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Enterprise Apps Made Awesome

Winklix focuses on delivering apps that gets features on App stores . We deliver even the complex app with keeping in mind outstanding user experience . We are technology driven people which has in-house team of developers, designers and mobile advisers , which has spread their branches in London , New York , Noida , Delhi , Pune & Mumbai . We take pride in announcing that we have worked with many renowned clients who have played a great role in our success , and making us the best mobile app development company in London .
Our team always focuses on mobile service strategy with ultimate design and user experience to give you something awesome that will be loveable by user . Our development and quality assurance and upto 1 year post sale support will not hinder your app success . We keep an eye open after launching your app through operating & continuous monitoring .

Apps That Create Great Customer Experience Optimises Process Within The Company

Design Design & Design is what our team focuses on as primary thing . We create your app , which give new opportunities to user , using the most innovative technologies across devices . We believe that the only key to success is ” Implementation of new technology and thinking mobility into workflows ” . So we try to optimise your app for better workflow .

WINKLIX : Agile & Iterative Process

Our team is always welcomes new ideas and innovative thinking . Our team hands are constantly itching to develop something new ,unique and  great apart from usual apps .
Believing in new thoughts  and welcoming  new opportunities is what make us different
The agile developmental process by Winklix , gives you pre launch releases of app , thus minimising risk of failure of application , and focusing on speeding to market .
To ensure quality and on time deliver of any project , involvement of team time to time with the customers is mandatory part . That is why be believe in providing dedicated manager for the projects above $ 15000 , right from starting to end of the project . This also ensures knowledge sharing and testing of ideas across the project .

Why You Should Choose Winklix ?

  1. All Developers  In-House With Specialised Skill : We only hire employee which we find capable of accepting new challenges and meeting our clients requirement , and that’s why all our employees are experts in their field .
  2. 100 % Transparency And Progress Tracking : ” Transparency creates trust and trust build relationship strong ” , that’s why we try to deliver insight and clarity throughout the project .We have inbuilt customer dashboard , so that customer can easily login into their account and can track day to day process , can raise query , give comment and suggestion and run thought the journey of their app development step by step with Winklix team .
  3. Tech-Driven Designers : Design is what meant to be function and user is going to see . Best material design is what that can play a crucial role in app success . We have strong technical understanding team which can give you best design.
  4. Support : It really doesn’t matter to us whether it is day or night , if you are in trouble then we are too . And that’s why we provide quality assurance ,high availability and reliable hosting through  . We do also provide 24×7 ticket support and close eye monitoring on app .
So in case you want to start with the next big project , contact us now , .or call us at +44-20-3608-8607 .

Taxi Booking App Development : Boost Your Transportation Business

cab booking app developer

Everyone might not have their own private vehicle , or the whether condition might not also be favourable several times , but you need to reach at destination on time . So there is no other alternative than hiring a taxi , to travel hassle free . But ooh , wait a minute , how come taxi come at your location . By calling ? No body is going to find your exact location by calling . In present century , we are into world , in which all things are just the tap away . Thanks to Uber and Ola owners to introduce a concept for taxi booking app , thus people finding it more convenient to reach at destination conveniently at any time . So it might also be profitable for a transportation business owner to get step in online taxi booking app , in order to gain more customer . And for this you need a good app , by the way we are also a good cab booking app developer .

How Taxi Booking App Accelerates Your Business Profits

A taxi booing apps now a days help user to conveniently schedule their journey by choosing a vide range of taxi options available to travel within or outside the city . Starting from the basic version of car , to luxurious version , you can travel in the car you want of your choice . So undoubtedly , taxi booking app development is a revolutionary concept in order to make more money from your transportation business , and facilitate customer with exceptional cab booking services .

Extraordinary Benefits Of Using A Taxi Booking App

The taxi booking app is specifically designed for user’s convenience so that they can enjoy their ride in conform zone .  Starting from booking a cab of different categories  , app can easily fetch user location , and can come down to your place .User can track the location of the driver , can enjoy wifi and tea facility during ride , get rough estimate of the pricing and many other features . Some of the major benefits of cab booking app are given below :

User convenience & ease :

A taxi booking app is fully equipped with most advance features that suits all your needs . It will have awesome user interface with innovative technology . The job of the taxi booking app developer is to use upgraded framework and user interface to assist both passengers and cab riders throughout the service .

Mention Accurate Pickup & Drop Location

The best part of these kind of app is can detect the exact pick up and drop off location . Along with this you can also checkout the total distance travelled in kilometres , charges per kilometre , and entire route while booking your ride .

Access To Driver Location

Every taxi booking app has facilitates passenger to track the location of driver , and guide them to come down at their location according to ease of their convenience .

Secure & Simple Payment Option

Every app uses payment gateway sdk to pay conveniently via use of wallets , debit and credit cards , or even by cash .

Push Notification

One of the biggest advantage of deploying push notification is to give the real time notification to user about their cab updation , providing them with offers and seasonal greetings .

Today , the world is getting digitalised  and it is the future of the world . So we suggest every travelling agency to get their app developed in order to be in the market and grow in the market . is leading app developer having 100+ app developed till now . In case you want to hire the best app development company , you can contact us.

Native Application Vs Hybrid ?? Which one to choose ??

Today we are going to discuss about native app and hybrid app , what it is , the changing technology behind it , which app for development to be preferred and much more.Lets start with intro of both categories of applications.

Mobile application are now a days become necessity for an any kind of business to run their company and stay ahead from their competitors . To get the best result out of it , you must hire best mobile app developer who will be going to solve all your need’s and give you best suggestion as well as design and development for your would be application.

Native Applications : 

Native app are application developed specifically for their respective platforms , like Xcode for iOs app development and android studio for android application development and so on.These kind of apps are preferred by most of the recognised business owners because of their ease of usability and minimum bugs . Native apps are build by experts like java developers in case of android application designing and development.Professionals who knows the programming of application well can neatly design and develop parameters of the application and can boost user experience and sales of the company . Now a days customer only download or uses that kind of application which are easy to use  , with best user interface and the most important which fulfils their usability in competitive market condition .

Native apps are usually proves best for all category of application , but in case you are in process of developing something big , then you must have to encode it via native applications only .The best way to build e-commerce application is on native app only as we can design the app according to customer needs and requirement , and thus enhancing the user experience.

Hybrid Application :

Hybrid application are one which are nothing more than the mobile responsive version of website , which are converted into application common for all platform by the use of software like CORDOVA and many other available softwares. In case you have limited budget , and is having a small website , then obviously you should choose to go on with hybrid category of application as it can be proven beneficial as it will give you app for all platform at very cheap cost .But in case you are planning something big , or want a great user experience their native application is preferable.

In hybrid kind of application , we cannot define design specifically for different platforms , all we can do it conversion of website into application.Hybrid application development does not require a profession to convert or decode the application , any person who have good knowledge of HTML,CSS,JS can convert the application easily by softwares .

In Winklix terms , going for an hybrid application development is non other than just waste of money , clients if they can afford it they must build an app only and only on native platform. is leading app developer in delhi having experience of creating more than 200+ applications.Call +91-8882-31-31-31 in case of any expert guidance.