3 Key Principle Of Successful App

key principle of app developemnt

In this increasingly competitive market , Apps who is giving the best user experience together with customer satisfaction will succeed…


As one of the top most app development company in India with over 4+ years of experience in mobile app development , we completely understand our clients requirement and develop their end product as quickly as possible . However , its really being important what client is actually looking for , from user prospective point of view , as changing something at the development stage will ve something which will cost more .

At Winklix , we apply our 4+ year experience for satisfying user experience while starting with any of the project handed over to us . As soon as we get the project we start with the blueprints taking over to design and then development . In our believes , successful apps are those apps which are able to solve the problem efficiently , has an outstanding app design , and it well connected .

The above given principle are being drown from our series of researches , interviews and surveys . Our type of conducting researches means we gain comprehensive understanding of the problem faced during app experiencing by user , and getting the way to solve that .

Only the best app has the potential to survive and succeed in the competitive market , and hence the steps above are essential for both startups or established company .

Now lets discuss about the key for successful app building :

Focus On Solving One Key Issue

Even before your design or development process of app starts , you must conduct a detailed research of what your app will actually going to offer customer and what all necessary features are required in your app in order to satisfy your customer .
At Winklix , We have often seen our clients focusing on additional features of the mobile app , and not focused on the basic features that user is going to use and want in real time basis . Additional features are being used rarely for sometime by the user , but basic feature of the app is key to successful app .

Outstanding Awesome Design

Well… Design Design Design is what is matters . Any of the successful app always have a flawless design that flows smoothly from screen to screen . Winklix years of experience has teaches us how to create an engaging user experience for them . Our wireframes and rough sketches are always based on perfection of app , before we really start on developmental process .
Once upon completion of this stage , and you are satisfied with your wireframes we start with visual and material design , which will choose font , its size and colour font for you .

Connected And Easily Shared

If you want to get the full benefit of the social media and free of cost advertising and wider reach , then sharing your app on the social media platforms are the best way .  For any app to get success and popularity , sharing on the social media will surely plays an important role . Most of the social media platforms are providing API’s which allow developer to push and pull data . We are actually relying on many of the cloud service api’s to facilitate our customers and saves our time if we really prepare it from scratch .


In conclusion , a successful app must focus on solving one key issue , must have an awesome design  , and must be socially active . And these all must be determined positive by user’s .
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Mobile App Development Trends To Watch In 2018

app development trends

The past year was the year of app development , and this gorgeous trend will follow in 2018 also . Mobile is becoming the main streamline for any kind of business for boosting their revenue by customer satisfaction thorough launching of mobile app . Mobile app development trends is continuously changing as changing in the dynamically changing world , and each year comes with more cutting edge technologies . Lets look at top trends which are expected in year 2018 .

Top Mobile App Development Trends


AI will leave its footprints in both  building techniques of mobile applications and enhancing their technical possibilities .AI has the capability to provide a powerfully technology possibility that they may have never seen before . Many of the startups are now a days being adopted by big companies like Facebook , eBay , IBM to get the best talent of Artificial Intelligence .


If you are little crazy about mobile app development trends , then you might be aware of the technology of AR and VR . Games like Pokemon go , myNav are great examples of these technologies and is gaining huge popularity among users . The technological advance of these technology is to influence customers in many meaningful way .


By using IoT technologies , things are actually getting more and more smarter . Although for developers , it involves a series of developmental process and backend infrastructure to share data with devices , but it is proven for being a great technology . By using this technology , data sharing and analytics will become easily and efficiently available for access from anywhere .

Mobile App Security

This the trend of mobile app development technology is increasing day by day , so is the question of app security , since it contain users personal data and lots of other information . Apps with built in security features will obviously do more in the market . The greatest example being to Apple programming language is being shifting from objective-c to swift , which is Apple’s own development language , thereby providing enhanced security features and UX design .

Best Languages For Mobile App Development To Watch In 2018

1. Swift

Apple swift code has already ruled out in the market to simplify the working of the developers , as swift being the Apples own developmental software for iOS and OS X . As per the recent study swift code is much easier than Objective-C  . Also Swift eliminated the possibility of technological vulnerabilities , that was earlier being arisen with Objective -C . Thanks to Apple for introducing Swift and making the life of the developers much easier in developmental process .

2. Java

Java is most widely used programming languages in the world with the estimate 9 million software developers . Java is an open source programme which is easy to learn , reduce errors and makes easier to face challenges . For building on more common code on multiple platforms , Java is always a preferred choice .
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Going Mobile : Ways That A Mobile App Will Help Your Business


Mobile apps are no longer an optional choice for business , rather it is an necessity to successfully run any business  in 2018 . While you are planning of hiring a mobile app development company , your competitors might already be on the top of the market and stealing your customer all way . So 2018 is the time to step into the evolution in order to start enjoying the benefit mobile app .

Mobile app can benefit your business in number of ways like engagement with the customer , easily connecting with the employees of the organisation and much more . Some of the greatest benefit are given below :

1) Geo Targeting :

Geo targeting is mainly used for business owners to give push notification to user when they are in and around the vicinity of the business place . They can be notified about the great offers going in the store , discounts and any other information that may attract customer to walk in into stores . This type of programmes increase brand awareness and customer loyalty .

2) Mobile Loyalty Programme

Are you aware about customer loyalty programme . Then why not to mobile loyalty programme . Increase awareness among customer to download mobile app to get great discounts . Loyalty cards are now really old fashion , and are often misplaced most of the time , as they are obviously not the ATM card of the customer , which they will handle with utmost care . You can favour them with special discounts and coupons on their birthday and give them an additional option to share the things  on social media platforms which will indirectly promote your brand and that to free of cost .

3) Mobile Customer Service

Serving the customer with their answer in short span of time with use of mobile application increase customer loyalty and repeated number of customers . Mobile app can help your customer to connect with your brand from anywhere , all they need is mobile app with running internet connection . Choosing the right app developer will add on to your business .

4) Accepts Payments

You may have seen people making the payment via their credit card right away from their phone . This is possible by use of payment gateways . Payment can be done from almost anywhere , and this can also be used for accepting payment via COD invoices . This might be proven great advantage for the business . A good mobile app development company can integrate the app with the cloud devices in order to make worth it . With mobile app we can really minimise human intervention and right away can transfer transaction to accounts , tax and marketing department , thus promoting automation .

5) Scheduling & Followups :

For service industries , one of the best thing that a custom mobile app development company can do is to automatically scheduling meetings and follows up of the leads , making an appointment with the customers , or even sending mail and text messages automatically .

7) Easier Communication

In case you are looking for solution of direct communication between employees , nothing can be better than a custom mobile app developed specifically for your business . Your team member can right away communicate with the team member , can transfer the documents or even can connect with the video conference .

Next Step

So what is your next step of yours ? Planning to have a mobile application for your business to ? Then Contact us now , to hire the best mobile app development company with 200 + app already developed .