How Augmented Reality Is Enhancing Designer’s Life

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We have been there since the beginning of the era . Our designers always works on the customer centric approach and spend their hours , days or weeks to see how they can create a design by their creativity which will look printed in real life . Of course the best way to see the design is to print it and view it , but image a case when you have noticed a error , what will you do then ? 

Designers usually have limited time in which they to deliver good quality design , and obviously that is not feasible to take a print out of the design every time to check the design and then rectify the design accordingly . Thanks to the latest tech world which has improved a lot . With Augmented Reality you can actually check the digital design by actually placing it in real world and can take a feel of how it looks like in real world .
Augmented reality is difficult to describe in words , rather than can be described better by actually viewing it . It feels like actual magic .
Apple is always known to be innovator and supports of AR technology and have even included AR in its upcoming ARKit 3 . 

Now just imagine , all the cool design are not just stores in computers , but will augment them in real world thereby allowing real time communication between you and your client . If you are thinking this will be the future , then its not , it is actually happening right now . As it is doing huge impact on persons life , it will soon impact the designer life as much as photoshop , illustrator , or sketch did .

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The new technologies are offering so many possibilities that have enabled us to unite the digital world and reality into one technology commonly known as Augmented Reality. This technology is the perfect integration of the two worlds, providing the rich information and the reality around us. Incorporating this technology into the mobile app is doing wonders.

The concept of augmented reality is not new; it has been there for decades. However the term augmented reality was not coined at that time. It was referred to as the virtual elements overlapping on the actual elements which will create kind an effect thus providing extra information.

We all are aware that the maximum of the demography has smartphone now-a-days. This gives it a huge platform for the Augmented Reality apps to explore itself. It has been growing and creating a buzz in this technology addicted world.

The Augmented Reality apps applications and potential

The augmented reality apps have a huge potential as far the future is concerned. These apps have applications in the following departments

  • Healthcare: Healthcare sectors have huge applications of Augmented Reality. It can help in the diagnosis of a disease and during the operation of a patient as it provides extra information which will be very beneficial for the doctors.
  • Education: This field has initiated taking advantages of augmented reality technology. It makes the teaching and studying interesting, interactive and creative for both teachers and students respectively. It uses videos and animations to make practical subjects like physics, biology and chemistry very entertaining and convenient to learn.
  • Tourism: Tourism sector has great applications of this relatively new technology. It can replace guidebooks, giving all the tourism information about each and every geo-location. This technology can do wonders in this area.
  • Marketing: Making use of the extra layer can assist the marketing industry to promote their products much better. It will give a 3D view of the products which will give the 360 view of the product and will attract the users to buy the product.

Augmented reality mobile app development tools 

The most key thing to have for the development of an app using augmented reality is to have good software to develop it. Here are some tools that will benefit you in the development of AR app:

  • Metaio: It is the most popular and used augmented reality software available. It includes many tools which assist in the augmented mobile app development. It is designed to rule in four sectors namely augmented reality printing, industry, marketing and automobile. With the top notch clients like Audi, Mitsubishi etc. these apps are making wonders.
  • Layar: It is the most convenient augmented reality software available in the market with its associations with Reebok etc. It is not the best but it is quite easy to use making it one of the popular tools around. It specializes in developing marketing apps and education apps.
  • Vuforia: This is again a great tool powered by Qualcomm which can be used to develop any kind of apps whether it is android or iOS etc. It helps in the full AR app development.
  • Total Immersion: It is one of the best tools which can be used to develop any kind of AR app development. However it specializes in displaying furniture to generate more sales and revenue.
  • ARTool Kit: This is also a brilliant tool for developing AR mobile apps. The major advantage of using this tool is that it offers features for free. However, some of the advance features are not available in this.   

 Augmented Reality mobile games app development

Mobile apps are great way to make the users engage and addicted. These apps generally generate more revenue as compared to the regular apps. The volume of games app is far much more than the traditional apps. Generally there are two software are used to develop game apps.

First one is Unity 3D. This game app development tool can be used to develop every type of game whether it is 2D game or 3D game. Augmented Reality games can also be developed using this tool.

Second one is ARPA which is a very powerful tool for developing augmented reality apps. This tool has great features that are really beneficial for the development of games.

Final Thoughts

Well… in the development of the augmented reality apps, the parameter which really matters is the convenience i.e. the app must be easier to use for the users. The app must not be complicated because if the users find it difficult to use the app, they will uninstall the app and will install another app.

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