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Winklix is team of professionals having innovative designer and developers , who’s hand is constantly itching to create awesome mobile sites . With our office located in New Jersey , Chicago , New York , London , Delhi and Mumbai , we represent leader in making rock awesome mobile and websites .
Our team enjoys playing with the app to build design and functionality in such a way , that user when get interacted , will love the in app experience . We always try to transform mobile app experience into passive browsing with something , and heartbreaking things .


When HTML and other designing languages began tickling in 2008 , the essay on web design got a new title . The big explosion in the development field has been taken place after than shifting million to mobile technology explosion , redirecting them from clunky desktop computers to pocket size screens of mobile screens .
When mobile app development becomes reality , business and designers shift their choice to simple , adaptable design .
And that’s the year WINKLIX  entered into story  .We know how to harness the best app , that can create a amazing user experience . We are into website development agency since 2004  , so we know everything about developing a website ,thus giving us an idea of how to develop an app also .
We know customer uses their mobile phones for almost everything starting from simply calling , messaging to paying their bills , we are thrilled about it .


In present world , the king ‘content’ and solid web presence is necessary for any company website . The ever-expanding mobile market and continuous growth of mobile traffic means optimising website for mobile screens as well as mandatory part of development process , in order to reach the mass chunks of customers . As per latest business regulation , a business website which is not compatible with mobile screens are not reaching full potentials of their customers .
From the initial idea , to designing process we keep our client update about every single step we have move on in designing process , thus thereby offering them a chance to relook and thanks us for creating something awesome . Our team works as agile agency dedicating 2 weeks and  development into a awesome catchy and cheesy site .
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How Much Money Is Expected To Be Earned With An App ?

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Billions of dollars can be earned from app industry . But making money from app means you have to develop the app that really makes money , and not the one which can not make the money at all .We are here to tell to what kind of app you can make to press billions by giving you some awesome ideas.

mobile markets has been seen with tremendous growth over years , and is expected to continue growth over years . According to recent studies , about 80 % of the user who are earlier using desktop version has now switched to smartphones .With such a huge change , every entrepreneur is just trying to grab a piece of gold in market flooded with app .

If you are just born in app market , or you are having really cool ideas for an app , the very first question arises in mind is how to make it profitable , after investing your precious time and money for the same .

Our app development company WINKLIX has professionals who can help you determine how to earn money from app , and how much in reality can it potentially make .

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The very first thing you need to decide is on which platform you need you need to design your app for  . This will affect your earning due to market potential and platform popularity . Here we are categorising those people who are earning more than $ 6000 per month from  their apps .
As per our recent studies and findings , the lead in this industry is Apple’s iOS platform’s , with over 25% of the developers earning more than $ 6000 , as compared to android in which only 16 % of the top developers only are earning more than $ 5000 .


The fact can not be denied that apps are big big business now . In 2016 , global app revenue hit an estimate of $ 54 billion . This was $ 10 billion increase when compared with 2015 . By calculation and prediction app revenue may go upto $ 6.3 billion by 2022 .
Gaming apps are making the most out of it , by contributing more than 60 % revenue .Mostly in app purchases are main source of income , although most of the games are free to download .For instance King’s Digital Company , the agency behind candy crush earns $ 1.6 billion daily through in-app purchases .


With over 1 million active members , Tinder’s is a great example of app that is tidy money earned due to in-app purchases . Tinder app is free dating app , but makes money for additional features , which influence user endless opportunities to match . Tinder location filter allows user to match user location and connect accordingly . Tinder charges approx $ 9.99 monthly for tinder plus and nearly $ 14.99 for tinder gold .


Apps have now spread their branches out from cellular phones only , as more integrated smart device have entered the market . Smart TV’s are nearly contributing 34% of the internet users in 2017 reports .So now apps should be primarily focused on smartphones , but as a secondary part they should also be developed for smart TV’s and tablets .Expansion of platform not only offering increase exposure for your app , but also opens new revenue streams .


As we have seen plenty of endless opportunities for fortune in the app , app market has shown substantial growth in first conception and it shows no sign of slowing down .The instruction of Xbox app stores , Smart Tv’s and large tablets are also contributing the large chunks of it .So in case you want to press millions of dollars , you must focus on all the platforms . is leading mobile app developer in Delhi and Mumbai , India having experience of creating 500+  website and app . Contact us now

How To Review Your App

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There are always few things which separate app from a good app  . You must try to make an app , without which a customer can’t think to live off . For being a successful app , customer reviews and feedback plays a important role . It not only help in more downloads , it will also help you in fixing up bugs and improving your app on timely basis .

Given below are few tips which every developer should consider while developing the app and making sure to give people what they want .


Get involved with the tech world to keep an eye on what other companies are doing and their strategies for development of an app . Sharing a brief about your idea , and getting review from technical audience before launching your product will definitely add more sugar to your coffee .


Social media a a medium where you can easily contact with your target audience and at the same time promoting your company . Tools like poll conducting , event organiser and scheduler  , feedback are most useful tools to share your app feedback and review . Staying active on social media will help your app to get live . When user tweets questions and suggestions , respond to them  . Working with the feedback and improving app accordingly will make your app more cheesy .


If you are really excited about your app and greedy for its success to , creating an online forum with links of feedback and contact us on an online question will help active user to provide you feedback and you can add some cheese to it , and then can celebrate the part with pizza’s coke and all .


The easily accessible and cheapest way to get app review is create your own create your own ladder of testing by posting your app on popular forums , putting up flyers on local university , or sending out emails to every one on your contact list .


Getting in app review from the active users is usually the best way to hear from the users and to improve your app . Try to make review a fun !! That small chunk of active user will give you accurate and subjective feedback for your app .

So after getting feedback , the next move must be to do all the feasible changes as required as soon as possible . It may be difficult to change it , after pouring all the money and time . Alway make sure at the end , you must have a app , which can be easily used and should be lovable by everyone , and should be regularly updated .