlang . Erlang was written inn early 1990’s specifically for telecommunications equipment and supported design with its concurrency . But Erlang is not so popular language , hence lines of codes is not everyone hands job . Thereby choosing the right talent is important to develop your app on this technology .
Golang – Golang is backend language developed by Google which is very simple to code with ultra fast speed that can even be compiled with native code . It addition to it , it also supports concurrency by design and has garbage collector as well .
Concurrency model of both Erlang and Golang are inspired by CSP (Communicating Sequential Process) .
In comparison between both , undoubtedly golang has large array of open source projects , and thereby you can easily find Golang developer which comprising it with Erlang .

Communicating Parameters 

Haven’t heard about this terms ? Don’t worry . In order to develop your own messaging apps , you actually need to choose your communication protocol .
We can define communication parameter as set of rules and guidelines which facilitates real time exchange of data between two or more devices at the same time . It provider a way to seamless make connection even in low latency for connection making between two or more participants .
Don’t try to skip this , as messaging app development is not possible without this parameters . Some of the definitive protocols of this are : 
If you are from technical background , you might have heard of the term web sockets . This is one of the safest and modern platform facilitating bi-directional data exchange between clients and server .
At the time when connection is established , server and client both can exchange data without any additional request from client side . As soon as data arrives to server , client will receive data . As there may be case that numerous of users can be connected at same time , web socket are capable enough to send messages in faster way and at the same time consumes less traffic while comparing it with other competitive protocols that you might have heard of .
MQTT ( Message Queuing Telemetry Transport )Choosing this can be a worthwhile choice for exchanging of data between clients and servers . MQTT also holds ability to connect with IoT devices . It offers safe connection over TLS with support of TCP/IP .
XMPP ( Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol ) Is is one of the delegated XML protocol for time communication . It is very much scalable as per demand and has been designed specifically for real-time messaging with efficient push mechanism .
It is very much secured and safe as it uses SASL . In addition to it , mobile app development company can work on end to end encryption to make it more secured . As it is decentralised in nature , anyone can easily make their own XMPP server .
However when there are pros , there are cons as well . It is quite complex to implement . It also does not offer message delivery confirmation which is now a days one of the essential feature . So as far as from developer point of view they need to handle it manually .
Restoring Chat History In general there are two approaches when it comes to restoring of chat history : 

  • In the cloud 
  • On user’s smartphone 

Storing of data in the cloud will provide extra layer of functionality for users to retrieve chat from cloud when switching between devices but at the same time will cost you additionally on your server side . On the other hand , you can also contact software development company who can aid you with storing of chat history in users Google Drive account . But Google Drive only has capability of storing text message only .

Final Check 

After closing with communication protocols and backend finalisation , we can move towards final closure . We have discovered some features from our own personal search which can help you to make strong presence in respect of your competitors like WhatsApp and WeChat .


Chatbots can be integrated within the app . They have certain predefined sets of questions and answers for business as well as individual account , which can facilitate user to do search , transfer funds , send common messages and so on .

Digital Payment Gateway 

WhatsApp has released ” WhatsApp payment ” facilitating users and small business to send and receive money digitally .


Still there is a room for some great messaging apps which is yet to come . Don’t wait , rather make an next generation communication app by hiring top mobile app development company .