Technology Stack To Choose To Meets All Project Quirk

One of the toughest decision is technology to choose while building an mobile app , specially in a case you are non technical person and just want your app to get ready with best output . As numerous of alternative are available to choose from , you may not be able to choose specifically one with a fear of choosing a wrong language .

The very first step you should take is understanding about technology stack so that differentiation between the available technologies can be viable and you can actually choose between the available options .

Technology Stack

A technology stack is clapping hands of programming language and a software products . It can build an mobile application using 2 components , front end and back end.

Backend Technology Stack

Backend is scene going on behind the curtains of movie hall .User never going to focus on backend , instead they will focus on what they see , i.e. the front end .
But for an backend programmer LAMP(Linux , Apache , MySQL, PHP) with two new addition as Ruby or Python in place of PHP .
A programming languages is selected along with frameworks that are extremely useful thus simplyfing user authentication and data access .
Some of the frameworks with their languages are given below :
Frameworks and languages used in them ::
– Ruby on rails  –   Ruby
– Django             –   Python
– Node.js             –  Javascript
– Laravel            –   PHP
– .NET                –   C#

Front End Technology Stack

Front end is visual graphical part for the user , that will be directly interacting with the world through web browser or a mobile application .
Commonly used language for web browser is :
– Javascript
For mobile application , swift for iOS and java for Android is used .

How to choose ?

Its advisable to go with the easiest options available in case you want to start with the basic project , due to their availability at lower price and with more developmental options , such as core PHP that can deliver high performance result .
However for high end functionalities and performance you can move on with Ruby on Rails .

How can it affect long term maintainability ?

The maintainability is affected by 3 factors : structure , code length and duplicate codes .
The structure compromise of hierarchy in which the programming language is coded that will define future sustainability .
The good software developer will encode in such a way which is easy to understand with multiple layers which can minimise hacking , and at the same time , same coding can be used for other website as well . However , a initial level developer can write a multiple line code which may get difficult to understand and reuse on other places . Writing codes and reusing is  character of good coder which unfortunately everyone not possess .


If you want to move on with time , all modern variant of open source should be used . is mobile app development company which can help customer to choose right languages and can deliver the rock awesome mobile apps , in cost effective manner .

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