Python Pros And Cons

Python is getting more than expected attention during these years , and is on the path towards becoming one of the most demanded programming languages in the world . But the question arises here is , is it a good choice for your next big project ? Let’s quickly look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Python to help you decide .

Python Is 30 Year Old And Is Growing Very Fast

Python is very old high level programming language . Presently it is being used almost everywhere in market : be it desktop and web apps , machine learning , network servers and much more . It is mostly being used for small projects , but many big companies also seen using this technology . Some of the name of most famous big companies who is using python are Google , Netflix , Facebook , Microsoft , Dropbox , NASA and so on . Python has also been recognised as one of the fastest growing language as per the recent study on StackOverflow Trend . Since Python is adopted by more and more programmers worldwide that is the reason is has large community of developers .

Benefits Of Using Python  

Easy To Use And Learn 

Python sole focus is on code readability . That is the reason this language is easy to use and learn , readable , well structured and can be easily adoptable . Its syntax is very much easier in comparison to other pogroming languages , has great community of developers to support development and much more .

Open Source With Large Community 

Python is open source programme which is free to use and you can actually start writing codes in matter of minutes . Developing a programme with Python is hassle-free process . That’s not all , Python community has large numbers of large and active developers to address your problem . It has been seen that some of the world best IT tech aspiring minds are making their contribution to both language itself and its support forums .

Libraries Available For Almost Everything 

In Python you can expect library for everything you can imagine , right from developing on web to game development and machine learning .

Best For Prototype Development 

As mentioned in our blog above , Python is every easier to learn and develop with . You can build prototype which is often being used to test your idea in much less time while comparing it with other languages to build the same prototype . This also means Python can be used to save company’s cost and time .

Disadvantage Of Using Python 

A good software development company can always act as your best friend in suggesting you which too can be right for your next software development strategy . Let’s quickly look at some of the limitation that you may experience by choosing Python as development language .

Speed Limitation 

Python is known to be slower programming language while comparing it with other languages , the reason being it is interpreted language . So in case you are not concern about speed , Python can be more than just fine for you .

Not Native To Mobile Development 

Python is known to be weak languages for mobile app development . Unfortunately both Android and iOS does not support Python as their programming language . But yes , by putting some additional efforts , it can be used for mobile purposes .


Python is worth considering to have your hands on for your next big project . Python is known for its best and that is the reason it is being chosen by leading companies worldwide like Google , Facebook or Microsoft and its trend is growing so on . If you have requirement of concept of machine learning , data analysis and visualisation , then without any question asked Python is best choice . AI-first companies should love it . So if you are looking for Python development companies , feel free to contact us .

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