Chatbots are spelling out future of messenger apps

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According to reports , global messaging app user is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2020 , due to some advancement in technologies like chatbots and AI which has bought a big change in the way to communicate with the people .

Chatbots simplify task for the user .

As soon as chatbots has been introduced in industry , is has open many closed doors for the smartphones industry . Chatbots are of two types  :

Firstly , it can help you to find information  , buy things by means of virtual assistance .

Secondly , messengers can can help brand and user of two way communication .

It is just the begginning of the new era of the industry where billions of user are expected to arrive in next few years , and that is the reason many top brands has already implemented chatbots in their system whether to chat with front customer or for their internal management .

Lesser knows facts about chatbots  :

1.5 billion people use messaging apps

According to studies , messaging apps are better than any social media apps , thus there is is projection of user increment by upto 25 percent in mobile app messaging field .

User are ready to engage with chat box

According to humanity , most people would prefer to talk to chatbot to communicate with business or brand .

People want to communicate retailer by chat

People try contacting retailer by chat , rather than surfing the products online . Online chatting gives them a one time solution of giving the full order at a glance rather than browsing the product online .

Best Off Page Strategies To Make Your Website Rank Higher

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The importance of SEO in present world is know by almost everyone . But the question arises , how to optimise your website in such a way that it appears more appealing to the users .

According to experts , a shop located in some internal street will never get customer until and until customer are made aware about it , or shop is offering something awesome . Likewise we just can’t wait for people over the internet to magically start knowing our brand and start googling the same .

It is similar to having an house with a good interior , but from outside it is old age stone house , then how will you guide someone to reach at your house , even without knowing the coordinated of it .

I guess by asking the local persons and autowallahs , right ? That is what off page SEO is all about .

Firstly there are two types of SEO :

1. On-Page SEO

2. Off – Page SEO

On Page SEO 

On page SEO is all about title , description , content , keywords and other stuff . It is basically focusing on outside exterior , so that people will be able to recognise you .

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is somewhat similar to showing the world where your website is standing out  , apart from showing only to local citizens . This is the main factor which will help you in your website ranking improvement . It also helps with improving website position in SERP .
Best off page SEO tactics that can help you climb up in search engine rankings are given below
1) Social Media Engagement :
We all love social media ! Isn’t so ?? Although is nothing but a time pass kind of thing , but we love them a lot and spend a time of the day on surfing of social media . And that is the reason , any brand should register themselves and should be active all time on social media platforms .Almost all social media platform is having high PR , DA and DR which may prove beneficial for your website .
Don’t know what is PR ,DA and DR ?
DA : Domain Authority which tells how much your website is able to rank high in search results .
PA : Page authority is similar to DA but page authority tells you ability of your individual pages .
PR : Page ranks , which is calculated according to google’s page rank algorithm to rank websites .
2) Media Submission
Numerous of images , videos and media graphic sites are flooded in market , which is highly efficient in ranking of your website . Adding pages , description , and reference links will definitely add spices to it . These website have high DA and PA and they can provide your website with high quality backlinks .
3) Guest Blogging
Guest blogging means we usually search for high DA sites , to publish our blog with a link of our website to get high quality backlinks , thus helping in achieving better ranking position .
Secondly they would publish your blog due to following reason :
  • Either you are writing a good quality article on their sites , thus helping their writer to save the same and resources .
  • Your blog is live on their platform , and in return you are also publishing their blog or doing some bookmarking kind of stuff .
  • Apart from above reason , money always works out .
4) Doc Sharing
Many sites are allowing you to share documents such as pdf , presentation etc , thus helping you to easily interlinking your website url in doc’s .
5) Persona Development

If you really want to stand out of the crowd , this is what you all have to do .This included blog commenting , Q&A forums , forum submission etc .

6) Social Bookmarking

If you want good traffic  with qualified visitors and social followings , social bookmarking is good option. Social bookmarking can be done by creating a complete social media profile of your business son Facebook , twitter and other available mediums , trying to prefer quality over quantity and some other stuff .

Some of the most common sites are  : Pearltrees , Stumbleupon , RedditDelicious etc .

The Conclusion

If you think your jobs end after writing a quality content , then it is absolutely not . You need to promote it as well to reach large number of readers  . Thus off page SEO helps your website in achieving higher position  .Think i missed something ? Comment in the comment section below .

Why You Should Update Your Old Blog Post Reguarly

why to update blog reguarly


If you have been continuously blogging for a while , then you might have hundreds of blog which has become a stale now for search engines , even if you worked hard to write the same . If you have worked hard to write the same , then your blog should also continuously work hard to to drive you more traffic .

Some believes that once the post has been published , it is destined to remain deep in depths of your blog all the time . One of the biggest example of blogging is even if it is old , it can drive uncounted traffic to your website . Google SERPS displays the date of the latest revision of the content , which ultimately guide you how fresh and relevant is the content for you .

If you really have no idea of how to give a life again to past written long-forgotten content , below are the few tips which can help you out with the issue :

Selecting a post to revive :

  • Metrics : Use google analytics to see which blog is driving the most traffic on your website . Also yo can see , which post had got the most hits on social media .
  • Keywords : Once you are done with your post , just review your keywords and see how they are align with your current keyword strategy . There may be the case , that trend of new keywords had come into the market and thus they could bring fresh traffic to your website , by adding the same in your existing blog
  • Is post still relevant : It is really an important question . If your post is not relevant due to duplicate and irrelevant content , and other things , just try to tweak the post so that search engines can just pick the post up and present it to your readers .

How affective are your images ?

The style and imaginary of your past blog may have changed and thus might be the case that you may refer to use vertical image , instead of horizontal one .Updating the blog with the latest and catchy images , can attract whole range of new customers on your website .

Related post and deep linking

As your blog grows , you should deeply link your fresh blog with your old one , so that user who is reading the fresh blog , can read your old blog post that might be relevant for them , thus driving traffic to your old blog also at the same time .

Refresh copy and duplicate content

Google loves cheesy and fresh , engaging content , so always try to avoid broken link on your blog .Make longer posts easier to digest by breaking them down into smaller paragraphs .Also don’t forget to delete any spam content , that could also bring down creditability of your blog .